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[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Eva Marcille and we are here at the 20th anniversary for the Essence Festival here in New Orleans. Inside, Cover Girl is sponsoring the Beauty of Confidence panel so, let's go check it out. [MUSIC] Stay true to who you are, and make your own self, you know, you, and just own that. [MUSIC] So I am backstage at the Beauty of Confidence panel, the ladies have just finished talking. Let's catch 'em when they get off stage. I'm good, baby, how are you? [CROSSTALK] I'm fabulous. I'm amazing. Yes you are, and you are confident. Am I? You are. You exude confidence. You are confident. All right. Really? I'm a great actress, thanks. Yes you are. And on stage today, you guys talked about being self-defined. Tell me what that means to you in your fashion? Cuz you know I'm all about being in fashion. You are about fashion. But you are too. So what defines your sense of style? You know what? For me, it's comfort. As you can see, today, I might be dressed like this, but, honey, I'm dressed for comfort. I can go in today and tonight as long as I can be freely me, you know. Take from the convention center to Bourbon Street. Yeah. You know what I mean? If I feel good, I look good. Tamiko is not only a strong and powerful black woman, but you're gorgeous. And you've been the face of beauty lines and about inner beauty and outer beauty. So it's not always just what's inside, but what's outside too. So what defines your beauty for you? Well, you hit in on the head when you said inner and outer beauty because thankfully I look this way and it has to do with genetics. I didn't do anything but show up. But I work really, really hard on my inner beauty. It's what I think is my calling card. It's the reason why I'm here. I think just being kind and nice and loving and being what you wanna see in the world, is the way to be beautiful. That's my, that's my, that's my take on it. The beauty of confidence to me means having an unwavering, unconditional understanding of your worth, your value. So that you can go outside, be your best beauty and live limitlessly. So we are here at the Cover Girl Beauty Zone with all the beautiful ladies behind me. Say hello ladies. [CROSSTALK]. So as promised, we are here to be as beautiful inside as we are outside. So let's do some face touch ups. Right here we have an amazing Cover Girl vending booth. And what my beauty Nicole is doing over here, is basically tweeting Cover Girl and hash tagging Essence Festival and a magical lip gloss will pop out. So, the real question is what Summer color will Nicole get today? Let us see. [MUSIC] Well so now we have our Essence Festival bag. Just so they know. Oh. That's cute. I like the color. Oh, that's a great summer color. And the great thing about this color is it's a day to night color. Yep. You can wear it in the day time, enjoy the festival but then you can also glam up any little black dress and any simple outfit, and put on a nice red lip and you're ready for a night on the town. So today has been amazing. It's all about the beauty of confidence. We're wrapping up the first day here at the festival. We had an amazing panel, beautiful women spoke so inspirationally about empowering you and about the beauty inside. We also got to play up on the beauty outside with the Essence Beauty Bar, sponsored and powered by Covergirl with amazing products. I got my lip gloss for the festival tonight. So, as we wrap up, I love you. I thank you. Stay empowered, stay beautiful. See you tomorrow.

Eva Marcille on the Beauty of Confidence

We learned tons from Covergirl's panel on inner and outer beauty.