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[BLANK_AUDIO] Joining us now in studio is a man we've loved since the 90s, Larenz Tate. Hey Larenz. I gotta give you some love. Yes. [LAUGH] Larenz Tate just gave me a hug you all. He just gave me a hug. Okay, okay so we want to have some fun and see if you remember your classic films as well as we do in a little game we call, remember the lines. No. Here's how it works, we'll play the clip and then you have to see if you can finish the line. Got it? Okay. Okay? [LAUGH] Okay. The first one is from 1995s dead president. Okay. I know about pride but you got a mouse to feed. You got to lay a little cash on [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] stay the **** away from my family What did you say? Okay Larenz, what's your next line? I have to say [LAUGH] I don't, I'm gonna lose this game. Don't disappoint me right now., don't embarrass us. Come on. I'm gonna have to pass on this. I don't, what's the next line? Okay, well let's see what it was. [LAUGH] You heard me, damn it. I said stay the **** away from my family. Listen, I wouldn't have been able to say, I'm cussing on this, man. I can't- It's okay. We got the bleeps. Okay. We can hit you with a bleep. This is wild, dog. Why did you have to They have to keep on seeing me fall down the stairs as well, come on. That was the moment, I remember that part very well. Okay. Let's see what I can do. Okay, next you play Frankie Lineman in the classic Why do Fools Fall in Love? So let's see how well you remember the rest of this scene. Roll clip. Here he is, hurry. Mr. Mayor he's sick. What are we supposed to do? I owned it. No, no, it's okay, we don't football, we go out with you, we go out with you and I got here, all right? What was your next line? Listen, you all make this it is very difficult. Why are you doing this to me? Is this too hard? Yeah, that scene, cuz I don't know what happens next in that scene. I don't- Okay, let's see what the correct answer is. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I wrote the song with Herman and I know the high part. I can sing it. I can do it. I can, I promise. I can do it. I can, I promise. I can, I know the hype. I wrote this song with Herman. I know the hype. You remember that. My gosh. Now I do. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Okay, so it might get a little easier. Okay. The next one gave us some trouble though, okay? Okay. It was hard finding a scene where you weren't cursing up A storm. It must be Menace. But, yup, it's a movie we love. Menace of Society. So let's roll the clip and see what happens. Okay. Dog, dog, dog, Yo, dog. Let me get a dub of this [BLEEP], man. This is bad, man. Sh What is the line? All my menace to society [UNKNOWN] fans are gonna be so upset with me. Because they know the lines, and I need some help, I need some [INAUDIBLE], I need some help, what was that next line? We can't give him any help, can we? Nope. My God, it's killing me. So we just have to see what the line was, come on. ****, I don't give a ****. Man [SOUND] that, I'm selling these [SOUND] 59.95, spit it out Nig, Yes of course. The infamous [UNKNOWN] Okay, yes. I remember this, but that was selling the tape. He was just selling the tape. He was trying to get that money, he was trying to get his money up. Remember he was trying to sell the cheeseburger? He was always about the money. He wasn't trying to sell the cheeseburger, he was just trying to give it away. Hey. Money to give away. Anyone want a cheeseburger? [LAUGH]. Okay. And the last one is the classic romance. So, listen. Love Jones. We just celebrated. That's true. The 25th anniversary. The pressure. Go. Okay. Let's roll the clip. Okay. And do they call you daughter to the spinning posts of, or maybe queen of 10,000 moons. Sister to the distant yet rising star. IS you name hell no it has got to be. Yes. Of course I got it. We all like because Kori is even over there talking about so come one let's roll it. Distance yet rising star. Is your name Yimmie Ya? [BLANK_AUDIO] Hell no it's got to be [UNKNOWN] Yeah that's the smile he puts on your face child. Okay so just for fun do you remember any other lines from the poem you have to it's such a [INAUDIBLE]. Some of them. Yu know it's it's been a minute since I've done the palm Can you spit just a little bit for us right now Say baby can I be your slave. I gotta admit girl you Girl and I'm digging you like a grave. Just a little bit [LAUGH]. Just go my whole life. Wait we got to. [SOUND] We got to snap it out. Yeah snap it out [LAUGH]. Darius Lovehall. Okay and so why do you think Love Jones still resonates with people 20 years later? You know it was a universal story. It's really about love and romance. And I think that at the time that it had come out a lot people, Weren't used to seeing black people in love and black people vulnerable. And there was a certain sort of way that they spoke and how they lived. And how they saw life and what the prism that they looked through was a lot different than what you've probably seen with movies like Menace to Society or Dead Presidents, so it was really nice for us to do that movie and just like a great song it can stand the test of time. And that was so well crafted And people still love the movie. I can't believe it's been 20 years. 20 years, why do you look the same? [LAUGH] That's the real question. I give that to my mother and father, the genetics. My my mom and pop still look very young. But just trying to do my best to stay young at heart. And that always helped. But listen, I appreciate All of the Love Jones fans and all of the support that we've had over the years. Myself, Via and the rest of the casts, and the director. We're very proud of that movie. Yes. We love it too. But, we do want to know, is there any behind the scenes tea, or like something like moments that you can share that we don't know? We just always, we just had a great time. We did the movie in Chicago, my home town. And it was just like so weird to go back to. Go back to Chicago to do a movie like this here. It was underworld of this poets and intellects that you know I wouldn't even know where of until we started doing a movie. But there's no T, everybody got along very wealth. We had a great time. Bill Bellamy is a close friend of mine. Isiah Washington. Neo. Everybody. Tate Welcher, who cracked it like I said an amazing script and his direction, which is beautiful. It actually has become a classic. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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