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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Ew I don't like either. Stuffing. Dressing. That's a mood if I'm upset give me some stuffing, but if I'm in a good mood give me the dressing. So I'm gonna go. Stuffing, I'm gonna go with stuffing. [MUSIC] Traditional turkey. Fried turkey. Fried turkey. Give me the fried. Give me the fried, give me that grease. [MUSIC] Go back for seconds. Go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, all of that [LAUGH]. Get two really big plates. You stack up the plate, You chill for about 15, 30 minutes and then you go for second again. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Wherever you can find a seat in the house. But in my house don't eat anywhere else except for the table. [LAUGH] Wherever you can find a seat in my family, like we're huge, so there's almost never a seat left. Wherever you can find a seat in the house. It's all traditional when you pray over the food. Once that, it's every man for himself at that point. [MUSIC] Neither. Peach cobbler. Sweet potato pie. Come on, peach cobbler. Peach cobbler is the one. You're gonna let me cheat on peach cobbler. Now, peach cobbler's watching, you gonna do that. You ain't gonna do that. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

In this Essence Now segment various celebrities talk about their Thanksgiving traditions, memories and funny anecdotes. They play a fun game of ‘This or That’ between Thanksgiving themed foods and traditions. Simone Biles says she doesn’t like stuffing or dressing while Allen Maldonado says it depends on his mood on which he likes. Most celebs prefer their Thanksgiving Turkey fried and when it comes to stacking a sky hig plate or coming back for seconds, most agree on coming back for seconds. 

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