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Today we're doing a spicy turkey sausage and collard green soup. That sounds amazing. One pot wonder. Super easy. Under 25 minutes. Super fast. Under 25 minutes? Mm-hm. Okay so what are our ingredients. How do we start? So. Here I have a spicy Turkish sausage. Let's take off the skin very quickly. It will just come off very easy. Okay. Drop into a can and add some olive oil. Okay. Pan's hot. Everybody. Okay Calgary. I have some olive oil here. Super simple. Yeah. You coat your sausage. The easier it is to get the casing on. So the key is it being cold. I didn't know that. Yeah absolutely. So I'm just going to add this in. Okay. And if your pan is nice and hot you should hear that sizzle. Hear that sizzle everybody. Now I'm going to start mashing this up. Mm-hm yes. Okay. As it cooks, it'll break up. Okay. So it'll be super simple easy that way. Okay. Mm-hm, that smells good already. It smells so good. [LAUGH] We're also gonna add in our peppers. Add a little color, cuz we have our collard greens that are obviously green. Okay. We're adding some red peppers, some yellow peppers. All right. You can add in onions if you want to, completely up to you. So we have options. You have options. Okay. It's your kitchen, your meal. Do what works for you. Yeah, cooking your way. And you're going to have all of these things handy. Absolutely. Okay. And then we're going to add in our carrots. That's good. And then we're going to add in our black-eyed peas. Good luck. Yes, good luck. Holiday season, we need the luck. Absolutely. For the new year. And this is a perfect dish for New Year's. If you've already partied hard, not that you guys party or anything. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] A little bit. You party and you need some nutrients, you can do this with a fresh collard green, or kale Toasty bread. You have a really lot of options here. And we're already almost done. Absolutely. You're almost done. So what's the next step? So literally, you're gonna let this cook. Get friendly, let the flavors develop. Okay. Now you're gonna add in your broth. Broth. Up next? Mm-hm. And what the broth and cover everything. All right. Maybe about an inch above. So you wanna fully cover all your ingredients. Mm-hm. And you're gonna bring this to a boil. Okay. And then you're gonna let it reduce down. So everything is gonna get friendly, nice. The meats are gonna cook, the veggies are gonna cook all together. That looks beautiful already. I think I got it. Yeah, and just give it one good stir. And then we would cover it. And then somewhere in the 15-minute mark after everything gets friendly, I like to add in my collard greens. So how many? We're just doing like this? Completely up to you. You can do a couple scoops, depending on how much you have. And if you wanted to rough chop this on a cutting board really quickly, just to distribute it a little better So if you love it, you can load it up. You're totally fine. Absolutely. Okay, so what is it going to look like? What's the final product going to look like? So this you just put a top on, leave it, let it do its magic. How long we putting it, 15? Yeah. You do it for another 10, 15, depending on what you want to do. And that sort of looks like the end. Look at this. Isn't that gorgeous? Really gorgeous. And I like to finish it with just a tad bit of parmesan cheese. And who doesn't love cheese? Who doesn't love cheese. And you always have cheese handy in your refrigerator. You do and parmesan is one of those long lasting [CROSSTALK] And here's some crusty bread or some left over corn bread, your family deserves some dinner rolls, soup. Whatever you want just load it up on top. I'm excited to taste it. I'm ready to taste it. My god. Okay this is not gonna be cute I'm just gonna dig in. I know it's one of my favourite dishes and it's so healthy for you. This looks amazing. Mm So you get the sweet and the sweetness This is delicious YOu love it. Little spice from the sausage And we didn't add any [UNKNOWN] No
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