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Oooh, Is There A 'Family Matters' Reboot Coming?!

Darius McCrary also known as Eddie Winslow hinted towards it recently.

These days, reboots of our favorite sitcoms have become the norm. Shows like Full House, Will & Grace, and there’s talks of reboots of Living Single and we’re all hoping for a Girlfriends reboot. Rumor has it, there just might be a Family Matters reboot coming as well!

Darius McCrary, the actor who played Eddie Winslow on the 90s family sitcom, told TooFab last month that he “had a great meeting” with Jaleel White, who played the iconic Steve Urkel. And apparently, McCrary was also trying to meet up with White at the Emmys too!

We spotted McCrary on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last month and he explained that Kellie Shanygne Williams, who played his onscreen sister Laura, was also supposed to reunite with him and White on TV’s biggest night.

“We might be putting the band back together,” he added of the series that debuted in 1989 and has been an iconic piece of pop culture ever since.

McCrary also shed light on the planned demolition of the historic Family Matters house in Chicago. Back in 2017, the City approved that the iconic home could be demolished with developers planning to rebuild a three-story home on the property.

The actor raised his eyebrows and said, “Who knows? I don’t know. Interesting. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Check out the video above to see if there is a reboot in our future!