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[BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Sanders was just elected to leadership in the Senate, so he is leading up the outreach effort, he has a new book out. And I think Bernie is gonna continue to be around for a really long time. But I wanna remind folks that Senator Sanders Coalalition in this Champaign was not about him, it was about the people. That is the heart of the political revolution. So regardless of what Bernie decides to do we have to keep pushing on for the issues that we care about. And that's what I'll be doing. Do you want Senator Sanders to run against the next presidential election? You know, I think we have to ask Senator Sanders. To be frank, the Democrats do not have a clear presidential candidate for 2020 right now. But I remind folks, four years before 2008 people didn't think of Barack Obama as the candidate that we would Run and will become President of the United States. So the leader, the next leader, President of the Democratic party probably hasn't even burst on the scene just yet. We've got a couple years to figure that out. But before 2020, there are gubernatorial races, there's Senate races, congressional races, mayor's races. So I want folks to So remember that there's 2017, 2018 before we can even think about 2020. [BLANK_AUDIO]