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[BLANK_AUDIO] You're now married, you're now a stepmother, life has evolved. Yeah. What is your day to day like when you're not on set or working on one of your businesses? It's pretty chill. Like me and my husband we're pretty boring actually. I find that hard to believe. [LAUGH] No, can I tell you? When we have time to chill we're both the same. Like all we want to do is like watch a movie or order some food and like relax. Unless we have my step kids, and obviously that's a whole different life. And on the weekends, I will hang out with them and then on Monday morning, it's school, and I do the school run sometimes. So with my littlest one, my little, step child, so it's. You're on the morning drop off. PTA meetings. The whole shebang. Well you know they know I be confusing them all the time. They like My gosh, she definitely don't look like none of us. But yeah, but now I do the morning drop-offs so yeah. And so whenever you and your husband are hanging out, like are you teaching some filthy slang or is he teaching you some slang for across the pond? How does that work? Yeah, no you know what, it go, it definitely Happens. Like there will be times where if my mom calls me of if my Cousin Takea calls me from Philly. I start to, I don't know what it is and I don't know if it's a Philly thing. First of all I talk faster, like I speed up. And then I might yeah, yeah and he starts like yeah you're doing that thing again you're doing yeah And then on another season about words, cause British people I love them. But they had a lot of silly words, for a lot of silly things. Different things. Different things. Like what? We tease each other, I still go back and forth about jumper and sweater. Like we have argument about that or pant or pants, cause pants to them its like underwear. Right. And, I don't know. Sometimes he doesn't say bullocks a lot but he says it sometimes I'm like, what? What are you saying? That's not angry. To me, that's not an angry word but yeah, we go back and forth. It's kinda interesting to see how Terry's grown and you're grown and now you're coming back together. Yeah, definitely. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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