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Empire. I know you all watched the premier last night. What are your initial thoughts? Fashion! Fashion! Fashion, yeah, fashion. Scandal so juicy, I was just like, they didn't waste any time. Cuz you have to jump right into it. Elevating our heart rate. << Because they left us in such a way. Right! Where you're like, you gotta go. Cory? I have to go with the guest stars. Someone tweeted one you should have had. Someone said, they did the meme of Oprah when she gives away those cars, and they were like, you get a role! You get a role! [LAUGH] It's the truth! That's the truth! [CROSSTALK] We get more people, Alicia Keys, Kelly Roland Many people are coming so. Last night it was with André Leon Talley. It was Swiss Beats. Chris Rock! Everybody's talking about Peter Pablo. Okay, who can confirm? [CROSSTALK] I was extremely excited to see Miss Lawrence because Miss Lawrence can put it down. And I was so upset when like you didn't see anything else from the music career. But Lay on the table and sing. I was like yes. And John Lennon. [CROSSTALK] And John Lennon. There were a lot of not so subliminal subliminals in the show, which I really enjoyed. But first we're gonna talk fashion. From season one, everyone is all about Cookie and what she's wearing, and what she's not wearing. And then old girl came down in a gorilla suit with an illusion mesh and a feather. [LAUGH] What did you think about it? Last season was all leopard. It was all just Giving me that, and that was like gorilla to Gucci. She's definitely stepping it up and that was a Gucci gown. It really was. That got the album. Was it really last season? It really was last season. But that's quite all right. It doesn't matter, because Cookie's catching up. She's catching up. She's never gonna She's got a big personality. She has to have big, opulent, more is more fashion. That's the way it's gonna go with her. Then that [UNKNOWN], that jacket, with the Mr T reference? It was just too much, but too much in a good way. I thought Marissa Tomei looked really great. She did. She was very well edited, even though she was dancing off-rhythm. Right, she was. That's my girl, though. We forgive her. She looks great. Yeah, she looks really really good. What about the guys? Not really so much male fashion happening this season. The orange jumpsuits predominated, that was kinda like cute for a second, but you know, we gotta focus on the characters, focus on what's happening with Chris, you know, Lucius, whatever. So what would you like to like to see happen in season two in terms of fashion? I want to see everybody get their moment because like you said, Marisa Tomei is on here, Mimi, whatever her name is, and I got a little like, we were shooting. Someone else a while ago, we were in Chicago in the fancy Ick Room. We found out that like, they get a lot of clothing for Marisa and some other characters there. And that's a fantastic boutique. So you know, getting a little inside baseball. But she's actually had a little bit of elegance that I loved. I guess it was kind of like, she's sort of the, she's an antagonistic kind of a thing that's going on. We don't know the back story. We just know that she's had some relationships Ships for folks, and we out with folks, right? Yeah. And of course, it's fun, and it mixes up. I love that everybody has their own lane. Everybody can't be Cookie, and that's ok. But you know what though, I have to say this. We just sat down with Grace, love Grace, beautiful girl. I want to see you take off the bolero cardigan. [LAUGH] I know. I know, but she did work it. [CROSSTALK] And it looked right. [INAUDIBLE] It was still [INAUDIBLE] Yes. And I loved the yellow, when they did that slo-mo walking, to take over and then they got played. Right. Mm-hm. I loved it. That was a burst of color. I like a good slo-mo walk. Sometimes I wanna slo-mo walk in real life. I know. I do too.

ESSENCE Live's Primetime Premiere Panel Dishes on All Things 'Empire'

ESSENCE Live host Dana Blair sits down with our primetime premiere panel to dish on all things Empire.