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[MUSIC] Hey what's up, I'm Ron Bass, visual artist and designer. We're here in Brooklyn At the Essence Street Style Block Party. This is Brooklyn. This is New York. This is fashion. This is art. [MUSIC] I designed the mural for the Chevy tent. I love how it came out. [MUSIC] I'm here with Chevy today and we're gonna be doing a silent disco party. I haven't done a silent disco before and it's something that I've always wanted to do. Being a part of the Essence Street Style and Chevy campaign has really taken my confidence level To new heights. [MUSIC] Everyone please give them another round of applause. Fab brought Jay Rachel and Ron for being here today, and of course a special thank you to our partners, Chevrolet for presenting this conversation. [MUSIC] Walking into the Essence Street. And seeing my design was literally breathtaking. Seeing my logo today was awesome. The first thing I felt was blessed. I felt really fortunate to have the opportunity to be here. After meeting Ron, I really did take away some really good points, which was to connect with My audience connect with the people here at String Style. And most importantly, he just said to have fun. I love it here. You can literally feel the love radiate off the people. I just wanna thank Essence and Chevy for giving this opportunity. A lot of people will watch this and kind of be inspired and I think that's really important. And it's really just about living your best life. [MUSIC] Please welcome Chevy Street Style Maven award winner Blake Von D, what does success look like for you? Success, for me, is Just being happy. [MUSIC]

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Fab Roc – DJ, Rachel Tomlinson – Jewelry Designer and Jade 1991 – Artist, had the opportunity to share their creative passions at the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party on Saturday September 10, 2016. Along with Ron Bass, Mentor – they shared their excitement to live out their dreams in from of thousands of people and what’s up next in their careers.