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[BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Now. I'm your host, Makho Ndlovu and we're in the midst of a very special Halloween edition of Slade or Shade. This is where we take on the week's buzziest topics with our all star panel and today, I'm joined by comedian and actress Michelle Buteau who is dressed as Marshmallow Woman. Stay Puft Marshmallow Woman in the I love it. Essence.com's asssistant editor, Sydney Scott, appearing as Bob Ross, and last but not least we have black girl magic ballerina, Scottie Beam, who also moonlights as a digital producer and personality for New York's HOT 97. Thank you for joining us. Yes. Ladies, all right, let's jump right back into it. Now, in a recent interview with essence.com Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsche Williams revealed that underneath all the wigs and weaves, she's natural, but here's the catch. She still relaxes her edges. [LAUGH] Here's what she said. I will say That when I'm doing a lot of bookings, I'll take a little toothbrush on the edges, and the perm that I like to use is Just For Me, it's gentle and it's quick. So does Porsha gets a slay for having her hair that slayed or is trying to call yourself natural when you're still using that creamy crack always a shade? All right panel, three, two, one, hold your panels please. That was a slow slayed, okay. Scotty, we're waiting, any day now. Okay, we'll start with you since you're not sure. What aren't you sure about? I don't understand what's the big deal? Yeah. She puts her creamy crack on her baby hair. It's cool, I don't I don't know what the big issue is. But natural Twitter, like in my head, natural Twitter, natural Instagram is really, really clicking to me and they're so mean. They're not mean, but Michelle, is it still Can you call yourself a naturalista if you're putting the creamy crack on your edges? I mean clearly not, but this is the most interesting thing about her. So that's cool. I mean I don't understand how you put your **** on national television every week fighting boobies, tities everywhere, but you know you can't have like, some cute like little kinky curls. And call, yeah, that's so true. I don't understand. Yeah? Cydney I'm gonna say slay cuz its her hair, her choice. Yes. But I'm worried, would her hair not break off at the point where she relaxed it? Also, no matter how gentle the relaxer is, you're still mess up your hair. Just the tip. Very interesting. [BLANK_AUDIO]

This week on ESSENCE Now‘s “Slayed or Shade” segment, panelists discussed a trend among Black women with natural hair: relaxing edges. Even Real Housweives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams admits to using a little perm on her edges but keeping the rest of her hair natural.

So we’re asking: Can you still be “natural” if you relax your edges?

Check it out in the video above and let us know what you think!  

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