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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm so over getting a bikini wax and having to shave my hair downstairs. What are the side effects to having laser hair removal on my vagina? Signed Bald Eagle in Slidell, LA. [LAUGH] Well, all right. Louisiana's [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. I will start by saying it is safe to remove unwanted hair from the bikini region, but you just wanna make sure that you're finding a qualified physician or qualified provider. So, you wanna make sure that they are well educated, you wanna make sure it's sanitary and you also wanna make sure they're using the right laser for your skin. So ask the right questions. If you're African American ask them, what type of laser are you going to use and then research that type of laser to make sure it's appropriate for your skin tone. And also ask them if they work with a lot of African American people. And, but the question, and in general you always want to know the side effects. So potentially you can have changes in the color of the skin, so it can get lighter or darker. And then, there is always the risk of infection, swelling, redness, bruising- things like that. Hmm So also pregnant women, I want you to remember this. We don't really have a lot of Evidence that it's safe for the fetus. So I would tell pregnant women to stay away from that procedure because it's cosmetic and it's just not worth the risk. Is there anything that you should do to prep for that procedure before you get it done? Outside of research, is there anything that you could physically do? I would say mainly just The research and prepping, yeah. So knowing what you're gonna get. Yes, know who you're going to. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Is It Actually Safe To Get Laser Hair Removal 'Down There?'

In this segment of ESSENCE Now's "Health Myths Busted" panel, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, Dr. Drai and Dr. Nita Landry discuss the safest steps to bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal.