These 5 Exercises Can Help Prevent Knee Pain

Do you have bad knees? — well watch Nike Trainer, Lauren Williams break down these quick exercises to prevent knee pain in the future. 

Mariya Moseley Apr, 27, 2017

While there can be several causes of knee pain, many of them can be unavoidable no matter your age or fitness level. 

In this video, fitness expert Lauren Williams demos 5 moves you can do at home to release, stretch, and massage your knees.

Some of the symptoms for knee pain includes things like swelling/stiffness, redness, weakness, popping/crunching noises or not being able to fully straighten your knee. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, knee pain can be caused by a variety of injuries, mechanical problems, arthritis and many other problems. 

New York City-based trainer, Williams is not only a Nike trainer, but a fitness model, dancer and group fitness instructor. Three years ago, she made history as the first female model for Nike’s Jordan line in their “Tight of the Moment” campaign. 

Watch how she breaks down each move, from the quad stretch to the banded squat walks to help you prevent knee pain! 

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Aging, over use, or overall tightness can lead to knee issues. Help prevent knee pain with these 5 moves. When you have knee pain, you often don't know the source of it, but it could be from tightness in surrounding muscles. So this stretch focuses on stretching out your quads. So stad on your left leg, grab your right ankle with your right hand and pull that heel towards your ****. Reach to the ceiling to help with the balance and then you're gonna switch sides. So if you're doing this before you work out, you can move through the stretch leg I'm doing here. Just hold for a couple sessions. But if you're doing it after a workout or just to stretch it out. On you own, you can hold it for 30 seconds to 45 seconds. [MUSIC] Knee pain can come from weakness in certain areas of your body like your legs and your glutes So this move is made to strengthen your legs and your glutes. Lay on your back. You're gonna lay with your feet parallel to each other, palm faced down, want you to press your hips towards the ceiling nice and tall And then come back to [UNKNOWN], you're gonna repeat this 10 to 15 times. [MUSIC] This move is great for activating your hips and your glutes before you work out, which is great because it takes off stress from your knees. For this move, you're going to need a band. So there's different levels of resistance. I would go for something medium so that you're activating but you're not overtiring your muscles. Put the band around both legs right above the knees, back of your feet, come down to the ground onto your elbows. You're going to press your knees away from each other Working against that banded resistance. [MUSIC] This move is great for activating and strengthening the muscles in your legs, so that you can prevent knee pain. You're going to need a band for this exercise. Take a light to medium band, place it around both legs right above your knees. You're going to come into a squat, about a (inaudible) squat, not super low, and then you're going to walk to both sides. Take two steps to the right, two steps to the left, make sure you have resistance on the band at all times [MUSIC] This move targets your upper hip, and your IT band, which when tight, can often cause knee pains. For this move you're gonna need a foam roller. You'll notice that mine has ridges on it but this foam roller is actually a little more intense than one that is smooth, so you can pick the one that is suitable for you. I want you to come on to the foam roller onto your side hip just like this. You're angled a little bit, about at a 45 degree angle and you're gonna roll your upper hip. And just slightly down into the IT band. You wanna focus mostly on your hip because that's the part that stretches the most and will give you relief. [MUSIC] For more fitness tips check out [MUSIC]