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Thank you for coming to Essence Live. If you wouldn't mind, starting here on the end, tell us your name. I'm Rome Green, Jr. Chaz Miller. Cameron Miller. Emmanuel Richards. Tag What is your name? Oh I thought I was reading, Mike. It's ok. Welcome guys so Cam, I'm going to start with you because obviously some of these other fellows don't follow instructions. How did Dormtainment get started? We all started in college. We were all funny guys and we started posting funny videos on Facebook and then a lot of people started liking it. Well there was no like button. They were commenting on it, and we liked. Let's make money, right? Well we didn't make money [LAUGH] But that was the motivation. That was the overall goal., Right, the overall goal. That make sense to me. All right we have a game that we're gonna play here with us in the studio. We're calling this essence story tellers. We're gonna give you a scenario and you guys will tell us the story. So here's how it works. When I blow the whistle the timer will start. The first player will pick a dialogue card from the box, you have it over there, the glass jar. Yeah, the glass jar. And you have to incorporate that sentence Seamlessly into the storyline, so every time I blow the whistle, the next player must pull a dialogue card and continue the story. Okay? [CROSSTALK] So we'll keep going until the time runs out. Let's do it. [CROSSTALK] All right, now you [UNKNOWN] stay on theme. You have to stay on the theme, all right? Okay, so are you ready? Here's the theme, choosing between Raven and Watermelondrea for Cuffin Season Oh, okay. I know this is difficult. I don't even know who they are. Mike seems like he's already ready. Ready? Yeah. Okay, you got this. Go. Man, I remember back in the day when I could get those for free. Raven and Watermelondrea tickets to go to the concert later on tonight. Yes, cuz you know they got a concert later on tonight, I think it's Easy. I think it's a. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah. And that's funny that you mentioned Raven and what was the other one? Watermelon laundry. Watermelon? Laundry? Yeah. Because you know I usually sleep in their DM. You know it was all night. Okay. You know what I'm saying? Okay. Before you get to them. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Because when you get to them, it's all over with. Okay. And you know, what I also do is- [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO] And when I slipped into the DM, she got mad cuz I asked her if she wearing a lace front wig because I mean it looked like she was wearing a lace front wig. Well, I don't know. No. I could go get an uptown fade. Yeah, that's real crazy. Real crazy. And the crazy thing about it, while I'm reading, is that I don't understand why your mom still does laundry. [LAUGH] I don't get it. You know what I'm saying? At the end of the day. [SOUND] And, I'm up there and I'm watching her on dang, on TV, and she refused to watch this guy's one car. And I'm like, come on. Man really? Are you going to, that's, that's [SOUND] That's not. Take it out. So I say she got mad cuz I asked if she was wearing. Oh, you all gotta put it [INAUDIBLE]. I gotta take it out. I can't help it. I can't help it if I look better than most men. [LAUGH] That's good, that's true. That's why Raven be hollering at me. Is this a true statement? I thought we was dealing with facts, though. [LAUGH] And it was definitely a post and delete situation, when I see [UNKNOWN] talk about me publicly and Raven had retweeted it. And I was like, you know, how am I gonna choose when you all both got a thing going. [NOISE] That one for me. Don't know. [SOUND] Was that the end of the game? [LAUGH] Well, you got 30 seconds. And listen, they both after me, but don't judge me cuz I still got a flip phone. [LAUGH] I feel you. Uh-uh. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] that one for a while. Man, I ain't going to lie. This is pretty [INAUDIBLE]. I just wish I brought my wet wipes with me. [CROSSTALK] You're talking about to fit your wife. Oh yeah. You know. Oh, you know that's crazy. Man I think I'm going to try online dating from now on. You know what I'm saying. Instead of Raven. Because you know water Watermelon. Dria. Dria and Raven some more. You know. Yeah, cuz they always think riding to the bus is romantic and I don't like it. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Come on, now. [NOISE] You know how lace front runs? You are not even right. Okay, so guys, I have to ask you. So which one is it? Is it Raven or Watermelondrea? Watermelondrea off the top. Off the top. Yeah. Why? She got sustenance. Yeah. Hey, you all. [LAUGH] Who did it? Well, you know, Beyonce said drink that watermelon, so I'm gonna go with that. You gonna drink that watermelon? Yeah. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] [MUSIC]

Essence Storytellers: Dormtainment and the 'Cuffin Season' Dilemma

"Cuffin' Season" is here and Dormtainment needs help picking a boo for the winter. ESSENCE Live has a solution for that!