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[BLANK_AUDIO] We've had some pivotal moments with race in America, that warranted deeper discussion. From Sandra Bland, to Freddie Grey, and unfortunately more black lives have been in the crosshairs this year. So Essence Live teamed with Essence Debates to discuss the current climate and provide some solutions. Welcome top Essence Debates Now. The Baltimore uprising shine light on an issue across America. What is the emotional state of our communities? Fed up and worn out. But where are there parents? I mean I belive that's the wrong question. The real issue is the police. I hadn't even made it a block before I was arrested. It's not just about the individual now. It's about a community of people. But I think in large part, most of law enforcement is doing the right thing. Why are these cops not brought to justice? People don't see value in black life. Join us as we continue the search for hope and peace. I like to say this and in any way does this reflect Essence. This only reflects David Banner. Hm-mm But white supremacy only respects two things. That's a loss of life and a A loss of finances. I'm gonna say money. You said finance yes same thing. Until black people threaten one of those two things they will forever continue to do what they do. So instead of blaming an external source blame yourself. Because until we blame ourselves we will never change. Anything. The things that are going on with our women. With our own lives and with our communities. We are the problem Thoughts, ladies? Those were some really good conversations and I'm happy that Essence joined in. And they were difficult conversations. Very difficult. But you know, each and every one, in all the hard conversations that we had to have, I'll almost admit that David Banner really impressed me. Cuz you know, I'll admit you kinda get a little bit of a Hip hop stars have a little bit of a stigma cuz they don't seem to be that involved, but he just comes and makes me remove all stereotypes I have, and he-I feel like he's speaking as a black man with his troubles and it's very believable and I'm-I'm thankful that he's speaking up. And he poses a lot of questions that make you think Absolutely! He's like-you know what? I'm not there necessarily going to... To point you in the right direction, so to speak. So, I'm going to start plant those seeds so you can get to the right destination, if that makes sense? Yeah, he's very self aware. [CROSSTALK] Willing to participate in the entire conversation. Yeah, definitely, definitely. And I loved his apology. For the black women. That's- I was like dude, you got it. And of course we are going to continue to have these types of conversations on and the magazine each and every month and of course right here on Essence Live. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The #ESSENCELive Debates That Pushed the Conversation Forward

From Sandra Bland to Freddie Gray, Essence Debates has delved into some of the most important conversations surrounding Race in America, Black lives and Police brutality. Here, we take a look at pivotal moments.