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In this week's episode of ESSENCE Now, Tichina Arnold and Teyonah Parris talk 'Survivor’s Remorse' Season 4, and we discuss the actions and reactions during this weeks racial violence in Charlottesville.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 16, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Makho Ndlovu and today on Essence Now, the cast of Survivor's Remorse is here to dish on their latest season. We're going behind the scenes of the new issue of our latest cover with Niecy Nash. Right now it's time for the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Three CEOs have now stepped down from the White House's manufacturing council board, due to President Trump's slow, and frankly half-assed, response to the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville. First it was [UNKNOWN] Pharmaceutical giant Merck, and then Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank. And now the head of Intel, Brian Krzanich, has also left the council, saying the divided political climate is hampering the efforts to rebuild American manufacturing. And now, many people want other big businesses to follow suit. @Lilivamps tweeted, Pepsi, GM, Blackstone, please leave Trump's advisory panel. [MUSIC] A new Gallup poll shows that Trump's approval rating has dropped to just 34%, his lowest since taking office. But is anyone surprised? The man at any moment could launch us into war with North Korea and it took him almost three days to denounce the white supremacy we saw in Charlottesville. Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. We're just going to let social media take this one. Jalisa Stewart tweeted He read that dry statement as if he was reading instructions on how to make a cake. Donna Swann Johnson wrote on Facebook He's not gonna say anything bad about them, 'cause he's one of them. [mmm] [sss] So where do we go from here? A lot of Americans are providing their own solutions for ending racism and white supremacy. Writer and activist Shaun King is naming and shaming the Charlottesville attackers one by one. On Instagram, Lena Dunham advocated for more accountability. All white people are responsible for the upholding of white supremacy, and for the fall of it. And Nancy Pelosi has another solution. If the president is sincere about rejecting white supremacists, he should remove all doubt by firing Steve Bannon and the other alt-right white sympathizers in the White House. So give us our thoughts in today's poll. How should America combat supremacy. Send us your comments using #EssenceNow because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, August 15, and it's time for Essence Now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Now, I'm you host Makho Ndlovu. And remember, you can talk to us at any time using the #essencenow or by email at All right fam, what is going on? White supremacists in Charlottesville caused sheer mayhem over the weekend, all because they didn't want a Confederate statue removed. They left 22-year-old Deandre Harris bloodied and beaten, and 32-year-old Heather Heyer dead, and the entire country just in disbelief. Heather's mother spoke with NBC News about her daughter's life-long passion for justice. She saw in the lives of many of her African American friends, particularly, and her gay friends, that equal rights were not being given, and equal voices were not being shared. And, She had long advocated for equality for all. Yesterday when she was killed, she was doing that with people. She was saying well tell me why you're here and I know this because this is what her friends told me. And, that's what Heather's life was all about. Passion for fairness, passion for equality. Joining us now in studio are two people who are very. Very close to the fight against racism, friend of Essence, Quinton Washington, who spent four years in Charlottesville as a student at the University of Virginia. And Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors who joins us via Skype. Welcome to you both. Thank you. Thank you. Now Quinton, let's start with you. What was the climate like in Charlottesville while you were a student there? Absolutely. When I was there, first I also wanted to say looking back now I see how Creating my experience was. One thing was always support, so my entire time there was always a supportive environment for me. For our community. Yes, there were racial tensions, yes there were events that may have happened. We were In Virginia. But we weren't having it then and we aren't having it now. But did you ever have any specific encounters, any personal encounters, with racism while you were there? I mean nothing overt to me, and of course my core aggression will always be present of being a black student, trying to succeed, and Some type of racial tension maybe they're with me but personally I never had anything specific happen to myself. So I'm sure it's even more sad to see it now as an alum, you're leading the #TakeDownHate campaign which encourages people to really speak out against racial hatred and violence on social media. How do we get involved in that? How do people get involved- Absolutely So right now we're working with a hashtag. We want you to just share your experiences, whether you went to university or not. We want you to just think about the safety of our students and our faculty and staff. And also think about your own experiences within your own college and universities. This could happen in our backyard now, or it could be in your backyard tomorrow or the next day. We do know that there are some all right movements still happening across the country [COUGH] Some have been shut down, like in Texas AMU, things like that. So we just wanna make sure that we're providing a platform for others to think about how they can help their own students and alumni in other places. Yeah. Also tonight we just planned a vigil. In Washington, DC, starting at Thomas Jefferson Memorial at 8:00 tonight. Please, if you're in the DC area, can drive down, support us. We are looking for it. It's important to come out and support, yeah. Very important. Support us, and support Heather, and the two policemen that lost their lives. We wanna make sure that Where you have to fight for making things better. Thank you for your work now. Beatrice I'm sure you've heard of the account on Twitter [INAUDIBLE] you're a racist and identifies people who protested in Charlottesville. What are your thoughts and accounts about that or similar movements of outing racists to get them fired from their job? Do you think it really has a long-term effect? I definitely do. I think it's so important that we are. Actually showing who the people are, giving them an identity and naming, that these are the people that are causing harm and violence in our communities and that they need to be held accountable. Because some of the most troubling things have happened in Charlottesville, the police weren't there to hold people accountable. Things police do at Black Lives Matter protests are arrest, tase, tear gas. And what we saw at Charlottesville was white supremacists and often violence go without accountability. I think what Shaun King is doing, exposing white supremacists online, And trying to get people identify them, it's critical. Absolutely. Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Department of Justice will do a civil rights investigation into Charlottesville. As the co-founder of black lives matter, what would you like to come out of that investigation? But I think we have to be a little bit concerned about attorney general's death sessions during investigation and anything. You know, his statement about calling the person who killed have a dyer to wipe the premises within the court. But my concern is that I see a he's talking about Doing an investigation of the protest. He's also talking about doing an investigation of the DisruptJ20, which were the protesters that were out there protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump. So, historically, attorney general Jeff Sessions has been a known racist. Anthony has historically gone after activists in the civil rights movement. And so I don't think we should be so excited. We should be investigating how he's going to investigate. We should hold him accountable as well, that's absolutely right. So now we mentioned earlier the beating of Deandre Harris. And the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. What do you say to people who see that and is a reason not to protest? Well, first of all I wanna send my condolences to Heather's family. And I wanna send my deep love for Deandre as he's recovering from his injuries and all of the people of Charlottesville that were I'm physically abused but also traumatized, I continue to be traumatized by the experiences of what happened over the last couple days. But I think that we should make sure that our communities are safe right now. And I think we need to make sure that Folks continue to not just show up in the streets. But there are a significant amount of policies, racist policies, that this administration is upholding across the nation. But also that a lot of our local governments are upholding. Like the Muslim band, like the continued disruptions of undocumented communities. Like the continue killings of black people at the hand of law enforcement. So we need to be in the streets and Our folks need to also realize that our local governments and our national government has to be accountable for the policies that they've created to allow for white supremacists that have been showing up in these streets. That's exactly right, Patrice. Now Quentin, I'm gonna toss it over to you. Some white celebs like Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres have been called out for their responses to Charlottesville. Lady Gaga used the hashtag #itsnotus in her tweet, and Ellen tweeted Is this America now? So my question is, how do we get people to recognize their own biases? You don't have to carry a tiki torch to be racist. You absolutely do not. It comes from ideas, it comes from how you were raised or born, and it comes down to how you ultimately support what's happening. Whether it was you or not, it's happening, it's around us, and it affects everyone. Heather, just to name one who is not African American. So it's beyond a racial thing. It's beyond, it's actually humanity. We don't want to represent those who represented hate and statues that continue to incite hate. And hate is large. People should be able to understand exactly what that means. And Recognize their own biases as well. Absolutely, absolutely and they recognize their own biases and look at the bigger picture that it's affecting people, celebrities, affecting their fans you know what I mean? What are you doing about that? How are you representing your fans outside outside of just your music. We're listening and we're watching you and we're reading your statements and we A lot of us begin to judge celebrities based on how they see us. Right. Yeah. That's absolutely correct. All right, now Kayla what are folks saying on social media about this? It's such a hot topic. It is, people have a lot to say. So we're asking in the wake of Charlottesville, how should America combat white supremacy? Out them on social media, get them fired from their jobs, or let our woke white allies deal with them? So Demarus Krouse says they should be outed. Cathy Cox says all states should ban riots that involve the use of any kind of equipment that can be used as weapons. Kristin McGary says she feels that Charlottesville supremacists should have been flagged from the beginning. And that James Fields the man accused of plowing through the crowd in Charlottesville should've had his phone tapped and BI should've had him on there radar. She said it's on all of us, it's our obligation to report even if it seems silly or like no one is listening find someone who will. I'm done playing with these people she says, folks are dying out here. And Perry Escobar says quit spending on unnecessary things and boycott Trump. And that's it. That is so unimportant. Treece and Quentin thank you for having such and important, important conversation. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Okay, it's time to hear from you in today's viewer poll. How do you think America should combat white supremacy? Send us your comments using #essencenow, and we'll read the results later in this show. Now let's check in with our girl Kayla for our social media. Do we have more comments, Kayla? Comments are rolling in, and the people have a lot to say about President Trump as well. Miss Waverly Grant says this was 45's intent all along. It is the reason that he Those folks off during his campaign. He was deliberate in his attacks. But in the end God will get the victory. And that is right. His responsibility will not be lost in this. Now keep those votes and comments coming in. And we'll read them later on in the show. Coming up, [UNKNOWN] and [UNKNOWN] are here, and we're gonna put their knowledge of NBA teams to the test. But first, have you seen Niecy Nash on the September cover of Essence? She looks amazing! Here's your exclusive look behind the scene. [MUSIC] I defined success As happiness. Because you can have all the worldly trappings, but if you have not figured out how to be happy in those things, how to have peace in those things, then you gain so much, but in the end have so little. [MUSIC] Lola Folana was everything to me at five years old. She was the most gorgeous black woman I had ever seen on TV. And I looked at my grandmother and I said who is that? She said baby that's Lola Folana. And in that moment I felt like god stamped on the cameras of my imagination my destiny. I looked at my grandmother and I said I wanna be black fabulous and on TV. But the way I maintain my balance is that I'm very very clear that being an actress is my do. But my who is to be of service to go into the world and be a blessing So, go out there and give something, and not just be a person who takes. [MUSIC] You know, it's a challenge everyday to be comfortable in the skin you're in. Because you may see things or look at things and say, I don't like this, or I'm judging that. There are moments when I am extremely comfortable in my skin. And I'm like, hey, this is what it is. You know, and then there are sometimes when I judge myself very, very harshly. And I'm like, man, you know, this skirt doesn't fit like it used to. Or if the hips weren't so big, this could look a little more fashion forward. You know what I mean? So sometimes I do have those moments but I just try to tap back in to appreciating my body and to just loving myself for where I am right this moment. And then all else fails I remember my grandmother always said, baby, when you's the only naked woman in the world you looks good. [MUSIC] Would you ever do Runway again, or campaign, or- I have to come out of retirement For something beyond massive. It can't just be like a boxer that's like I would back in he ring I thought maybe you would give us a Jay Z you know, Yeah Jay Z retired, because he is a business man, he understands when you say last, people wanna be first to buy. [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Now, I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. And joining us in the studio is is the cast of the hit show Survivors Remorse, which return to Starz on August 20th. Please welcome back to Essence Now, Tiana Paris and Tashina Arnold. Hey ladies. What's up. You all look like a million bucks. All right, congrats on the fourth season of the show. Biggest obstacle that we'll see the Callaway family go through this season? Get it Teyonah. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] I think the biggest obstacle this season is there are a lot of things from our past, from all the characters past, that we've been touching on in the Seasons one through three that really just come full force this season. We meet some key players from Cassie's past, from [LAUGH] Pam's past, and Mchuck as well and just watching the characters really have to deal with This new arrival into their lives. It's hard talking about it cuz without giving away the story. Right, tip-toeing. Yeah, with my kids, with Cam and with Mary [UNKNOWN], they're searching for their dads. That's how we left it off in season three. And let's just say they find out. They find a lot of stuff out. It sounds juicy. It is. It sounds really juicy. [LAUGH] It is. Ooh, okay. So the show does really great job of tackling real life issues, but in a non-preachy way. Given today's political climate, will we see some of that on the show? Most definitely. You always see that on our show. Absolutely. So it went. Which is great cuz Michael Marley and Olly Leroy and all of our writers and producers allow us to share our own personal stories as well. So that's why a lot of the episodes come across as main Current events, things that are happening now, because it's a little bit of up inserting it. Right. I'm so glad that you brought up Mike O'Malley, though, because a lot of people are talking about how white people can't really tell black stories, so it's a collaborative effort. To work with you. So how do you feel about that criticism, though, is it a valid sort of criticism? Yeah Hit it Tiana! [LAUGH] She has a bunch of Tiana, I see it! I get you. She got militant. She's able to convey. I got you boo. Tell it Absolutely a valid concern in our community. We want our stories to be told with authenticity. We want our stories to be told with heart and accuracy. And not to say that someone Who is of another culture can't do that, as you see Mike O'Malley is doing a great job doing it, but there is validity in wanting a story about you told by you, as well as what we're doing over here on Stars with Mike O'Malley. It's a different perspective. You're having the two cultures come together and seeing what that does, and it's a lot of dialogue. There are moments where Heated on or say it in the room because, someone feels like well, I think that is a valid way of saying that. Or that, this family no matter who they are would go through that. There are strong opinions on that set. You have some very strong. Strong, opinionated actors and it's a great debate though where is it just human? Where is this just a human experience and where does that split come where well this is particular to our experience as an African-American family? Mike O'Malley's not afraid to ask questions. That's good. You know, we love the fact that we play out a Catholic, Irish-Catholic family because we still get his perspective. So you have two worlds that collide, that meet but that tell a new story. Right. So it's wonderful to be a black family in a different position. Kinda cuz I've never played a Catholic before, I had no idea what Catholicism was or How to go about being a Catholic until I asked questions to Mike. I was like hey what does it mean to be a Catholic? So we share our stories but I love the fact that he's not afraid to ask us. Yes. It's important to ask. He asks about the black culture. I know nothing about the The white, Catholic, Irish culture. I ask questions, so I think that's a win-win situation for us with [UNKNOWN] And that's why it's doing so well but you know what? It is an amazing time to be a black actress on TV. You have Insecure, there's Empire and these shows- Girls Trip! I love that movie! It was such an awesome movie! Yeah! You need to be in part two. My god! I auditioned for Girls' Trip. Did you audition? My audition was horrible. I told my- [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] She's crazy. They were like, we can't air this on TV. Wait a minute. No, we need to air this. Okay, wait. The character Tiffany Haddish, I mean she- She is hilarious. Good for her. And, Jada's my girl. [INAUDIBLE] You were going for Which character would you vote for? Tiffany's role. You would vote for Tiffany's role? Yeah, I was going after your role, Tiffany! [LAUGH] That role was, I think, almost mine. [LAUGH] You did amazing, girl! Yes. It was hilarious, we love you. I was so happy for Tiffany's success- Yes. But I Part two because it's about to hit that hundred million mark so that is Awesome. When one wins we all win. We all win but my question was gonna be how do you feel about these shows trend. Every Sunday are talking about Insecure You know people talking about Empire. Do you feel like perhaps some survivor's remorse doesn't get the same amount of love? No we don't. You don't. We don't. And Teyonah was going home fast but Tichina went for it. Take it Tichina. It's been a slow burn. And I've been doing television for so long I knew from the moment I read this script, you know it felt good. When we did our first table read I was like this show is going to be phenomenal but it didn't get the recognition that it should have because it's going to be a slow burn. It needs to be pushed It needs the money. We have to get the budget. I think once we got out there after the second season and then they put us on after Power, then we were able to get a little more recognition from people because it got a little more eye. Yeah. So, the more people that watch the show, and I notice that people binge watch it. People love it. Yeah, they do. It's sort of a binge watch show. And you guys do tweet when the show is on, right? Yeah. So, make sure you follow them. All right, so, cuz you all have been here before, you all are pretty much family at this point. I mean, listen. We're gonna play Fun game with you ->> No, no.>> Are you down, so Tashina is so excited about this game ->> No, I'm not excited. Last time, Eric and I kicked your booty. I wasn't ready, i wasn't ready.>> You're ready, you're ready. But let's take a look at what happen the last time when we asked Erica Ash and Tiana and Tashina Arnold to try to guess Famous black families, but the catch is they couldn't say a few forbidden words. Watch this. A family that is very Ghetto fabulous. Its new. And it deals with singing and things like that, on a network- Network! Okay, I can't say the name. Okay, this is a seasoning that is popular in india. This is athletes. Ten seconds. We were just talking about her today because you wouldn't be messing with her, okay, okay, [UNKNOWN]. Who was it?? The Curry's. My God! [NOISE] I like how you went with the c thing, though, I like how you went with the c thing. I like Jamaican food. Chicken. You got so much to say ma. That was hilarious. My gosh. Okay, so this time around, we're gonna switch it up and play Good old fashioned Pictionary. Here's how it works. You've got two teams. Tiana and myself will be on one team. And Tishiana and our beauty editor Nicky Brown are on the other. Each team. So one person will do the drawing and the other person will have to guess. Now since Survivor's Remorse follows a basketball family you'll be guessing the names of NBA teams. But here's the catch, here's the catch. Cannot draw any NBA logos, abbreviations, or numbers associated with the teams. And a correct answer must include the team's full name. For example, you can't just say the Hornets. It has to be the Charlotte Hornets. This is crazy. No. So each correct answer gets a point, the most points win, and you can skip if you'd like. Got it? I think that was simple, right? Okay, Tichina and Nikki, you're up first! Get ready to draw. Ready? Yes, I'm gonna draw! Good luck. I'm just gonna start. Move, Tatiana, out of my way. Okay, I can't even [UNKNOWN]. Control room, can we get 45 seconds on the clock, please? Can I look at the card? All right Nikki are you ready? Yeah okay. Ready Need to get a head start set go. Start. Okay the 76ers. [LAUGH] The Warriors. [LAUGH] The Nets, the eight. She already guessing. The, what? I don't know. Ducks. What what?>>I saw a duck too.>>What the hell.>>Now she's drawing a chicken.>>A beaver? A cat?>>Tianna, you're on my team.>>The God. A pig and a teddy bear.>>A teddy bear NBA team. A tree. Ten seconds left. Forest. So- We're counting down. The nest, the Lord Time's up Time's up What is it? What are you trying to draw? Memphis Grizzlies This game. None of us know these teams No, that's good [LAUGH] All right Team name [CROSSTALK] That's all right Nicky [CROSSTALK] It's all good. I'm about to be a mess. I really appreciate that bear. [CROSSTALK] Mo, sit down. Mo, sit down. Nicky. [LAUGH] All right. So, the score unfortunately is zero. So, Tiana, the score to beat, for us, is zero. All right. Okay, we just need one. [LAUGH] You don't have to rub it in. If you get one, you win. I'm just saying. [LAUGH] So, I can skip all I want. You can skip. Just draw one and we win, Do they get points if I skip? Skip No so we going to do it Control room can I please get Can I please get 45 seconds on the clock? I'm going to be a distraction You're ready. Are you ready? Tiana are you ready? Ready, set go. She ain't ready This looks like. She can't draw. A claw? This looks like a, the claw's going out. No it aint no. You can't speak. You can't speak. It's a person. It's a face. It's not a face, okay. Is that hair? No it's not hair. What is that? Tami, okay, it's me! Okay, burns. But the burns. Okay, a, a beard! A beard, Tami. You can't talk, you can't talk. Okay, skip, skip! Go to the next one! We got Go that one, skip that one, skip that one. We just have to get at least one. How do you draw, okay. [CROSSTALK] You can't talk! If she talks again, I'm getting 10 points! What is this? Is that a gun? Tami, you talked. Okay, fine, okay, just give me one, just give me a good one, I know you can do it. Bell dry. What is that? Time's up, my gosh! [CROSSTALK] What was that thing? Okay everybody wait, this is Florida, so what's this right here? That looks like. Miami. Thank you. What's this? Heat? Yes. Okay, [CROSSTALK] That looks like garbage. [LAUGH] Straight [CROSSTALK] Keeping it real [CROSSTALK] My god. [CROSSTALK] nobody won, but we're We're still all winners. No we losers. You're all winners, ladies. We're losers, speak for yourself. I'd like to actually win. We're all winners in real life. Thank you all for stopping by [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN] ,Tiana thank you so much. Now remember You can watch the season premier of Survivor's Remorse, when does it air ladies? August 20th on Starz. Make sure you tweet them too. All right, more Essence Now is up next. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hey, this is Raven-Symon��, and you're watching Essence Now. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Now and I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. This week's black girl magic salute goes to Kheris Rogers. After the ten year old was bullied for her dark skin, her older sister Taylor Pollard decided to post a series of Kheris With this caption, my sister is only 10, but already royalty, #Flexin In My Complexion. The post not only went viral, it garnered the attention of Alicia Keys who tweeted, I love this beautiful girl and I love her mission! Keep shining. Rogers now has a clothing line appropriately called Flexin In My Complexion, with plans to put the profits towards her college education. [MUSIC] I know I'm pretty, I'm not gonna let anyone tell me different. Sweet, beautiful Clarice, we salute you. Remember, you can watch even more inspiring stories in our original Black Girl Magic Docuseries at All right, earlier we asked you in our viewer pole, how do you think America should combat white supremacy Supremacy. And Kayla has been taking your comments all show long? Hey, Kayla, what are folks saying? Okay. So Kevin Loye says be more proactive. Donna Love says they are terrorists and should be treated as such. Kevin Harra says Trump is a divider of the country and ran a campaign doing just this. How can you expect Trump to do anything when he resurrected white supremacists. So no mercy over here. Yeah. What do you think, Kayla? How do you think America should Combat white supremacy. I definitely believe in exposing anyone who woke up this morning with the intent to harm and cause pain to anyone, especially if it's racially motivated. No sympathy. So, I say expose them. Yes. Expose and shame. I support that 1,000%. Well thanks to Tichina Arnold, Teyonah Parris, and all of today's guests for coming through. Now remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our videos and tune in next Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern for an all new Essence Now. I'm Makho Ndlovu. Bye. [MUSIC]