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[BLANK_AUDIO] ESPN anchor, Sage Steele slammed Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans for his anthem protest of Donald Trump's election, and of course she got dragged for the filth on social media. But now Sage has clapped back at her critics in a Facebook post about the D-word, which is diversity. Sage, who is biracial wrote, and I quote Why must we continue to tear down those within our own race? Instead of rolling your eyes at my black father for selling out shouldn't you be praising my white mother for following her colorblind heart and not succumbing to the pressures of American society back then? Mm, all right Callis. [LAUGH] That was me on the end, Mm. Yeah. What do you say? Thoughts on Sage Steele's sentiments, did she school us on the d word? Or is this sounding a little all lives matter ish? One, two three. Slayed or shade. You're on the fence. I'm a little on the fence. I'm gonna come back to you. Shade? I gotta use a little shade here. I I can't take you seriously when you use the term color blind in 2016. [INAUDIBLE] one, and then even if, okay, you're in a interracial relationship, you don't get a purple heart for that. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Right, right. So I'm not feeling That's how I feel. You look on your lips on the slay. What's the slayed [UNKNOWN]. I was gonna slay her because I don't agree with her opinion at all, but I respect the fact that she double down her all lives of my understanding. It's like, if you're gonna be all lives matter, be all lives matter. If you gonna go and defend Trump, defend Trump. I don't rock with you but I do respect your opinion to do that. Like I understand us, not bashing each other for like we need every people, minorities, we need to stick together more than right now But I also think and not to generalize everyone's biracial, but there's sort of a flexibility there to pick a side and I think that she's essentially doing exactly what she's telling us not to do and she's going in on black people, going in on minorities Mm-hm. Even though she's saying we need to stick together and not do that. So it's a little bit, I get the sentiment in wanting to stay together. But, the shade in the rest of it pretty much. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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