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[MUSIC] Alright, getting us started with our very first tweet, @MyBlackMatters says, Michelle Obama is going to be on a episode of Doc McStuffins McStuffins. Hash tag representation matters. Hashtag Black girl magic. Actually that's one of my niece's favorites shows so I can't wait to see that episode. Next up Sarah Woodwriter says Michelle Obama, that dress, the presidents face enough said. I can say I can't agree with you more. Look at her hair. She looks fierce. Nick Wilkinss says petition to give Michelle Obama a third term as first lady Regardless of who the next President is. Now, I'm not sure how President Obama will feel about that, Nick, but I actually think it's a good idea. And this next tweet is a recap from Michelle Obama's appearance on the Colbert show, and it's actually one of my personal favorites. So @Dadiomov says, Colbert: "Is there anything you'd still like to do as a first lady?" Michelle Obama: "I want to open a window, I want to go to Target." And I can't say I blame you lotus. And last, but certainly not least, @laurahough24 states "There is no boy at this age that is cute enough or interesting enough To stop you from getting your education. And that's a direct quote from our First Lady that's been taking over social media and digital media everywhere. And that's how our FLOTUS has been dominating in five tweets. [MUSIC]

First Lady Michelle Obama "in 5 Tweets"

ESSENCE Live host Dana Blair shows us how Michelle Obama is having a moment with 5 of the best tweets.