Is Graduation The Time To Protest? 

ESSENCE Live's "Slayed or Shade" panel discusses the recent incidents where students protested during graduation speeches, particularly Vice President Mike Pence at Notre Dame University and Betsy DeVos at Bethune Cookman University.

ESSENCE.COM May, 25, 2017
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Now finally while the month of May is usually a happy time for college students. Some are using their commencement ceremony to show what they're not here for literally. First Bethune-Cookman grads booed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos->> Yay.>> Like she hit a bad not at the Apollo and more. And recently the 2017 class of Notre Dame they straight walked out on Vice President Mike Pence as he was about to deliver his the keynote address. But we already know how Lani feels. Now panelists, what say you You didn't even get to count to three. Testing at the graduation the ultimate symbol of the hash tag stay woke, or is it plain old disrespectful? Wait a minute. Here we go, the signs are already up. Slayed slayed slayed slayed. I don't even have to get to, all right, I'll start with you Sydney in the middle, let's go. I mean Betsy doesnt know anything about education, she shouldn't have the job to begin with. She also showed up At a historically black college. Like, girl, like you're not about that life, so. Unless you don't like black people. And then like, Mike Pence is like. Who's even paying attention to Mike Pence? Like, bye. No thank you. Yeah, Jamal? Yeah, you pick two people who are very much against education, one who is grossly uneducated, and is leading the charge for education in this country. And you're inviting them to speak at schools with people who are just of voting age, who have a government in place that is against every single policy that's in their general interest. They have no reason to be for either one of these. Look at them walking. #staywoke I know that's right. Lana, you get the last word on this. The commencement is for the students. It's not the schools, so they should pick people that actually are for the students. So, I think the students have a right if they got upset. Yes, walk out, turn your back. The black people, we just turned our back, because we wanted our degrees. So yeah, we just gonna turn, yeah. They mailed them anyways. [CROSSTALK] That was just [UNKNOWN] smile. Yeah, cuz commencement is not for the school. It's for the students and for the families. So So they should feel comfortable with the speaker that they want, not what some lady just because y'all trying to make favor. And she don't even know what HBCU means. Exactly. Let's ask her. Tweet her. It should have had a hologram of Barack. So, Kayla, what are our Facebook friends saying, cuz I'm so proud of these students. I'm sure everyone else on Facebook. Slay, slay, slay. Everyone's slaying it. Mimi Livingston says slayed. Avion Branch says good for them for standing up for their beliefs. And Don Martin says, my daughter went to [INAUDIBLE] and cook [INAUDIBLE]. It s a good school they have the right to use their voices. [BLANK_AUDIO]