Let's Discuss All The Black Girl Magic That Took Over Met Gala 2017

ESSENCE's Senior Relationships and Lifestyle Editor Charli Penn goes over all of the Black Girl Magic that was on display at this year's Met Gala! From Solange's epic dress moment to Rihanna's Comme des Garcons creation, we are still in awe!

ESSENCE.COM May, 03, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Can we talk about all the black girl magic that was on display at this year's Met Gala. It is even possible to give out a best dressed honor. Kerry, Tracy, and Solange all took chic to a whole new level. Meanwhile, Serena stunning on them in that emerald green gown with her beau. And her baby bump. But our girl Rihanna, girl, simply gorgeous. We see you RiRi. Did you see the photos Kayla? Yeah, did you? Okay quick top three. Rihanna because she looks like a human flower. Is that serious? And no one else can pull that off, only Rihanna could pull that off- I know, and I expected her to go big, or And she went big! She went big. [LAUGH] That's the place to do it. Okay [UNKNOWN] cuz she wore that trench coat dress. Okay. The Ralph Laurence trench coat dress. [UNKNOWN] trench coat dress. It was long, it was dramatic, and it was just flowing to the floor, to the end of the stairs. Like Beyonce ring the alarm. remember that? Yes. Okay, and number three? That's what it was. Laura Osnes, who's a broadway actress, and she wore this Christian Siriano gown and it was pink. It was flowy. It was like the inside of the flower and it was so beautiful. That was cute. It was stunning. She killed that. But can we talk about my girl La La please. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. La La Anthony we know that she's going through some things right now in the news. We know what's happening. Yes is, yeah. She came out and she came to slay. It was like Black lace shears- Yeah. Spider web- Yeah. Almost kind of, look, I don't know what you call it. I loved it. It was pure drama. It was just based- It was just drama and fierce and her hashtag, I mean her caption on the photo- Yeah yeah. Unbreakable. There we go. Kayla. [BLANK_AUDIO]