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[BLANK_AUDIO] Right now my main focus is action so I'm excited. I'm developing Foxy Brown with Hulu as a TV show. Yes, I saw that. And she's another sexy character, if you will, she's very strong. What is it about that Foxy Brown that you're like, it's time for this to come back and make a stand? Is it The political climate we're in? Yeah, yeah it is. Because I keep you know I said to myself I composed all day long about Black Lives Matter I composed all day long about who's the next hashtags. Sorry that makes me really sad. I composed about I mean anything. But like what else can I do as an artist? How else can I use my platform? Other than just speaking. And for me, Foxy Brown is an opportunity to give people creative wish fulfillment. To have someone who is a vigilante for the people who are taken advantage of, who are struggling, who have nobody to have their back or to show up for them. That's me is what this character, this version of Foxy Brown in 2017, represent. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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