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Not everyone loves the hash tag black girl magic as much as we do. Elle magazine's Linda Chavers, who is black, wrote that the hash tag perpetuates the myth of the strong black woman. Janenna, as you can see I have your cover here, you are our cover girl. 2016 class for black girl magic, yes, clap it up for her. I mean, clearly Elle magazine doesn't get it. What were your thoughts when you heard about this piece, Johnetta? I have to read it and I was so surprised to see the author of the actual piece follows me on Twitter. Oh really Because The piece is just the complete opposite of what I understand black girl magic to be. And I felt like maybe the writer isn't tapped into her black girl magic or doesn't have enough black women friends to surround her and point out what parts of her are magical, because I know that that's definitely a part of the process, but I don't know they really missed the mark. [Music]

What Does Johnetta Elzie Think of the #BlackGirlMagic Criticism?

Our February cover star stopped by ESSENCE Live to tell us why she things that some women take issue with the #BlackGirlMagic movement.