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Italian authorities are searching for answers in the deaths of 26 Nigerian women. Most of them were between 14 and 18 and their bodies were recovered at sea. According to reports, investigators believe that the women may have been sexually assaulted and murdered as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea along with 375 others, all of whom were believed to be traveling by way of people-smuggling gangs. Now these gangs reportedly charge about $6,000 each, with many of them migrants claiming that their subjected to sexual abuse, torture, and other violence during the trips. Cynn Odiah wrote on Facebook, "This hurts my soul. It's been so bad that these people feel the need to leave their country risking their lives for an attempt for a better life. Prayers" [BLANK_AUDIO]

Following the mysterious deaths of 26 Nigerian women and girls, who were found at sea near Italy, authorities have confirmed that two arrests have been made.

The men — Al Mabrouc Wisam Harar of Libya and Mohamed Ali Al Bouzid of Egypt — were arrested and charged in Italy. According to The Guardian, the two are accused of organizing and trafficking at least 150 people on two boats.

Police suspect the women found were sexually assaulted and murdered. Prosecutors have not made a direct link between the men and the deceased women, the Guardian writes.

Another 53 people are believed to be missing from the sunken boats. An investigation continues.


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