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You've been hibernating all winter, curled up on the couch watching Scandal or reruns of Sex in the City, with the yummy plate of mac and cheese and an Olivia Pope size glass of wine. But, wait, oh what time is it? It's summer time. Now it's a mad dash to Ballet Bar, a Jen Seltzer workout, or even better, a Beyoncé workout class. What are you wearing? Ditch those mom sweatpants and that college t-shirt please. When you look good, you feel good. So make like Nicole Murphy and Angela Simmons and pull it together. If you're petite like me, you've got to fake til you make it. Pants with a smaller rise, you know the one that has the seam midway through the backside. Those are super flattering, and look like you've squatting all winter long. Full figured ladies, get it in control, as in gear with compression technology. It increases blood circulation, skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Triangle shapes, think Angela Simmons, with that killer body, and super cute work out gear. Specifically, compression pants are perfect for you. And I promise you won't feel like you're suffocating. The key is a four way stretch, breathable style. These are great, Zimia they do an awesome job at it. And if you're feeling a little less confident about the bottom area or you need to work on that, you can also wear high-rise workout pants the same way you do with a crop top. If you're a bustier cone shape, top support is key. But that doesn't mean wear a sports bra under your sports bra. The right style will have cups and not a uniboob. Wide straps and a firm underband. Just say no to the uniboob. Hourglass. We see you, Beyonce, with all those curves. Keep it light on your toes. Ditch the super-bulky kicks for super-sleek light, featherweight sneakers that have maximum support that can still take you on your three mile run. Chop chop, now. Get out there and work it out. [MUSIC]

Fashion Closet: Workout Outfits

Fashion editor Celia Smith shows us what types of workout clothes work best for us to get in shape with, no matter what shape you have.