<p>These 5 Exercises Can Help Prevent Knee Pain</p>

Do you have bad knees? — well watch Nike Trainer, Lauren Williams break down these quick exercises to prevent knee pain in the future. 


While there can be several causes of knee pain, many of them can be unavoidable no matter your age or fitness level. 

In this video, fitness expert Lauren Williams demos 5 moves you can do at home to release, stretch, and massage your knees.

Some of the symptoms for knee pain includes things like swelling/stiffness, redness, weakness, popping/crunching noises or not being able to fully straighten your knee. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, knee pain can be caused by a variety of injuries, mechanical problems, arthritis and many other problems. 

New York City-based trainer, Williams is not only a Nike trainer, but a fitness model, dancer and group fitness instructor. Three years ago, she made history as the first female model for Nike’s Jordan line in their “Tight of the Moment” campaign. 

Watch how she breaks down each move, from the quad stretch to the banded squat walks to help you prevent knee pain! 

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