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Hey, is there anything you need me to do today? Not right now. We'll get back to you. [SOUND] Okay. So board. Put my makeup on. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Her hair bomb, man [BLEEP] this I need another internship where I'm actually doing real work. [MUSIC] Hm a game changer That's me. Right for Live on campus events. Brand promotion. This sounds like me. [BLANK_AUDIO]. If you're bored like me, you should definitely apply to be an Essence College Ambassador. This sounds lit. go to Applications open June 6, and the deadline to apply is June 24th. Guys, you can apply, too. Let's slay campus together. [MUSIC]

Here's What An ESSENCE College Ambassador Internship Is Like

If you didn't know, being an ESSENCE College Ambassador is pretty much the most exciting internship to have. Not only does it offer real-world experience and come with some exclusive perks, it's better than any other internship out there because, well, it's the role a million Black girls would kill for! Think you have what it takes to represent the spirit of ESSENCE on your college or university campus? Apply now! Candidates must submit all application requirements by June 24th at 5 p.m. for consideration. Please visit for more information.