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[MUSIC] Today on Essence Live. Tracee Ellis Ross. I am so fan-girling over here. Plus Ray J dishes on his new tv show and how he was finally able to put his bachelor past behind him. And are waist trainers really a thing now? I'm gonna find out in our new series, Fad or Fabulous. But right now, it's the HOT LIST, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [SOUND] Diddy is making some serious move this week. Not only has he conquered music, fashion, acting, beverages and more. But now the Fearless Mobile is opening his own charter school. The Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School is currently accepting applications for staff and for six and seven graders. <> [MUSIC] While the rest of us were praying for a speedy recovery for singer Kelani after she attempted suicide this week, Chris Brown decided to do some really dumb ish, instead. I mean, really, Chris? He tweeted, there's no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing sh for sympathy So them comments under your pics don't look so bad. #KyrieMVP and, they look like they have stank sex. Incase you missed it rumors were swilling that Kehlani tried to take her own life after after being caught cheating on NBA player Kyrie Irving with PartyNextDoor. This is all alleged okay, no facts. Moral of the story, whether you think she did it for attention or not, come on Chris, act like you got some damn sense. And Kilani, we hope you get well soon. [MUSIC] And speaking of being shady boos, did he or didn't he release the video. That's the question everyone was asking Los Angeles Laker DeAngelo Russel, at a press conference on Wednesday D'angelo has been ostracized by many of his teammates after a video leaked that he secretly recorded a fellow Laker, Nick Young, talking about being with other women during his engagement to Iggy Azalea. D'angelo told reporters he feels quote Sick over the entire incident, and will work hard to regain his team's trust. Now, whether Iggy Azalea will forgive Nick Young for stepping out on her remains to be seen. [SOUND] Ok, this little girl is who I want to be when I grow up. Not only did eleven year old Mikaila Ulmer secure a sixty thousand dollar investment on Shark Tank for her lemonade company. But now her product will be sold in fifty-five Whole Foods stores Mikaila, can I come work for you? Mikaila started Bee Sweet Lemonade in 2009 based on her great-grandmother's recipe and uses honey instead of sugar so she can support beekeepers. She recently told NBCBLK and I quote I worked on the The business after school, after I do my homework, and on weekends and during spring breaks. There are not many times when I feel stressed. Go Michaelea. And seriously, can I come work for you. And speaking of black girls who rock the awards show that honors black women and girls is Back for it's 10th anniversary and we've go it toast in our personal girl crush, live and in studio next is Tracee Ellis Ross. It's Thursday, March 31st and ESSENCE LIVE starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. Today's show is gonna be popping. [LAUGH] And we always want to hear from you so don't be shy. Hit us up on social media using the #Essencelive to join in the conversation. And if you'd like to call in live to ask questions of our celebrity guests and you always do, you can. Just email us at from what Z feels. Okay so, here we go. In studio with me now is everyone's girl crush, my girl crush as well, and this year's host of black girls rock, airing April 5th on BET, Tracey Ellis Ross. Thank you Do you like my loud whisper? Tracey Ellis... I like your loud whisper. I like your orange lips and the way it's like a different shade of orange on the nails. You've got a really good Story going on. Thank you thank you, I'm trying I'm trying. You're so welcome. You're so welcome, what. Hair flip with Tracee Ellis Ross, day made. This is ten years of Black Girls Rock. Ten years! And it's such a huge milestone and you've hosted several comments before, but with Regina Cane. Yeah, so, I have hosted, altogether, six Black Girls Rock. One was not On television. Uh-huh. And then five that were, all of them with Regina. Regina is very busy. Regina is off winning Emmys and directing episodes and being an amazing actress on American Crime and directing Scandal and all that. [LAUGH] So She was not able this year, and we figured there's no one that could replace Regina, so I'm going to try and handle things on my own and see if I can do her justice without her. But yeah, I'm really excited to do it on my own. Are you prepping differently? Are we gonna see some jazz hands? Is T. Murda coming out? Yeah. I would not say T. Murda. But Tracy is going to, that's be, do an opening number of sorts. [LAUGH]. If you need a back up dancer- thank you. I'm totes avail. Totes avail, good to know. So noted, if I had a piece of paper, I'd write it down. If I had my phone, I'd just jot it, totes avail. Yes, I'm here for you. I'm here for you. And also, congratulations on Blackish. Thank you. Huge fan. The show. Thank you. Where would you like to see your character Bo go in season three? Where do we want to see Bo go? Where do you want to see Bo go in season three? You know, Bo is going a lot of places already. But I feel like there is a lot more to explore. Mm-hm. There is a surprise that gets shared towards the end of the season that might Form some of the places Beau will go. Okay. But I can't reveal what that is. It just means tune in, tune, tune in. What? [LAUGH] Tune in to Blackish. That's right, because a surprise is coming. Beau Johnson has a surprise for you. Ok, sorry. I love that though. That's really good. I'm like yeah, yeah. I'm coping you. I'm trying to get with the program. Aw, thanks boo. Thank, you. What is this hair flick? I don't know I don't have hair. The hair flick is everything. It makes me feel so good it makes me feel alive. Makes me feel good like my alter ego. So many of our Essence Live audience wants to know ar you more like Joan or Bow, in real life? I'm somewhere in between. Ooh, how so? I'm just somewhere in between. Joan was very neurotic and frightened. And neurotic and frightened. And Bow is a lot more. Sort of centered, and sure of herself. And confident. Still crazy, but a different kind of crazy. And I think I fall somewhere in between. [INAUDIBLE] all of those things. Yeah, and I am. That's what I'm saying, like I've got the neurotic and scared [LAUGH] No I've got the more centered and sure of myself part of myself too. I am not a mother of four, I am not married so I'm not in that way right [UNKNOWN] Do you think there will ever be a girlfriends reunion? I actually have no idea, people are still asking, which I think is a wonderful thing, It means that our show really had Some great impact, I would be totally open to it. I think it's been a long time since Girlfriends. It's been almost ten years since we shot an episode. It's like eight years or something like that. So I mean Would you even recognize our carriage? Of course we would. You're our friends in our head. That's hilarious. I used to call you all the time in our heads. It's hilarious. So I have no idea, but I'm totally open to it and I know all the girls are too. I think there's more logistical reasons Understandable. Yeah. Understandable, and when we saw her off the show, we mentioned that you're everyone's girl crush, you're often my girl crush. That's very kind. But who do you girl crush on? Do you have a girl crush, someone that you don't know where you envy maybe their style, or their swagger. There are so many, are you kidding? Lets see, shall we start the list. Just give me like maybe one or two. Okay, [INAUDIBLE]. Solange, Christy Turlington, Lena Dunham, there's so many. Wait, hold on, Rihanna, Beyonce, [INAUDIBLE]. Wait, come on. Share, give me some other names so I- I think there's a couple different- Hold on. Gabrielle Union. Yes. Regina Hall. So now, Regina King, seriously, it's one of the things that I love about what's happening now, and it's really an example of what's happened in the ten years of Black [INAUDIBLE] I feel like there's been like a full paradigm shift about how we, as black women are seen in entertainment and media How we see ourselves how we're using our voices and how they're sort of so many examples. Like if something doesn't work for you, if somebody isn't connecting, if you don't connect to somebody. You don't have to be like I don't like her. What's the point. Right. Yay her doing her. But look, there's someone else I want to love, right. And you can do you. And you can do you, there's like so many examples of that. Francesca Ramsay, Isa Ray. Right, right. There's like so many examples Hold on. There's so many women. There's just so many great women out there right now. There are, but. What? We're gonna explore some of those women in a game that's coming up. And you're gonna stick around a little bit later? Yeah. [LAUGH] But let's talk about the wonderful, extraordinary women that are gonna be on Black Girl Talk. Why did I all of a sudden sit up? Shonda Rhimes. We can talk about Shonda Rhimes. And why did I, Kerry Washington. But we're gonna play a game. I was like [SOUND] Viola Davis. We're gonna play the game now. Well coming up a little bit later on. And we'll have more women, black girls who rock Esteemed. [INAUDIBLE] Not breathing. No you look fabulous, you're lifted, it's great. I'm lifted, the neck is long. Stick around, it's going to be great. The heart is open. The heart is open. Yes. But first Whitfield dishes on rekindling her heart and friendship with her ex-husband. And what it will take to return to next season's Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was really uncomfortable [UNKNOWN] But you looked great. Okay. Connected to my core. I was connected to my core. [MUSIC] I think what started Bob and I talking was One, my oldest daughter had a birthday party at a bowling alley. So we actually was around each other for the first time in a very long time and we actually had a good time hanging out and bowling. But I think aside from that we both matured. We had a, it was bitter, it was a lot of anger and a lot of hurt. And at the end of the day I guess we both realized that with growth that that doesn't matter, we need to put all of that aside. What's important is our family and our kids. I don't know if I'll marry Bob again but I will say that I do believe enough Institution of marriage and I'd never say never. I will say that you know he and I are you know we're learning each other all over again. And we're just in a really good place and having a good time. As far as the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I don't know what's next for Sheree, I mean I would be open to you know possibly coming back next season you know. Only if I'm holding a peach. [UNKNOWN] I got some other things. I'm working back on [UNKNOWN] and of course I'm all about health and fitness so we're preparing these fitness tools. I'm also writing a novel, it's fiction. So it's a little truthy, a little added, so you have to figure out what you think is true or not You are watching Essence Live, and I'm your host, Dana Blair, here with friend in my head, Tracy Ellis Ross, and right now it's on. It's time to play a little game. Tracy is hosting Black Girls Rock on BET. So we want to find out how well she knows her stuff. Also we want to highlight some really fabulous black girls that rock. We've got two teams. I'll be with relationships editor Charlie [UNKNOWN]. You've got this girl. And Tracy [UNKNOWN] is paired with beauty and fashion director Julie Wilson. My S bring it. Mm-hm. So here's how it works. On the monitor we'll put an image of a black girl who rocks and you have to get your partner to guess who it is. But you can't say the forbidden words, I like that word forbidden. For example, if the picture was an apple, the forbidden words might be red or fruits. Okay, here we go. Whichever team has the most correct answers Wins. And that's gonna be us, darling. Yes, honey. All right, let's go Charlie. You're up first with me. Here we go. Okay. She has her own, she had her own time slot on a news network and then she went off about something when she was told. Melissa Harris-Perry. Thank you. [SOUND] Mm-hm. All right. She is just everything and her speeches are everything. And she is ruling Thursdays. [UNKNOWN]. Last slot. Viola Davis. Nice. Her show is back tonight. [UNKNOWN] The other one. When she got sexy people got mad. When she got sexy people got mad? People were like, what? Curvy and everything? [UNKNOWN] Her show is also on tonight and we love it. She's the wife with the most. And she is our friend in our head. You just said it. Taraji P Henson? Our friend in our head she is so special to us. Taraji is my friend. No right in this moment. Right in this moment Traci Elis Ross [NOISE] [LAUGH] And she, ok She, you're killing me. She can make it happen with the women we were just talking about. Kerri Washington. No, no. She will come over, she will hold your hand. She will come to your- Iyama. Yes. Whoo okay! We're done, we're done. [CROSSTALK] We slay it, we slay it. Okay, all right. We're gonna lose, I'm frightened. No, no, no, no. We got this. All right, all right, so. I need to find my confidence cuz Ray got so beaten down. Whoo! Look at me. Don't feel beaten down. We got this, we got this. Inner confidence! Thank you for that. That's a team player right there. Four's the number to beat. Five. Six. [CROSSTALK] We're gonna get all of them so it doesn't matter. I'm so scared, I'm not gonna lie. Get it started, here we go. Whoo! Yeah okay I've started. We can start whenever. Here we go. And three two one. These beautiful black girls live in the White House. They are Tasha and Malik. [SOUND] Yes. So she is an amazing athlete. Her arms are everything. Her legs are everything. She Serena Williams? Yep. Okay. So ain't nobody got time for that. That is That is a hot meme. She has a beautiful little son, god. Why am I- she has siblings that are all female [UNKNOWN] This is the offspring of Denise Huxtable. The offspring. Raven Simone? No no no. Denise. Denise Denise Huxtable. Denise Huxtable, who's, who played Denise Huxtable? Denise? She's the offspring of Denise. Yes. But like in real life. Wait now? In real life, right? My God, shut up Denise, you being Lisa Bonet which means that I'm supposed to [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Zoe Kravitz. Yes, you got it. You got it. God, god. Okay, this- God, I feel uncomfortable inside. [LAUGH] This person is a music artist. Okay. And she has a very curvy body. She sings Feeling Myself with- Nikki Minaj? Yep. [SOUND] Nikki. Nikki Minaj- And then last, but not least, we have this woman who is amazing What's happening right now. she's on stage. She sings lady sings the blue. Like the song. No she is lady singing the blues. On the stage. On the great white way. Billy Holiday. Yes but who plays Billy Holiday on the great white way. What's the great white way [SOUND] I can't say. Times up! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I think we need. She was playing. She was playing. Wait wait broadway but I couldn't say broadway. Shoot. [INAUDIBLE] That's okay. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Thank you for kicking my ****. [INAUDIBLE] It was out of love Thank you so much Charlie, Julie, and of course Tracy [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK]. Participating Tracy, you'll welcome back any time and of course please be sure to tune into- Turn into Black Girls Rock on BET on April 5th at 9:00, 8:00 central. Thank you. [LAUGH] Later, we're going to sit down with Ray and talk about his new TV show. Plus, why he decided to give up his player ways. But right now, have you seen those waist trainers going around Instagram? I know you have. Well, see what happened when I tried them out for myself in our new series Fab or Fabulous. I have a great idea for waist trainer. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Okay guys. She's here. This is mama's waist trainer. Yes ma'am, you better come through with the leopard print. This material is no joke. Very strong, very sturdy. So this is me trying to get in this bad boy. How do people wear this? This rubber or whatever it's made out of is serious business. There's like a tight in we're gonna push your organs out your body tight. I fluctuate between a size four and a size six regularly In tops and bottoms. This waist trainer that I ordered is a medium. This is the most difficult thing to put on. And there you have it. 20 minutes later, I'm actually in this bad boy. Okay, so I'm wearing this thing to work out. I can't breathe. Lungs, Running. You need to be able to breathe. I don't know how people do this. I couldn't breathe. I felt like my lungs were not opening and closing. Feel this. I felt like they were not opening and closing. See what women are doing to get sexy. [LAUGH] So I'm not really sure if anybody notices, somewhere in this thing But I'm definitely walking funny. What do you think of this contraption Tisha? I think it's everything because I need one. You look so stacked G. But this is not my real body. Imagination right here. But this is not my real body. I want a bowl of fried chicken right now. That's cute. This is not cute, first of all this says what you think about my fashion choices. Can you work out and move in that? No. I didn't know it was a waist trainer, but. Thought it was just like a new outfit That's scary. Supposed to create a hourglass shape and train your waist to have this hourglass shape. Stop laughing! Thank you. You look good in it though. I can't deal with him. Waist trainers, definitely not for the faint of heart Cause you might faint. But i'm going to have to say I think they are a fad. You are watching Essence Live I'm your host Dana Blair. Joining me now is a man known for his love escapades but now he's a changed man and wants to help you find love too. Please welcome Ray Jay to the show. Welcome there he is. wait I don't have the coordination to It's all good, west side. I'm gonna work on that, I'm gonna work on that afterwards. But welcome to Essence Live. Thank you, thank you, shout out to Essence, what's up what's up what's up. So now you have a new show that's coming out on We TV. Yes. But before we jump into that, I have to take a step back. Okay, take a step back, step it back a little bit. Because now you're a changed man. You were known for being a play boy, you're very handsome. Thank you. And now you're a changed man, you are engaged. Yes, I am engaged. I've been engaged for A few months now, and I'm in a great place. Now, what is it like being in a relationship with Ray J now versus old Ray J? Man, it was a disaster before. But now, I'm just focused on one woman because I wanna be, not because I gotta be, or because I'm under pressure. You've gotta feel inside and now. I don't see, every woman's face is blurry. I just can't see nothing. I just walk out, I work. Everybody's blurry. Really? That's a good place to be in. And I didn't know that I could actually get there. Cuz everybody would tell you, you know it when you know it. You know the one. But then, now I know it cuz I know what I'm doing. My father, I have an older brother. They always say that. Or, the men in my life, they always say there's like a trigger point, something happens. For a man when he's like that's the one or when he wants to change, was there a trigger for you? I think that we just went through a lot of ups and downs and I think the downs helped us become strong together because a lot of times, you don't know really where to go after you hit rock bottom in your relationship. You kinda, most of the time, people move on and they go to the next phase. But with us, we really loved each other and And we just felt like a lot of people was in our ear, pulling us here, pulling us there, the television show, all kind of stuff. And it bothered us both that we wasn't together so we logged back in, started being real honest with each other, bumped everybody out of our life and just locked in first. And then once we got an understanding Everything else started unfolding. I think whether you're a celebrity or not, that's a great piece of advice. Just kind of push out that outside noise so that you can really lock in. Steve Harvey told us, lock in and make sure you all's tight first before anybody, and if you all are solid, and always solid, then nothing can tear you all apart. And you're engaged to Princess Love, I have to mention that. Yes, yes, yes. How did you get her to trust you again? I know it's a lot of work. Listen I still have to work on, her trusting me 100% but I'm just doing the right thing. Literally just doing the right thing first, a girl can feel it. A woman has intuition so she can feel that I'm focused and I'm just really trying to do my job On a day to day and then come to her. So she can feel it with my actions and what I do. ALl my communication and that kind of stuff. You thought buzz word communication. [LAUGH] Communication is key. And then I go out of town a lot I just bring her everywhere. I don't go nowhere without princess. Even you energy just feels different. You feel very like much more comfortable in your own skin. Yeah. It's good. I like this. Thank, you. Thank you. I wouldn't be Essence if I didn't ask do you have any wedding tea? Like have you set a date? You know, do you know Well I want to get married like a September. Wow, okay. September. Why September. I mean it's gonna get a little bit cooler, fresh out of summer so the weather is right and I just feel like it's the good time. I mean, it was all her though. Whatever she wanna do. Of course, of course. But I think September, October sound real good to me. And. Kids in the future maybe? Yeah. All that. Whatever come with it. Whatever come. How soon after the wedding? Whenever. I'm pressuring you now. [LAUGH] Whenever, whenever she want. You seem like you'd be a really cool dad. What kind of dad do you think you would be? I'm already a cool uncle. And the kids is like, even if they not my niece or nephew, they call me Uncle Ray J. So I think the kids is gonna have a good time with it. I think I'm a really cool aunt too. Can I get a five on that? Come on, know what I'm saying. Scarlet, you know auntie's holding it down. What up Ra Ra. Okay, so let's bring it back to love. Your new show on WETV, Driven to Love. We driving them. You driving them. You're playing the ultimate driver and the ultimate wing man, and you're helping singles Dive around new york city, and find love. How does that work? Well it's a light hearted dating show, it's fun. It's not the kind of show where you get married right after the show, so there's no pressure but Right. You know, if somebody wants to find love they come hop in the love caddy, I will go to their profile, I'd choose five amazing people that I think would be perfect for them and we drive around and we meet them. Mm hm. Only two can ride at at time. So every block, she sees two or three people. She checks their profiles out, she kicks one out, puts another one in. Mm hm. And we go through challenges, games, all of these things. And then we end up at JFK. she picks the guy she wants to go on an amazing vacation with or he does, and then boom! So what kind of advice are you giving, cuz I find this fascinating. We go through everything like we play games like phone check where we're chilling and all of a sudden I say, yo, everybody break out their phones. The best way for a girl to get to know a guy is by their phone. And boom! There we go. We off to the races. We are right there, and then it gets It gets intense from there. Do you ever lean over and say girlfriend don't no no, look him out at the next corner [INAUDIBLE] Well I definitely mentioned what I feel up top. I'm driving, she's in the back. But again and actually is on her or him to choose and I'm the wingman I'm just trying to get everything out that I need to get out. If I smell any kinda Bad stuff, you know, I definitely bring it to their attention. Now, do you think you're going to transition and do more television? Because I'm seeing you on several shows. Yeah. Are you going to do more t.v. and production now and kind of leave the music behind a little bit or? Well, I mean, I like music, I've got a song out called, Curtains Closed. I guess Is number nine on the billboard charts, hot single charts, It's number 20 the urban radio charts. And I'm independent so I was doing well. But as far as producing shows, yeah, I'm getting more into that. I've got I got Driven to Love, we got a new show that we're developing on VH1. I got a show that's coming out on BET called Music Moguls. So you're pretty busy. I've got another show on Reelz I'm producing called Hollywood Hillbillies. We're in our fourth season. So I've been doing shows, and I've been producing and creating. And it's just been a better. Feel for me, them, as far as music, as far as consistency, as far as number one shows, I've been kind of spitting them out. Mm-hm. So I like the space I'm in in TV. What's your favorite hit that you've put out? For my- Most of the people in the control room are singing Sexy Can I Really? But what is it for you? I like One Wish. Okay. Cuz One Wish was a song that was independent. Mm-hm. Nobody told me, everybody told me don't put it out don't put it out. You need a club song cuz you're spending your own money. Mm-hm. I was just like, listen man, God's gonna do this song, God got this song. The meaning is strong. Mm-hm. And that was when I was kind of figuring out that strong meanings and positive messages always outlast Just random, wiling out That's true. And so as I got older I started to see that and now I'm back in that one wish kind of space again. Awesome, thank you so much for stopping by on essence live, you're welcome back anytime. Aw man, thank you, what a great place to be. Thank you for joining us, and you can watch driven to love on wetv april first. Coming up it's our black girl magic moment of the week, but first What do you call a man's, you know, you know? Ray J, what do you call yours? Dang, I don't even call it nothing. I try to stay away from that. [LAUGH] He said, I told you I was a changed man. I just told you. I try to stay away from that topic because a lot of people seen my thing. So, I don't wanna Mercy, me. Talk about what it's name Dang you know. Reggie [CROSSTALK] Go ahead and check it out. [LAUGH] You know. [SOUND] My name is Lavelle Crump and I call it LC. The life changer. [MUSIC] Well with guys you know it's always a ****. Schlang. ****. Scherrony. Black thunder. Eggplant. Meat. Beef. Sausage. Mr. boom. Mozart. ****. ****. ****. Long John Silver? [LAUGH] Captain. Better not say Hook. [LAUGH] I'm walking down, [LAUGH] I'm walking down if you say Hook. The Wheel of Fortune. Spin the wheel and you just hope for the best [LAUGH]. When I was younger I used to say Free Willy. When he gets, you know, the whale gets happy and he Bird shot that water, so you know, out of the top of his head. I don't know why I associate it to a whale, it's not that big but it's not that small either. I call it the money team It's a team of three. We have conversation. Did you enjoy yourself? Yeah, I was In and out. And to make great decisions. And one doesn't [LAUGH] [MUSIC] The dumbest name I've ever, Junior. It just tells on you. Like Okay we already know what we're dealing with here. It doesn't sound like Something I'd wanna explore. Johnson? Johnson. Johnny. I don't know where that came from? Johnson's a long name, it's long. I'd probably call it a Johnny, too. Let's be for real. No man is really as a eggplant, that's like abnormal. Say I got that tripod, got that third leg, and you're like, you do? You do? That's what I've heard consistently. Okay. And usually doesn't pan out. It says don't judge me. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hi, my name is Tara Simons from Brooklyn, New York. My name is Bilkus and I'm from the Bronx. My name is Sierra. I'm from Jamaica Queens. My name is Sophia. I am from the Bronx, and you are watching. And you are watching. And you're watching Essence Live. Essence Live. Essence Live. [MUSIC] This is Essence Live, and it is time for our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week. And it goes to a young lady we have all been talking about. You may know her from her hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks, which she started because she was tired of reading, and I quote, about white boys and dogs. So now she's being honored with the Making a Difference Award at this year's Black Girls Rock. Please welcome Marley Dias. Hi. Hi. I'm very excited to have you here. Thank you. And I love the ensemble. Thank you so much. So talk to me. You've been on Tons of morning shows, night shows. You've gone from just being a regular kid, if you will to now a celebrity. What is that like? It's a lot of fun and I think it's fun to have my social projects kind of being in the limelight and showing that it's possible for younger girls, younger kids in general to be able to do and make a change in their community. So that's definitely important but at the same time I try to avoid having that invade into my schoolwork and my friendships because I don't want them to think because I'm a celebrity in a certain like aspect, like a literary advocate. We've been on the news and I don't want them to think that I have to be like that, at times I have to act super-starish, pretend that I am all that when I am at school. Well, you kind of are amazing. Thank you. You knew being all that is sometimes okay, I'm just saying. No, how many books have you collected now to date? About 4,000 but we're still- Wow. We're still donating, so we run out but then we end up Keeping getting donations though. So, the process is gonna keep going and going and going. Yeah, it's gonna keep going. That's awesome. And you mentioned your friends. What do your friends and teachers at school have to say about your success. My friends, there very proud of me, but I like to tell them what I'm doing. But I don't go in depth, so that they feel jealous or anything. But their really proud of me, and their happy. And some of them help. And some of them are just there more for moral support. And they're like go Reilly I'm happy I miss you at school. But I'm so excited you're being able to do these things, and go to these interviews, and promote whatever you're trying to say. And my teachers are very proud of me as well. Do you think you made some really great friends. Yes I do. so you're a superstar. You're receiving an award at black girls rock. You're doing great things for your community. What do you do during the summer? Do you have summer plans or are you just going to continue to take over the world this summer. Well for summer I have camp stuff and then I have some extra work and some extra curricular work I want help with the project. Like we're thinking of doing a black girl book club. Mm-hm. In which you would have a meeting about a black girl book, and we'd read it over the summer, and have a discussion with the author. And then have a live chat over Skype, and in person. That is amazing. What's your favorite book? Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Lipton. And why do you like that book? I like that book because, I'm a very avid reader, and it was like I've been reading and reading and reading and, when I got to this book, and I had a challenge reading it and I couldn't understand. It's a poetry book, it's a memoir of Jacqueline Woodson's life and it was just really difficult and I was like wow, There's finally a book out there that's like making it hard for me to understand. It was exciting but it was still difficult. And then I read it. I waited a year and I read it and I understood it. And it meant a lot to me because I could understand that there was a girl who loved writing and she was black and she was experiencing racism and discrimination. I like that, you like a good challenge. Yes, thank you. I'm super proud of you. Thank you. Congratulations on all of your success, here at Essence you are family. You are welcome back anytime and we're gonna support any and everything that you do. And congratulations on your Black Girls Rock Award. Thank you. All right, and being on Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week, remember you can see Essence's original Black Girl Magic documentaries any time on And if you miss today's show, stick around for the repeat. It's happening here shortly on I'm your host, Dana Blair, and I will see you next week.

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