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[BLANK_AUDIO] Think you'll ever do reality TV? Never in my life. I salute you on that as well. [LAUGH] Yeah, I just don't think it's my thing. It's great for people who can really handle that. But just knowing that Real things are scripted just doesn't register to me. Hey, we're gonna put these two people who don't like each other in a restaurant, get them drunk and see what'll happen. I just think it's such a setup. And it's so unfair. And it allows young people to watch it and think that that's either what really goes down or what should go down. And I'm just like we're making a mockery of ourselves. You know what I'm saying? I feel like There's so many powerful women with real stories to tell who've been through real things, who are going through real things on those shows. Mm-hm. And instead, it's who are you fighting? And who's man are you having sex? Right. And who's, it's just the wrong things. And it's just making us look goofy, man. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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