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[BLANK_AUDIO] Being locked up, we only had access to a limited amount of stuff. So we had to eat out of cans and we had to use only a microwave and a toaster oven. So now that I'm home, I can switch It's fresh ingredients, I can use my grill oven, you know what I mean? I can use olive oil instead of butter. So a lot of the stuff I can substitute, but the actual cookbook just shows what we were. Objective to using. Only thing that we're available to the inmates and friend system in that particular git. My favorite recipe in commissary kitchen is probably the macaroni salad with apples. That was my after school meal every day. I come home from school, and my mom is gonna be there. She'd have a big bowl of macaroni salad in the refrigerator so that's something close to my heart. I didn't get real serious about it until I was locked up, and like see how you know, you take your time you prepare a meal, you can make different things, its fun. We didn't have any measuring cup, or measuring spoons or nothing like that, so we would just look at it and make sure. And make sure, and then taste it, you know, every once and a while taste it and make sure it was right. The little bit of time that we spent cooking it like took our mind off of where we was at for a while Diet is definitely one of the main things, you know what I mean? That needs to be really, really changing in the prison system. They need healthier food so people can actually get rehabilitated and be healthy, and come home healthy. [MUSIC]