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[MUSIC] My name is Melody Ehsani, and you are in the Melody Ehsani story. I initially dropped out of law school, I was looking for my passion. So I went sort of on this inner journey to find my nobility and design. I have grown up in this area of hip hop. And 80's hip hop jewelry was very distinctive. And when I was that young I could never afford it. I was like, how can I bridge the gap between these two? So I started making three finger rings and custom pieces like name pieces out of acrylic that sort of resembled the same stuff that was out in the 80s. [MUSIC] Word of mouth just sort of, spread the whole thing. I've worked with everybody from high end fashion models to doing runway shows to musicians men, women, both. I think people are drawn to my work because it contains. Love and I know that's so cliché to say but I really feel like it contains something and when people wear it it reminds them of who they are and why they're here. [MUSIC] I was really inspired to design one of the car apps for the Chevy Cruise because I see it as an opportunity to infuse the same sort of thing I do with my jewelry but on a much larger scale. What I hope for any time I design a custom piece for somebody, or even when customers buy my existing pieces, is that their heartbeat literally gets raised because they're just so excited or there's a sense of connection. And that's sort of how I felt when I saw the Chevy Cruze. [MUSIC] For my wrap design I really wanna bring a lot of attention to the lines and by doing that I think I'm gonna use a lot of vibrant colors. To sort of demonstrate the contrast and to really make those lines pop. My favorite part of the car is the grill. This is sort of the art piece on the car. And it's really strong, and clean, and simple. And it's confident but it's not flashy. It's definitely the most beautiful car and I wanna. Make sure to draw as much attention to that as possible. I can imagine exactly the type of person that would be driving this type of car; she's like very practical, she also cares what she looks like. Somebody that's like authentic, and organic, and connected. This is the place where I really want to use a lot of my own personal design elements. And sort of treat this like a piece of jewelry. I love the lines, all of these like, little dips in the movement are so subtle, but so beautiful. As soon as I get my hands on this car, you're definitely gonna know it's an Emmy piece because it's definitely gonna pop.
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