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The fact that you're having these feelings means you're good at your job. The minute you stop feeling for your clients means you need to go back to the farm. Not everyone in Iowa lives on a farm. [Music] I've always wanted to play a lawyer, and the show, we tell some really incredible stories about the justice system and people who find themselves caught in the justice system. I play Cameron Worth who is a defense lawyer. Who defends folks who find themselves in a system that is really unjust. A system that should assume in a sense but far too often assumes guilt and It feels really great and we have Katherine Heigl stars with [UNKNOWN] Hill, and [UNKNOWN] Walker, and Elliott Gould, the legendary Elliott Gould, and Steven [UNKNOWN]. It's an incredible cast, and so often on our show we'll have you asking is the person guilty or are they innocent? Should they be in jail or should they not? So we We see both sides of the case and so it's not about us, our right or at least taking sides but about showing you the humanity of both sides and encouraging you to engage critically. And we make you laugh too and there's some hot steamy sex scenes too. [SOUND] Excuse me? Something for everybody and there's something for everybody. Now if you were to be a lawyer for any of your Orange is the New Black characters, who would it be? I, people have been asking me that for the past few days. I think I would love to represent Suzanne Warren, aka Crazy Eyes, because I don't think she should be in jail. I don't either. I don't think she should be in jail. Interestingly, for the case, the person I'm defending tonight on the premiere of Doubt is someone who is schizophrenic. [INAUDIBLE] and who goes off his meds and commits a crime. People who are mentally ill should not be in prison. I believe that wholeheartedly. I think if Suzanne had had a better attorney it would have been able to. Express that to a jury, and or to a judge, and she would have been acquitted or in a different facility. So that I would want. [SOUND]
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