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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Makho Ndlovu, and today on Essence Now, day 26 is here to talk about their 10 year reunion tour and what their relationship with Diddy is like now. Rotimi is looking mighty sexy in our steam room. Yep, we're going there with the power star. To find out what he really likes in the bedroom. But right now it's time for the hotlist, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Congratulations are in order for rapper Sole and Professor Griff of Public Enemy. The happy couple shared a photo of their wedding day on Instagram. The [UNKNOWN] with the caption. Mr and Mrs. Shah. 8.27.17 number nine. But here is the question a lot of people have. What happened to Januan? Well in case you missed it, Januan and Sole divorced in 2015 after 12 years of marriage and the two remain in good terms Ginuwine even clapbacked at an Instagram troll in April of this year saying Sole and I are friends forever and much better that way. She is an amazing woman, and I wish her and Griff nothing but love and happiness in their life and marriage. Her and I have two daughters that we are proud to share, and this woman. Has always had by back. [MUSIC] Finally, police have made an arrest in the Charlottesville beating of Deandre Harris, 18 year old Daniel Borden was charged with malicious wounding and Charlottesville Police say they also have an arrest warrant out for another man in the assault. You'll remember Deandre was attacked by a mob of white supremacists in a parking lot just outside of a police station during the United the Right rally earlier this month. He suffered a broken wrist, a chipped tooth and had to receive eight staples in his head. [MUSIC] We're all praying for our friends and family in Houston as the city faces historic flooding and braces for even more rain due to Hurricane Harvey Thousands of people have been rescued and according to some reports, the city could get four feet of rain. Four feet by the time the storm is over. What's even worse is scientists say more cities could experience catastrophic weather events, just like this one, more often. Climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe explains climate change this way. As the world warms, evaporation speeds up. So on average there's more water vapor for a storm to sweep up and dump now compared to 70 years ago. All right, we want you to sound off on today's viewer poll. Do you believe in climate change? Send us your votes using #ESSENCENOW, because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, August 29th, and it's time for Essence Now. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Now. I'm your hostess with the mostest, Makho Ndlovu. Now, don't forget to chime in during today's show. We love hearing from you. So, send us your comments, and questions, anytime, using the #EssenceNow Or by emailing us at EssenceNow@Essence.com. All right, so as I mentioned in today's Hot List, hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage in the greater Houston area. With at least five people reported dead, more than a dozen injured, and an estimated 30,000 displaced! Here to talk about how natural disasters like This specifically effect black and brown communities as Christina Coleman essence.com senior news and culture editor. Christina welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Pleasure. Now we hear the term climate change quite a bit, but some folks may not understand what that is. Can you explain what climate change is? Yeah. And the Most simplest term, it just means that it's the change of historic weather, right? So, the weather we have in place is changing. The problem is that we, us, humans are doing things like driving cars, and burning gas and oil and heating up our homes and in turn we're putting that gas in to the air. And we are heating up our planet. And so, it's doing a rapid pace of more intensified pace and what it does change the weather. And we look at Hurricane Harvey which turned into a tropical storm. It is climate change. When we look at Harvey, that is climate change. Now how does climate change specifically affect black and brown communities [UNKNOWN] This one before we even go there I think we should talk about the shame that surrounded Houston and people not evacuating. And I think we need to look at how floods and this unprecedented weather we're experiencing affects black and brown people. People were wondering well, why didn't you get out? That's a good question, why didn't they get out? Why don't people evacuate? Because they don't have the financing to do so. Okay. And so when you talk about these storms, that they knew Houston was coming. They knew that a hurricane like Harvey, or a tropical storm like Harvey would hit Houston at some point. It's the 500, it's the third 500-year flood to hit Houston, right. and what happens is that policymakers, lawmakers, they know this. Areas that are hit the hardest by climate change like Louisiana and Houston have large, large populations of black and brown people. And the lawmakers in those areas refuse to acknowledge Climate change and in turn, they hurt communities of color because- I'm so glad you brought that up, carry on. No, go ahead. Black people, brown people, poor people are the ones that are hit the hardest by that because they can't get out. And it's really a shame that the policymakers who are living or representing these These states and these areas can't believe in climate change enough to save their people. Well let's stay there for a second and let's talk about those policy makers. Cuz we've heard our President, Trump, refer to it as a Chinese hoax, right? I know, sigh, big sigh. [LAUGH] So is he referring to that as top leaders and politicians that may not belive in climate change. Climate change. What can we do as just regular citizens to affect change. Yeah, so it'd be interesting to know, I don't know what the percentage of black and brown people if they even believe in climate change, but I think we need to look at environmental racism when we talk about climate change. That's just one aspect of it. It's the reason why one in six African American children have Asthma is the reason why, I think it's, 40% of African-Americans are breathing more dioxide than our white counterparts. Or why there are more refineries or truck depots and things that affect our health in areas where we live. Wow. Yeah. That's incredible. Yeah. So it means that in those areas those deposits of Environmental stuff that is in our neighbourhood- Yes. Causing our children [UNKNOWN] Look at floods. We talk about environmental racism, we are also talking about [UNKNOWN] and water and [UNKNOWN]. How is this affecting black and brown people? And so we have to start looking at distinction violence against us. This is not just police brutality. Yeah. Or not just systemic racism The racism that keeps us out of school and out of housing, but it also makes us sick. It's the environmental racism component as well. Now let's switch gears, let's talk about the Paris Climate Agreement, right? Which President Trump, 45 pulled us out of. What does that mean for us as a country though? Cuz we read about it but it's like what does that mean for me? It's hard to say, so the Paris Climate Accord was supposed to help us reduce carbon pollution globally. Trump pulled us out of that, I'm not sure what it's going mean for America, but I know what it's going to mean for black and brown people. Because we are the ones who stand to be Affected by that the most. Yeah. But he has shown time and time again that he doesn't care about our communities. His reasoning for doing that was to put America first. My gosh. Right? But we know what Americans he's talking about when he says put America first. First. Right, so, closing out, we have to talk about those people that are like, you know what, I have bread and butter issues, I have educational issues, I have other issues. I don't really view the environment as a priority. What would you say to them< It's important, it is. I think It's almost obvious that it's important. Our health is important and when you look at what we face as black and brown people, whether that's the diseases that we're more prone to having, it's because of what we're exposed to. Yeah. It's because we've been pushed to these areas and we don't have the resources to get out and we don't have the people lobbying for us and protecting us in those policy areas. And so it needs to be a top priority as we resist. Yeah, as we resist, that is amazing. As we resist. Christina, thank you so much for joining us. All right, we're still taking your votes for today's viewer poll question, which is simply this, do you believe in climate change? Use #ESSENCENOW to vote A for yes or B for no. And we'll read the results later on the show. Now let's check in with our girl, Kayla, who is combing social media for your comments. Hey, Kayla. Hey. What are folks saying? Okay, so people are weighing in with their thoughts and their prayers, sending them to Houston. Courtney Williams says, yes, climate change is real. Peachy Warren says yes. Jonathan Whitsett says yes. Amy Smith says, it must be horrible to have everything just smacked away, to go from a home to a shelter with thousands of other people. How sad to have nothing left. Even though it's just material things, it's still a very sad moment. Nikki Jones says, thanks for your prayers. I'm in Houston, and it's really bad. Aw, wow, Nikki, we're praying for you. Coming up, the fellows of Day 26 are here and we're going to find out what they've been up to since their Making the Band Days. But first, it's getting a little hot in here as power star Rotini steps into the Steam Room. Ooh. Hot chocolate in the house. Which part of a woman's body turns you on the most? Mm, I'd say, I'd say the ****. If it's like a good palm-worthy amount. Is a big turn on. What's the sexiest place to make love. The sexiest place I've ever made love was on top of a mountain in Alabama, and we would have died if we moved five inches to the left, five inches to the right,it was like at the edge of a cliff And it was just the most passionate thing, so I'll say that. What's the best compliment you've ever received from a woman? That I'm very attentive, that I pay attention. And I'm very, very passionate, and I'm just really good at what I do. That's probably the best one I heard. We see you. How can a woman seduce you? Confidence, you got to be really confident and you just got to do sometime without being told I think that's very sexy. What's your favorite song to make love to? My favourite song Don't get mad, it's probably my song anything goes because I think the connection that it's my song and such a sexy song turns her on and then turns me on, and she's turned on, and we both turned on, and it's just nasty. What's something sexy you'd whisper into a woman's ear? I think the sexiest thing during sex you could say is, Look at me. Look me in my eyes. Look at me. And nothing that's probably sexy. That connection right there is a different type of connection. So, what do you wear to bed? Nothing. God bless your boy, you know what I'm saying? I freak out mine to the core now, you know what I'm saying? I don't wear nothing to bed so, yeah. [SOUND] Light's on or off? It doesn't matter. I'd rather you see what's going on. I'd rather you see what's happening to you. You know what I mean? I'd rather you see the looks, the vibes, where my hands are, all that. So lights on [INAUDIBLE], it don't matter. You choose. Blow our readers a kiss. Okay, tell me [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC] Ooh, it's getting hot in here. [MUSIC] You all crazy. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hi Hi! My name Nom Samon Battha all the way from South Africa and you are watching Essence Now. You're watching Essence Now. I'm Makho Ndlovu and our next guest are celebration their 10 year anniversary in music. You first got to know. You know them from a little show called Making the Band, please welcome Day26 to Essence Now. What's up guys? Before we start, I'm clearly so excited you're here but for the fans that might have forgot, please introduce yourselves. We'll start with Willie. Willie Taylor Robert Curry. The one and only Brian Angel. Big Mike. And Q. The bad is here. Yeah. So what have you guys been up to since we last saw you? Just working. We had took a break and we was doing our own solo endeavors, man. I was doing acting and writing for other artists and just keeping my crowd going. And then we Ten years actually just flew. How difficult was it? What were some of the challenges that you faced doing solos time versus when you were in a group? Well you know, these are some animals on stage and the studio- Are they? [UNKNOWN], men just amazing artists in itself. So just being up by yourself and knowing that you don't have the comfort of the left and right side guy It's very difficult. So I feel like with us getting back on stage together, I feel like it's gonna be magical and the fans are definitely there to encourage it and keep us moving. That's exciting. So a little birdie on the street told me you're working on a new album. Is that right? Yes. Yeah, you look like you want to speak on it, go on Q. You want to tell me about that? We're definitely working on something for the top of the year. We got like five songs out right now and we're just building and trying to create a better sound. I fee like our sound is unique and it's already dope. So we're just trying to [UNKNOWN] What we already started. Okay, so what can we expect, any collaborations- Definitely. Yeah? Definitely. Okay, Brian, speak on it. Definitely, I mean, we like to share the love, spread the love. We're definitely, collaborations on the album. We're working with a lot of new, up-and-coming producers and writers. We're also writing as well. So this album will definitely be Day 26 but it will be a more mature Day 26. And Day 26 We grown out here. Very good. Yeah, we grown. We grown. We all grown. I'm [INAUDIBLE] right now. You are feeling a little bit under the weather. So thank you for powering through this interview. He did. Yeah. He pushed through, right? I love it. I learned that. Hey, what's up? What's going on? Are you gonna be working with Diddy on this album? No, this is gonna be completely just Day26 and us working it. And we incredibly talented guys in ourselves. So The best thing for us right now, which is to be independent and just do it and just show the world exactly who we are versus them being able to stamp somebody else for the success of Day26. So, Mike, I feel like you want to tell me what your relationship is like with Diddy now. Our relationship has never changed. Like I said, he [UNKNOWN] tour. And he came out to the city. Whenever we see him there's no love lost or anything like that. We always Have a good time and other than that, we see each other by passing and just So the relationship just [CROSSTALK] We got day 26 and bad boy so it's like once you're a bad boy, you're a bad boy forever. Yeah, so, Robert, a lot of fans think in social media that being signed with Diddy harmed you a little bit. What are your thoughts on that? I think that's ludicrous. Because, first of all, at the end of the day I can go anywhere in the world right now. He can go anywhere in the world right now. And any of these guys can go anywhere in the world right now. And they know our name. Mm. And they know our face, and that's something you can't pay for. Yeah. Mm-hm. Right. And so for me that's what the situation gave me. And I wouldn't change it for nothing. So no, they're not with me anyway. I don't know if they feeling different, but I'm straight. Yeah. Right. [LAUGH] That's what people think so right now, Right. now days. Right. Yeah. It's like this- Yeah, It's like, it's like he I don't mean to stop you but- No go ahead. He creates a platform and what you do with that it's up to you. The doors are endless. He didn't close the door, he opened the door. And what you do with your talent is up to you. You can't be lazy with it, of course you have to work hard so that you continue to climb walls and open doors so that your career can be longevity. I love it. So, I was actually watching the show on YouTube last night. It's it's amazing. Still years later it's still amazing. So Q, going back and reflecting on the show is there anything you would have done differently when you watch the episodes now? Of course. Yeah. What would you have done differently? I definitely wouldn't have argued as much as I argue with my brothers. Now that I'm more mature and I've done a lot of growing up, I was way younger, I look back on it and reflect and I say Man, I wish I wasn't so loud. Or I wish I wasn't just pointing my finger at everyone, but it's a learning lesson. And I don't regret it, I just wish I was a little more quieter [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's all part of the growth. And I tell you, listen, Brian had your back so many times. So what is your relationship, one of the things that we saw on the show, was your relationship Obviously with Dawn. Yeah. What is your relationship with Dawn like now? Well, we don't talk. But she is a phenom artist. I appreciate she' doing very, very well. We just had two different careers and our careers are taking over so that we don't have the opportunity to talk anymore like we used to. But I'm pretty sure If we saw each other it would be all love. Well, here's hoping that you'll reconnect. Now, Willie, we saw you on Love & Hiphop, right? Uh-huh. And you struggled with a little bit of infidelity and that. Do you regret showing that on TV? Or was that part of the process? Of course. I mean of course there was nothing planned for me. I guess To me, ratings are ratings and people are gonna do what they're gonna do, which is one of the reasons I didn't return this season. Is that right? Yeah, just taking a break. I would like more scripted television. [LAUGH]. More controlled environment. Yes. Because I'm on a mission. You know what I mean? Yeah. And on that mission I don't have no time for no things like that. And I feel like. I feel like the way they played it was just kind of, it was kind of- Now you know how I felt in Making the Band. No, no, no, it was, no, no. [LAUGH] Now he's feeling it. No, no, it wasn't that. No, it was just they allowed so many lies to come that it was like okay, cool. So if we're gonna talk about what it is let's talk about what it is versus talking about I really don't know this girl like that. So About, we're talking about 12 years of just a baby dad or something like that, you know, so for that as you mean, I didn't really rock with it like Okay, and so how are things with your wife now? Beautiful. Yeah, she's opening up for you, is that right? Exactly. How exciting is that? Beautiful. The kids will be there, they'll be watching, you know, so it'll be exciting for them to see their parents on stage like that. So exciting to see you guys here. Now we're going to have some fun and we're going to see what you remember from making the band. Are you game? Yeah. Here's how it works. You each have 20 seconds on the clock to answer as many questions about making the band and whoever gets the most correct answer, wins! And just to keep things interesting, these are questions from all the seasons of Making the Band. Not just your season. Okay. You got it? Uh-huh. Okay. Yeah. I am a Making the Band expert. Expert. Expert. Let me see. Let's see. I don't know about- Let's see. [INAUDIBLE] Group. Willy, we're gonna start with you. Let's go. Which Making the Band members got Bad Boys solo deals or deals outside of their initial groups? Donnie Klang? No, No? I don't see that. All right, so the answer is Dawn, Nes, Babs and Chopper. Yeah. Okay, let's go to the next one, which cast member has starred on the most reality shows. Aubrey? That's right. She's been on seven shows. All right, last question, what was the name of Danity Kane's first single? [SOUND] Time's up, time's up, you were so close! Show stopper. [CROSSTALK] I got one You get half for that, he was there. I get half, for this. Okay so, Cue, you have 20 seconds on the control room please I'm gonna read them as fast as possible so you can get as many of them right. Okay. All right And go. On Making the Band who had to walk from Manhattan? What did you have to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn? What time did you have to get? [UNKNOWN] All right, ding ding, right. What sound did Laurieann Gibson make to count steps in choreography? Boomkack. Hey, what was the name of the den mother who said to whip Danity Kane into shape? What was the name of the Den Mother sent to whip Danity Caine into shape? I don't know. All right. What was the name of the first group from MTV's Making the Band franchise? [SOUND] The Band. No. O-Town. O-Town, yeah I forgot about that. Awesome, times up. But you got two right, you got two right. So what, they tie? The Den Mother's name just for the record was Jason Diva Williams. Jason Diva Williams. Yes. Divas has [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Yeah. [LAUGH] Up next is Big Mike. I'm next. Okay let me get my [CROSSTALK] Twenty seconds. You wanna stand up? No, I'm good, I'm good. Okay, and all right. What was the name of the recording studio where you recorded your debut album? [UNKNOWN] Yay, which Making the Band member fell into some bushes after a night of too much partying? [LAUGH] Robert. [LAUGH] How long did they give you to finish your debut album? Three days. Uh-uh Five weeks is the correct answer. Name all members of the band. Chopper, Ness, Sarah, Babs and Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Time's up. Time's up. But you. I got them all in. But you did say Sarah. Yeah. Fred. Up next is Robert. Control room 20 seconds, please. You know what to do. All right. Which Making the Band contestant was directly affected by Hurricane Katrina, losing her home and her mom's dance studio? Ron. Bully, Robert. I said it. You said it. Okay. Which Making the Band Contestant better became known for spitting that hot fire? Dylan Dilinjah? That's right. Which member [INAUDIBLE] Which member clapped back at Diddy during rehearsal [SOUND] and almost ruined his chances of making fame? [UNKNOWN]. That's right. Times up. You got three. Yay. [CROSSTALK] I'm sorry, I thought it was you. [LAUGH] It's all right, it's all right. [CROSSTALK] And last, but not least- Yay, they saved the best for last. That's right, Brian. Let's get it. I'm gonna turn this way, go ahead. You gonna turn this way? But we can't see you, so you gotta turn that way. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ready set goal. [UNKNOWN] parasailing in the Bahamas. Mike. No. Robert. Robert. [UNKNOWN] go by? Yung City. That's right. During the making of the band finale episode, what's the song you all took turns singing? Perfectly Blond. Exclusive? Exclusive. And I won! Which Jersey Shore, which Jersey Shore, times up. I won. Congratulations! Which Jersey Shore? Robert won. Okay, so the Which Jersey Shore cast member did Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane date? Pauly D. Pauly D. Yes. That was so much fun. Yes, it was. Thanks for being good sports and coming by. Now, remember to catch Day26 on a tour. In the city near you. More Essense Now is up next. Thank you guys Thank you Thank you so much Thank you [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Now. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. Its time for our Black girl magic salute. Which this week goes to, Sasha Alston. The 19-year-old college student decided to share her love for coding by writing a children's book entitled. Sasha Tech Savvy, Loves to Code. The book followed the journey of a 10 year old girl on her way to coding camp with friends. Sasha funded the books through Kickstarter and reached her goal of $5000 in just four days. Go ahead Sasha, keep up the great work. Remember you can watch even more inspiring stories like this in our original Black Girl Magic docuseries at Essence.com/BlackGirlMagic Okay before we head out let's check in one more time to see what you are saying in social. Hey Kayla. Hey, how is it going? So we asked earlier on the view of [INAUDIBLE] in light of the Houston flood and other extreme weather events do you believe in climate change, a yes, b no, a lot of people sending their prayers up to the people of Houston, Christine [INAUDIBLE] vote for But they believe in climate change now. Talia Reuben, Tamisha Spavone, Candice Place, everyone's just voting yes, yes, yes all the way through. Shout out to the viewers too who loved their Steam Room with Rotimi, and Teyana Barnes who also played the game with us with Day 26. Yeah, those stories coming out of Houston are really heartbreaking. Okay, it's time to see the results of today's viewer poll. In light of what's happening with extreme weather events like what we've seen in Houston, we asked you, do you believe in climate change? And here's how you voted. 99% say yes. Guys, climate change is so real and it. And it's effecting us, and it's just so awful. [SOUND] Wow. Thanks to Day26 and all of today's guests for coming through. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all our videos. Remember to tune in next week for an encore edition of one of our most Popular Essence Now episodes, and that was our kitchen table talk about marriage. It featured DJ Envy and his wife Gia getting real honest about overcoming infidelity. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. That's right here, next Tuesday, at 3 PM Eastern. I'm Makho Ndlovu, and I hope you have a wonderful And restful Labor Day weekend, bye. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

On this week’s episode of ESSENCE Now, Day 26 talks moving past Bad Boy, “Power” star Rotimi talks about his love and relationship style, and we discuss the historic floods in Houston.