People Have Thoughts About Future’s Daddy-Daughter Mask Moment

Should Future keep the mask off forever, or was this moment between father and daughter too cute? Our 'Slayed or Shade' panel discusses in this segment.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 28, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Future walked BET's red carpet with his adorable 8-year-old daughter, Londyn. Both of them were rocking crystal face masks and some felt the fascist statement was a nod to his hip song, Mask Off. But others It was entirely inappropriate to his daughter to wear the mask, considering the song's lyrical content. Panelists, what are your thoughts? On three, are you slaying or shading? Here we go, one, two, three, pick up your cards. Slayed, slayed, slayed. Aah, unanimous decision! Okay, Lauren, you go. I thought it was absolutely adorable that Future brought his daughter with him to the BET awards and they walked the carpet together. We don't often see Future as a father, you know, he's all about the Molly and the Percocet, which is fine. But it's also great to see him about his kids, his daughter, it was a very sweet moment. She looked adorable, he looked great. In everything, I love it. Okay, Rae? I think we gotta fight up the right battle. I think mask all what it means, what it represents As far as the chorus is concerned, we're not going to get into the lyrical content, but I thought it was a cute moment. I also think that when Brad and Angelina were flaunting black babies as props, we didn't really go after them. [LAUGH] not black babies as props now? Okay. So pick the right battles. Giselle. I'm all about the marketing and the promotion. And sometimes you gotta use your kids to do it. Amen. Now, she might need therapy for having to wear like a muzzle on her face at some point in time in her life. True, true. However, I'm down with the marketing. Okay. So you have no problems at all with the song's lyrical content. That wasn't a factor for you. Not really the point, not the point. Not the really the point. Okay. So, skip to everyone. Beautiful red carpet moment. Yes, Yes. Sondradoll forever. Unanimous decision here. Let's check in with Kayla over in the social media hot spot. What are people saying about Future's daddy daughter fashion moment, Kayla?>> Pretty mixed I mean for the most part people are shading it if you can believe it they're not feeling it. So Naturally Beautiful says shade, [UNKNOWN] says the mask wasn't needed and the. The comments are rolling in but they're not looking good. That's so interesting, that on Facebook they're totally shading and my panelists in the studio are loving it. Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO]