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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hey, hey you are watching Essence live and it is the holiday season, it is well underway and the December issue of Essence magazine has over 100 gift ideas. For just about anyone in your family, joining me in studio is Essence's Tanya Christian who worked on putting this together this fabulous gift guide this year, welcome. Thank you. You look fabulous, I like this color that you have. Thank you. Now there's a lot of goodies sitting here in the table. Yes. What makes our gift guides special? What's nice about the Essence gift guide is we feature all black owned companies. So everything here, a black owned business produced it all All right, so you're doing good? Are you getting some good? [LAUGH] So we have several categories this year and I'm going to start here with this beauty, what lady doesn't love a little beauty in her stocking stuffer. Tell me about this first gift. So this is an eye shadow pallet. Mm-hm. a 120 shadows by Julia Ren Cosmetics. That's a 120 120 under $30 so it can also be a stocking stuffer. That's a good bargain. Yes, and it's neutral shades so anyone could use it. It works well for all, of course, our skin tones the best. Yes. That is perfect. Okay. All right, I kinda want, I may have to swipe that from the table after this one. [LAUGH] And our second category My second favorite as a Louisiana girl, food! What do we have? So we have Caribbean sauces and what's nice is you can bring a little Caribbean flair into the kitchen no matter where you are. If you don't really know what you're doing. I can't cook Caribbean food. No no, that's fine, cuz these are gonna help us out. This will help. Yes, help me fake and bake. Jerk, barbecue, everything. Nice, nice, and you have some options. I love a good option too. And our third category is say it. Now, what is exactly is a say it category? So say it is pretty much black inspiration. Okay. So, we have quote pillows, and a stay woke jacket, a notebook that helps you get through the 2017 calendar year. Nice. Okay, and so what is our selection for the Say It category? This is a black girl magic pendant necklace. Yeah, it's black girl magic. Yes. This is super cute, what's the price point for this one? That is $125. Okay, that's great. So it's a nice piece of jewelry. Absolutely. And of course you're saying it with your chest. Right, exactly. Who doesn't like to do that? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And another great thing about the holidays, it brings everyone home. Some people are moving, some people are just going home to visit family. So what gift do we have for our home category? We have the Obama collectors edition essence book. Yeah. Heart the Obama's. We're all gonna miss them, but what's nice is that this can live on your coffee table forever. Fabulous, fabulous. Number five. We're going to keep it moving right along. Something for the ladies. What is this?>> Well headwraps are so trending right now, so we have a selection of headwraps from the Wrap Life.>> Okay.>> They're gorgeous, different prints and patterns and I mean for $26 I mean you can't beat that.>> I love it. And you don't have to have a lot of hair in order to use these. I'm a baldy and I love my headwraps Especially when I have a bad hair day? I feel like I can't get to the barber? [LAUGH] So, this is for everyone. [LAUGH] And what do we have for him? Which I'm kinda eyeing for me, too. Yes. So this is a leather army fatigue jacket, it's beautiful. What's nice is that The man in your life is gonna love this. Definitely [CROSSTALK] take it. It's like one of those gifts, it's a little on the pricier side. Okay. So make sure he was acting right for the year before you purchase this. [LAUGH] What's the price point? So this is $1,079. Okay, but it's real leather. It is real leather. It's cute. And if you don't keep the man you can keep the jacket, take it back. Absolutely. I'm just saying. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And last but certainly not least, what is this for the kids? Cuz this is a cool gift. As an adult I would I want this. Yes, so this is from the Rad Black Kid. Okay. And it's a long board, it's a skateboard. A lot of kids are into it but even if they're not, this is an entryway, they'll love it. This is super cool. And it's kinda Classic. It has like a little retro sheet [UNKNOWN] with it it does And what's the price one for the skateboard? So, this is 250. Okay, nice, nice. This are all great gifts. And they're all colorful, it makes a lot of sense They do. They're practical. Which is what I really love. So thank you so very much. All right. Well ESSENCE Live family, here it is. A table full of unbelievably great gifts. Anyone would be more than happy to receive this year. Thank you so much, Tanya, for coming by. Thank you for having me. You can come back anytime girl. All right. Hit us up on our Facebook page and let us know which gift you like the most. More ESSENCE Live is up next. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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