Did Mo’Nique Commit Career Suicide By Coming For Oprah? 

ESSENCE Live's 'Slayed or Shade' panel discusses the beef between Mo'Nique, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels.

ESSENCE.COM May, 25, 2017
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Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. Hey guys, hey fam. Now come talk to us using the hashtag essencelive or email us at essencelive@essence.com if you ever want to come on the show to sound off on topics. Ooh, and speaking of sounding off y'all, it's time for a little Slade or Shade. Our panelists today are co-host of Marissa Explains it All podcast Jamal Jamoe [CLAPPING] Yes clap your hands. Thanks guys. Yes you are welcome. As well as assistant entertainment editor Sydney Scott. [CLAPPING] You said her name Name. [LAUGH] And comedian, co-host of The Real, Loni Love. Hey, Loni. Polka dots. [LAUGH] Welcome, welcome everyone. Welcome, welcome. Yes. We got some hot topics. Now as mentioned in the hot list, Monique is sticking by her comments that she made about Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. And the comedian accuses the three of having, quote, white-balled her. In Hollywood, saying her former friend Oprah exploited her family on the Oprah Winfrey show. Furthermore, [UNKNOWN] called Moe to try to end the beef. She let them have it too. On her Periscope podcast, Monique said, quote, When Tyler Perry called up, he said, I watched your podcast and I saw your pain. And I said, that's not pain, that's called honestly. Don't get it confused. So is Monique bringing herself mo' problems by airing out her peers, or should we applaud her for not backing down. Analysts, on the count of three, I need to see See those cards. Slayed or shade? What do we got show it to me. One two three go. Wait okay [LAUGH] you look like you are confused [LAUGH] we are going to start with the people that are sure. Alright Jamal shade. Tell me why you say that. There was a Nike commercial with Charles Barkley, when I was a kid, where Charles Barkley said he wasn't anybody's role model. Uh-huh. I don't think Mo'Nique needs to look for heroes in people that have no interest in having her as a mentee or being their hero, or being her hero. Like, she's looking to Oprah for way too much. Granted, what Oprah did with her family, that's a separate thing. I don't think she's being white-balled. A because it's a stupid term. Well B because Mo'Nique is not that good of an actress. Even though she won the Oscar? What are you talking about? She's not that good of an actress? Three 6 Mafia got an Oscar. Wait a minute. Okay. [UNKNOWN] You look like you we're on the- Shots have been fired. Shots fired. Okay. You You look like you were on the fence explain that. I am on the fence because I am going to say slay because it does take balls to do that, but saved because you have to get over it at some point. I am all about holding a grudge, I love a good grudge But this one has been going on for too long. You gotta let it go. 2008, sister girl. Can I please step up in here. Because everybody forgets that this was part of her comedy act. This all came about because somebody taped her ten second Point that she, that we don't know what she said before or after, and now she has to stick with it. So she gonna stick with it, you might as well slay all day and you hold the truth. [LAUGH] So Mo'nique don't care, you know what I mean? You know what I mean, what does she have to lose? If she's black balled she's black balled, she might as well explain everything. And I think now she's giving it all out, because Cuz no one has ever went and actually asked her why are you so upset. And then we didn't realize about the whole Oprah Winfrey, we didn't realize the bad story. [CROSSTALK] Exactly. So now she's just like, forget it. I'm just gonna let it be known to everybody. So she's slammed by [CROSSTALK]. Do I like it? That's the question you didn't ask me. I don't likr=e it because all four of them have worked really hard to get where they are in this industry. It is hard getting movies made, getting television made All four of them have been successful. I would like to see them get together and just squash this, and start making movies again. In the name of Rodney King, can we all just get along? Exactly. [INAUDIBLE] What are the folks on Facebook saying? Hey, my gosh Left and right, so Christina Marr said, she's shot herself in the foot, I don't think she'll recover from this. Francis Sharp says Monique is very unprofessional and not lady like at all. But, Madonna Brown says that's her truth and she has a right. Sweet Then says I believe she was hurt and this was her way to call them out, but you can't resolve anything in this way. R. Damon says her career was dying and needed a Buzz. But Leah Brinkley says, I think it was deeper than Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. I think it was about raging against the machine and the hamsters that run the machine. I respect her message. [BLANK_AUDIO]