Beyond Hashtags: Alicia Garza Of Black Lives Matter On Turning Protest Into Change

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder, Alicia Garza discusses the importance of moving past hashtags and protest to make change a reality. She reminds us that change doesn't happen overnight; instead we have a long struggle in front of us. Check out the above clip.

ESSENCE.COM May, 03, 2017
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How do we know our protests are effective? [SOUND] Well the thing I think is important for us to understand is that change doesn't happen quickly. Change happens over a long period of time. If we were to even look at The civil rights movement. Most of what we hear are about things like boycotts and lunch counter sit-ins. But we don't hear is that the last period of civil rights really lasted over a span of 40 years. 40 years is how long it took for us to get a voting right to act. Forty years is how long it took for us to desegregate schools and restaurants and other public accommodations. And so when we look at this latest iteration of the movement, we should just be clear that we're four years in. And so we have to be prepared to be a part of a long struggle. At the same time, we could do a lot of different things to win important victories along the way. One of the things you mentioned, at the top of the show, which is making sure that you're in touch with your legislators and people who are making decisions on your behalf or currently under an administration That has blatantly said that they are deprioritizing accountability for police officers like this one who murdered a 15 year old in cold blood. And so we need to make sure, there's pressure being put. On Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and on the Trump administration to make sure that each and every person's life in this country is protected, upheld, and valued. [BLANK_AUDIO]