Slayed Or Shade — Was Lawrence Petty For Sleeping With Issa?

ESSENCE Now's 'Slayed or Shade' panel discusses the explosive season premiere of HBO's 'Insecure.' Was Lawrence wrong for having sex with Issa, then bouncing?

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 26, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] All right, let's dive right in. I'm sure most of you were glued to your tv on Sunday night, for the return of HBO's Insecure. But can we talk about that very last scene when Lawrence unexpectedly came through to get his mail and then realized he left some things in the bathroom? What did you leave in the bathroom Lawrence? Anyway, just when you think he is going to leave Lawrence gives Issa that good old stroke. Was Lawrence being super petty for playing with Issa's emotions or was Issa wrong for not appreciating Lawrence when she had him? Handle it. Let me see those panels. All right, was that insecure quickie a slayed or a shade. And one, two, three, go. Slayed, shade, slayed. Okay Danielle, we'll start with you. Okay, so you're all gonna hate me. [LAUGH] Why am I gonna hate you? I'm like slayed. Go ahead, go ahead. But I'm like low-key Team Lawrence a little bit. I know most people aren't, well most women aren't, but I feel like when you cheat you cannot dictate how somebody moves on or when they move on, right? So him coming over and getting his meal was innocent. The sex, no. If it happened, it means they both agreed. Into it, they were both into it. I feel bad about her feelings, but I mean, it was kind of sexy, I don't know. It was short and sexy. It was sexy and consensual. And consensual, all right Estice let's jump over to you. Well, I agree, I think that, you know, In those situations, you don't get to dictate what someone decides is the next thing. You've already betrayed them, you disrespected them. The trust has vanished and eroded. So now it's like all's fair. And it's not about love and war, but it's like Sometimes you do things in a moment that you don't necessarily anticipate or consider what the consequences are gonna be down the line you know what I mean? Okay, And they already had this connection, this love, this whatever. And that passion erupted for two point five seconds, [LAUGH] yes. [INAUDIBLE] We're grown ups, we're grown ups You have to take the responsibility for whatever those weaknesses are. And I'm sorry, the last point that I have to make is- Go for it. I'm kind of tired of the idea, the misnomer that women can't have Sex without it meaning something. Like you know I can get my rocks off too like not everybody is going to emotionally drain me and I feel committed to them. That's not how we work. [INAUDIBLE] that's all about right. Laura jump in. I'm teaching Lawrence too okay. But in this case I'm like. Damn it Lauren you're not even healed yet. Yours still hurts, she still hurt. Everyone still hurts. So having sex like that I just felt it was like it wasn't going to make anything better. And I think that at the end both of them were going to walk away hurt even more, you know what I mean? That's the only way I looked at it cuz I was like God this is not healthy guys. [CROSSTALK] It's the only way You are about. But for the most part, I'm like you cheated. Right. Right. So listen, you made your bed, now you lay in it. Literally. I agree with your point and I agree with your point. Okay. But I just felt like it just wasn't a healthy choice. Well you're right, it's not necessarily the healthy choice. God. Let's hear what social media has to say. Let's check in with our girl Kayla who's tracking all of your social media comments. What are they saying? My God. What are they saying? [LAUGH] So mixed feelings. People don't know how to feel about it. All right, so Sherry apparently says Lawrence was sitting on his behind doing the least. Sometimes you outgrow people and that just happens. Crystal Stewart says, Lawrence has mixed feelings, which is why he avoided seeing Isa. Hopefully, he can move on and find someone he is compatible with. I don't think Tasha is that, but who knows.