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[BLANK_AUDIO] In the words of our girl, Tamar, the lies you tell. That's what many Americans are saying after President Trump continues to deny the truth or plain make up stuff. There was his tweet on Monday that russia had no influence over the election, never mind the fact that James Comey had just testified that they in fact did. Then there's the bold face insistence that Obama wire tapped him, again no proof of that. And then there's the dump stuff he says just for kicks Now according to a New York Times article Trump one slide. Get this, get this! About his tiles and Mar-a-go Club being made by Walt Disney himself. Seriously? Seriously! Are like our new President, we can't make this stuff up, but unfortunately all this line could be bad for our brains. According to politico: 'When we are in an environment headed by someone who lies,so often,something frightening happens. We stop reacting to the liar as a liar. His lying becomes normalized. We might even become more likely to lie ourselves' [BLANK_AUDIO]