Is Kelly Rowland Thinking About Producing A 'Destiny's Child' Biopic?

With the success of BET's 'The New Edition Story',  we ask Kelly Rowland if she would ever consider a similar tell-all about Destiny's Child.

ESSENCE.COM Jan, 26, 2017
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[MUSIC] The New Edition story just came out. Mm-hm. And it's great, lots of buzz around it, do you think that you would ever want to do, or help guide, or produce, a Destiny's Child story in similar format? I don't know, that's something, it's not just my And it's other characters that are connected to it. So I respect everyone that's involved in your story. So it depends on how it's told. But Yeah we got a, we had a great story. We have a great story. We have a great story, but I- And I'm a Louisiana girl, so I feel super close to that story. [LAUGH] I feel so close to that story. Yeah, it's an incredible story, but it depends on all the characters that are connected to it. So, but yeah right now it's just not something that I don't, I haven't been thinking about. [MUSIC]