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[BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome to Essence Now. We are the only digital live show where black women come first. And you can watch us every Tuesday at 3 PM Eastern on Facebook and Essence.com. I'm your host, Makho Ndlovu. I mean, the one and only Lady Janelle Mon��e. Do you see the resemblance? Do you see it? I know it. I know you see it. Remember, you can talk to us at any time, using the hashtag #EssenceNow, and if you want to come on the show to sound off on topics with us live, you can just email us at EssenceNow@Essence.com. All right, it's time to get in on some of the week's buzziest topics, where we're either going to slay Throws a much needed shade. Now joining me in the studio are essence dot com assistant entertainment editor Sidney Scott appearing as Bob Ross that's very nice. Comedian and actress Michelle Baotou who is. Was dressed for Halloween as Marshmallow Man. And last but not least, we have black girl magic ballerina, Scotty Beam, who also moonlight as a digital producer and personality for Hot 97. Thank you so much for joining us in these costumes. I'm gonna have so much fun today. As I mentioned on the hot list, Kim Kardashian West Went all out for Halloween, rocking not one, not two, but three costumes over the weekend. However, there's one look in particular I got the social media streets accusing Mrs. West of you guessed it, cultural appropriation. The criticism came for the costume of Kim dressed up as the late Aaliyah in her Try Again video. LA girl crooked smile tweeted, legend. Or not. Aaliyah is a black woman and you're not. It's offensive and you shouldn't push this limit but okay, eye roll emoji. Panelists on the count of three. Was Kim K's Aaliyah costume a slayed or shade? One, two, three. Let's go hold them up hold them up. Slayed, shade, slayed. Okay Bob let's start with you. Tell me what you think. Okay, I think she slayed the costume. I get the concern, with her history of cultural appropriation. But she didn't do black face or anything like that. She just kept it simple with the outfit. Okay, marshmallow man, tell me why you're shading Aaliyah. Marshmallow woman. Marshmallow woman. An independent marshmallow woman. I know that's right. I mean, like you had said Mrs. Ndlovu, it's sort of this history of cultural appropriation where I'm just like you know, you married a black dude, you have half-black kids, can't you be somebody else? And I don't know why it's so annoying when Kim dresses up as somebody. Cuz she did Mrs. Kennedy. Remember that? Yes, I remember that. Yeah And I was like [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] It's ridiculous but you're making valid points. Do you know what I mean? It's annoying and I just feel like, also for Aaliyah, it's too soon. Right. I think it's too soon. Mm. Did you have a problem, marshmallow woman, with the, some people call it a brown face, they say that her face was perhaps a little darkened. Do you have an issue with that? I mean, in general, she's always that bronze. You know what I mean? She always has the self-tanning thing and eating lettuce out of a plastic container. Those are her go-tos. Okay. The world is watching you. Yeah, black girl magic ballerina- It's too soon! What do you think? I think she's been mimicking black women all her life. I mean all her life. She slayed the outfit. I love it. I thought it was a great get together. She really got every thing from that video. Which is dope. But She's annoying, Kim Kardashian is annoying. Anything that she does is annoying, so we are always annoyed by it, period. And I think that's the only reach, I think [INAUDIBLE] was reaching to complain about Something about her, but the outfit itself was dope. I liked the outfit. Do you think people are just hating because it's [INAUDIBLE]. Not hating, because she's been appropriating forever. But I mean we caught her out on everything, and she's been doing it forever. And since she's now been with a black man, she's with a black man. She has black have black kids, she now can tell people when to stop being races and when,,, Yes, she does that all the time, but let this child wear this outfit and shut the hell up.. She gonna do what she wanna do anyway. My question is can she name one Aaliyah song? No, she will not. No, she cannot. Okay, now let's check in with our girl Kayla, AKA Janet Jackson, to see what folks are seeing on social. Janet girl! Hey! What are they Saying I mean they're saying that she slayed the costume. All right so Oluci said I don't see a problem with it as long as she doesn't do black face. Makeba Hatcher said this girl can't do anything without it being a problem. I think she rocked it. Christine Norman says I get all the back story but we need to stop with the double standards. Quit giving $200 anger to $0.50 issues she said. [LAUGH] Amika Harris says black Twitter please become critics and lawyers that get paid cuz you all doing the most. She did well in my opinion, I knew the character without the black face being at it And by the way Kourtney dressed up as Michael Jackson right, the folks didn't have an issue with that right? Its Kourtney like nobody cares It's Kourtney so Kourtney gets a pass, nobody I don't see the costume so I don't know if I can pass Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO]

It’s nothing new to pay homage to our favorite icons during Halloween, but for Kim Kardashian the fun turned into a firestorm.

Kardashion paid homage to late singer Aaliyah and Twitter wasn’t having it. Folks went in on the TV personality with one user tweeting, “Kim Kardashian you do not have the right to dress up as Aaliyah so dust yourself off & try again.”

Kim’s costume left the internet divided, but our slayed or shade panel had a few thoughts about Kim’s Halloween look.