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Today on Essence Live, Dimitri McKinney gives us the T on her engagement to Roger Bob, the leaders of Black Lives Matter movement talk politics and race, and we're going to help you get your closet all the way together in our happy new you series fresh for 2016. But right now, it's the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] It seems that not everyone loves the hashtag black girl magic as much as we do. L Magazines lead the chambers who is black, wrote the hashtag perpetuates the myth of the strong black woman and of course Twitter would not let her win that argument. @AStylishJedi said, here's my problem with Tribe Called Quest. They know exactly what the scenario is, #chaversnextarticle. And one more from @sendmemyangel, here's my problem with Dr. Maya Angelou's Still I Rise. Sometimes I just lay there. #chaversnextarticle. MTV has released a 1983 interview with the late, great David Bowie, criticizing the network for neglecting Black artists. Watch as MTV's Mark Goodman tries unsuccessfully to answer Bowie's questions. We're a rock and roll station now. The question would be asked, well, should, since we're in New York, should PLJ play the Isley Brothers? Well, you and I might say, yeah, because we have grown up in an era when the Isley Brothers mean something to me. And so do the Spinners even way after The Isley Brothers. But what does it mean to a 17 year old? Well, If you talk on the phone to these guys, like I did when I was in radio, it's- Well, I'll tell you what it means. I'll tell you what maybe The Isley Brothers or Marvin Gaye means to a black 17 year old. [SOUND] After weeks of folks driving across state lines to get their tickets, someone finally hit the jackpot in last night's Powerball drawing. Three someones if you wanna be exact. The winning tickets were purchased in Florida Tennessee and California, the amount the winners will split, $1.6 billion. Now after our first guest may not have won the Powerball. But the new rock she's sporting is definitely on 100,000 trillion. Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star [UNKNOWN] gives us all of the tea on her new engagement next. It's Thursday January 14th and Essence Live starts right now. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hey. Hey, Essence live. We're gonna catch up with Dimitri a little bit later. As you know, she's an actress so she's pretty busy on set right now but first Layla Hathaway reveals why having luxe doesn't necessarily make you a vegan or even conscious with that matter. Check it out. Someone almost talked me out of it. My sister said, just do it. Just go do it. [MUSIC] I decided first, in 1992 to lock my hair and my label talked me out of it. There was some sort of, I mean you know, stuff that people say. Doesn't fit in with the flow of what everyone else is doing. Having an urban look. Being too ethnic. All those things that people tell you To keep you from doing you what you gonna do. And decide again, I'm going to lack my hair and someone almost talk me out of it and my sister said, just do it, just go do it, and lacks my hair in 1998. I couldn't really good feedback on my hair I don't remember guys really Talk about my hair before. People saying wow your locks are so beautiful, the color so pretty, how long have you been locked? A lot of strangers touch my hair which I'm not too keen on but I understand cuz its so gorgeous and they just want to touch it. I did have people ask me once what does your hair say about your spirituality? And I said nothing, cuz it's hair. So, I think there's a weird stereotype that goes with the natural hair. Maybe i'm vegan, I have a certain ethic or esthetic about the rest of the things in my life. And while some of those things are true, my hair is just one thing. If you're thinking about locking your hair, by all means do it. It's a lot. The amount of money I've saved in time on a daily basis thinking about my hair. What's it gonna, who's gonna be there? What are they gonna do to their hair, what colors are gonna be? That I don't have to go to someone's house and wait to get braided for 22 hours which ever black girl knows the saga of. It definitely freed me in a way. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Hey what's up, I'm Christina Millian and this is Essence Live. [MUSIC] Welcome back to ESSENCE Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. And joining me in studio are some people at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement. Please welcome Donovan Ramsey, a journalism fellow for The Most who writes about race for the New York Times, GQ and more. Dante Barry, Executive Director at Million Hoodies Movement for Justice and Miss Christina Coleman, managing editor for news and host of the. The global grinds, the retweet and finally via Skype, our very own February Black Girl Magic cover girl and activist Miss Janette Elsie. Hello everyone, thank you for joining us. Thank you for having us. Now before we jump into the real issues here, I have to touch on the piece saying that Black Girl Magic perpetuates stereo types Johnetta, as you can see I have your cover here. You are our cover girl, 2016 class for black girl magic. [APPLAUSE] Yes, clap it up for her. [APPLAUSE] I mean clearly Elle Magazine does not get it but what were your thoughts when you heard about this piece, Johnetta? I had to read it and I was so surprised to see that the author of the actual piece follows me on Twitter. Oh really? Okay. The piece was just so the complete opposite of what I understand black girl magic to be. And I felt like thought maybe the writer isn't tapped in to her black girl magic or doesn't have enough black women friends to surround her. Point out to her what points are magical. Because I know that's definitely a part of the process. But I don't know. They really missed the mark. They definitely did miss the mark, and Jeanetta just mentioned the writer of the piece follows here on social media via Twitter. Christina, you're a woman in this movement. A powerful black girl with magic. I believe. What are your thought? You know, she just. It was way too literal take on this thing. Mm-hm. Yeah, we're not saying we're magician. Right. [LAUGH] Like some magic obviously but, we are saying we can celebrate our existence and that's really what it was created for. And it's not just because, not as on the cover of essence or Michelle Obama is Michelle Obama but, it's just celebrating our existence in the society that it's for ever erasing us and forever telling us that we are important. Mm-hm. And it's really sad that a black woman of all Right. Would write this piece because it's really black women who are black women's biggest advocates. No one else advocates for us like we do. Like we do. Exactly. Donovan, what are your thoughts on On how the media in general is perpetuating the black lives matter movement. You know first one thing on the black girl magic thing, is that you can really gauge what else interest is in black girl magic, by the fact that it's their only article on the topic. So beyond that, I think media is very interested in what's hot. But I think there's definitely a conversation African Americans are having, there's a conversation white audiences want to have about these topics So as a writer, I myself, am very cautious if I'm writing for a white publication. To make sure that the intent that I'm putting into an article, that the perspective that I bring to it isn't dwindled down or used in a way to titillate or make someone else angry. Definitely, definitely. It's an election year. Dante I'm gonna start with you. What do you wanna see from politicians who are trying to get that Democratic vote, us nomination, or that Republican nomination. What do you wanna see from the candidates as far as it relates to the black lives matter movement. And the issues of our community. I want all candidates to pop off on white supremacy. Frankly I think this movement has been un apologetic about being up and close and personal with all candidates regardless of If they're Republican or Democrat. And I think with what we've see here is that we really completely need to stand up against the Democratic party and really disrupt every single aspect of the party because we want to say that the Democratic party hasn't been working for us in any of these elections. And we might really center black folks in this. In this election. I was actually really disappointed about President Obama's State of the Union Address because he did not even mention anything about Black people or even recognize that a Black person has been killed every single day. Or even just the fact human rights a 12-year-old black boy was found guilty of holding a toy gun. So what grade would you give President Obama? An F. Really? And F. Across the whole blanket in terms of Across the whole In terms, okay let me clarify here, would you give him an F as a whole as a president or for as it pertains to this movement in particular? Both. Because it took this movement for him to actually speak up about black people, for one. But also he did not talk anything about black women and girls in his speech at all. When black women and the girls are the most affected by joblessness. He talked about in his State of the Union speech, that the private sector has like, the number, has been the highest of job creation in the history, right? But let's think about who's actually most impacted by that job creation and the invisibility of black women and girls in that context. May I have quick grades from you, Jonathan? I would give him a C. A C? Yeah, as a president, overall. Okay, Christina? You took mine, I'm gonna give him Seeing, because he's Obama, obviously, but I am a little disappointed in his State of the Union address. And he does pick his audiences, like he talked about black women, and the importance of black women in America at his CBC speech. -Mm-hm. But he didn't talk about it in front of the entire world. -The entire world. Jeannetta/ph, what grade would you give President Obama? I would give his presidency an A. Okay. I'm still not decided on how I feel about, just, the entire eight years. But as far as his State of the Union Address, I was very disappointed. And I tweeted about it, that Every time protesters are mentioned in this space, in the public space, where all of Americans watching, we're always compared to the good police officers. And it disappointed me because if there were so many good police officers the movement wouldn't even be what it is today because of police violence in general in America. I'm not exactly sure how many good police are out there, if the number of people killed in 2016 so far is already over 20, and over 1,000 people were killed in 2015. And And Janina I wanna come back to you, how would you like folks to get involved in the Black Lives Matter Movement? What would you like them to do? Because some may not necessarily feel comfortable taking to the streets if you will and protesting. What's something that you would like to see more people doing? I think that a lot of people are becoming more engaged every day just by reading. Mm-hm. Reading people's timelines or reading material that people tweet. I remember I tweeted this like an encyclopedia almost of what white people Who want to be allies in this work, need to read and understand, to be a part of Black liberation without centering themselves first, and it got so many retweets, and people were talking about it, so many white Folks who wanna be allies just had never done the reading or had never had the resources before. So I think it's all about just doing self educating and then getting out there. You don't have to be in the streets, but there are other roles to play. So you could be The person gathering supplies in your house or in your basement. Mm-hm. We have a woman who sends us news articles everyday since the newsletter days. She's a white woman in D.C. who can't get out because she does have two small children But her contribution is sending us news links all day long. So it's just like the smallest thing to the biggest thing. All of it, all of it makes a difference. And that's a great segue into one of my final thoughts, Monday is MLK. Some people look at it as a three-day holiday. It's their day to be off, if you will. But there's such a bigger story and a bigger legacy and a bigger history to that. Final thoughts, and I'll start here with you, Donovan. What would you like people to do on that day? You know, honestly, I think people should do whatever, black people in particular, should do whatever we want to do in an okay day, because black service matters, black rest matters, black barbeques matter. He didn't die for use to be guilted into putting in work That, you know, it's a day that honestly if you work 365 days of the year, if you have a full time job, rest. Okay. Dante? We were just talking about this, I think ultimately, black people need to do whatever is going to keep them alive, whatever is going to keep them restful and spirited and joy because it's hard being black 24/7 and we don't just need one day to recognize That, and I think that ultimately whatever anyone does within the rest of the 364 days that exists in a year that we still need the black people to be active. And engage within the larger movement, and one day of rest can be something that we can still live up to. Christina, quickly. And this is not diluting King's ground work, the ground work he laid for this movement, it obviously is a springboard into this bigger black liberation movement we're in now, but when I tell you we were just talking about this, self-care is so important, and that's not a conversation we're having enough. We're organizing, we're mobilizing, and we're telling the story as journalists. And that's traumatizing. That trauma is real and we see it every day, and we can't disconnect from it, because Not only is our job, but it's our passion, our committment, it's what we do. So, we're gonna take a day, I don't see what's wrong with sleeping in [UNKNOWN] day. Understandable. Going to the spa, or doing whatever you want to do. Or playing your house music and just relaxing and really taking care of yourself. And doing what you love to do to make sure that you're the best black person you can be when you go back out there in the world. And that's a great way to close the segment. Thank you very much. Donovan, Dante, Christina for joining me. Thank you so much, Janetta on Skype for joining me. Coming up, we are reinventing all of your closet basics and making them fresh for 2015 in our Happy New You series. But first, how many of you watched our Men on Hair video from our Natural vs Relaxed Hair special? Well, here's part two where the fellows try to dissect your hair terms. [MUSIC] Co-wash is when you put. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] You probably gotta wash the weave and then wash your own hair. And then that's a co-op. Did you wash weave? You've got to rip it off the horse and stick it on your head. Cold partner sticking together, maybe. When two people are washing your hair. Term from Atlanta when they be like, let's go to the car wash. Oh, you so dumb. Sounds like an apartment. A cream. Four cylinder or something. Is that some type of dynamite? I foresee you a block away that you are wearing a weave. Weave. Maybe they go to the beauty salon and order it. Hi, I need four C. I know I had three B the last time. I foresee me not knowing what that means in relation to hair. that is not necessarily curls. But it's somewhere in between with a hint of nap. And that NO, no, no, no, no, no, no,no. That's the one word my mother said don't use. What's wrong with that? It's like the last of the strands is like the black women strand. [CROSSTALK] Free poo. [LAUGH] I don't know if I want to know what that means. I know what it sounds like. Like fertilizer going in your hair instead of shea butter. Sounds crazy. Sounds funny. Sounds disgusting. It sounds gross. Like something that they should do in private. That's what you do right before you're about to get your second meal in. What animals do Before they go to the bathroom. But the leak out. That doesn't even sound sanitary. I know maybe it's like when they are unravelling their weave on the toilet. Probably. I hope none of you guys are putting pre-poo in your hair. Oh babe, your hair is really soft. Oh that's that pre-poo. Don't tell me that. Closure is what you get when you break up with somebody. When their relationships over. [LAUGH] That's the last part after you break up with that a-ish negro. What's that got to do with hair? That's like what your girl. [LAUGH] Like you man, what you doing today? Just went and got a closure. Just got my hair done, took her hat off. She got the closure. And then we're like uh-oh. Is there something you need to tell me? [LAUGH] Closure has something to do with wigs. Your closure, if it's not tight, it's not right. Good closure is almost like it's Going out of your head like Jesus at the last supper. [LAUGH] That's as best of an educated guess I can give. How about that? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Essence has always supported you and what you stand for. Now imagine Essence could be even more, offering a selection of new beauty products especially curated every month so you can see what's fresh, try samples before you buy, so you know what works for you. You're getting the essentials from name brands and up and coming black owned businesses. Go ahead, be bold, be confident, be you Become a member. [MUSIC] Look at my pop. Just one more time. Pop. Look at my pop. Just one more time. Look at my pop. Pop. Just one more time. Pop. Gotta love that pop. [LAUGH] All right so my next guest is an actress, a singer, and a soon to be Atlanta housewife. For real though. Not just for TV. So please welcome to the show via Skype Ms. Demetria McKinney. Hello. [BLANK_AUDIO] How are you? I am great. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining us, and joining us from set. Congratulations. So we know you're getting married to TV and film producer Roger Bobb. How did he propose? Spill all the tea. Girl it was a fool. [LAUGH] I've [LAUGH] I've been involved with Roger off and on for going on ten years now, and so I was opening for R Kelly in Detroit and I had been hoping and hoping and hoping and he let me have it. It got all the way to the ball drop and he still hadn't proposed. So then when we got to the house, when we were at the hotel, then I take my wig off, then i take my makeup, that's when he decides to pop the question. I'm sitting here like yeah, let me look like Beetlejuice. Good job. So he literally waited to the 11th hour. But however it happened I was just happy. Oh, absolutely. 12 and a half. As you mentioned, you've been dating off and on for roughly ten years now, so what do you think made him finally propose now? [MUSIC] I think everybody has to do things in their own timing. It's not about rushing somebody because I'm ready. You both have to be in a space where you're ready and you're committed and you know that that's what you wanna do for the rest of your life. So as long as he got there, I don't mind the time. Do you have a cut off time in your head, like if he doesn't do this in 2016. [LAUGH] Girl, yeah. Absolutely You know, he's my best friend so we're always going to be in each other's lives regardless but in my mind, yes. He may not have know the date but Deme McKinney did. I heard that, so when you were on Real Housewife's of Atlanta everyone was claiming to date Roger. Were you still together during filing and how did you handle everyone saying that they had your man? We were definitely dating while we were together. We talked every night about every scene, about everything. And how did I handle it? Honey, people wanna false claim all kinds of stuff. People claiming Beyonce, people claiming Halle Berry, it just happens. Especially when they're spelling his name wrong. You don't know him and I'm happy, I'm cool. So once the show wraps, Did it change your relationship? How did it affect the way you two guys interacted or the status of your relationship? Our relationship was actually stronger. You know, reality television has the tendency to either make you break you. Most of the people, it just absolutely breaks. So, the fact that we were able to still be together, still be stronger, and keep our relationship intact Speaks Volumes. Now, Demetra, I have to ask you, what advice would you give to women in long term relationships, looking to get that proposal. Would you recommend that others hang on for nine to ten years or so? I wouldn't recommend any amount of time to anybody, I would just recommend that you be comfortable with you whether you're with that person or whether you're not. I've always been a woman that knows who I am, who knows what I want, and makes it happen for myself. So even if Roger doesn't end up being my best friend for the rest of my life versus my husband I would still like to be happy with who I am. All right, that's a very, very important message and I'm really happy that you said that. But now, when and where is the wedding? Have you picked out a date yet? Have you picked out colors, bridesmaids? [LAUGH] We've literally been in a whirlwind since I made the announcement. We're going away next week to just sit and talk, chop everything up, figure out the destination. -Well wait, going away. -Who's gonna be there. Are you eloping? Hi. Does that mean eloping when you say going away? I'm trying to get a scoop. No but I think we might do like a destination wedding just to make it kinda special, get out of the city and just make sure that the people we really want there are gonna be there because you know some people won't show up if you. That's so rude but it's so true. Are you going to have some housewives there? I may have a couple of them. Okay. You know I'm still really cool with Claudia. I love, love, love Cynthia and Candy, Ace, Todd, they're more than welcome. Now that you're taking you relationship into the next level and you did mention that reality TV can be pretty heavy on a relationship, do you think you would go back on the show once you are married? Do you see my eye? [LAUGH] Oh, I thought that was a special effect since you're on set. [LAUGH] No, that's really me doing that in answer to your question. Got you. I went on the show to get the music out. And thank goodness it worked. Unnecessary Trouble is charting so well. 100 did amazingly But even though I would actually be an official housewife this time [UNKNOWN] nope, don't see it happening, I'm good [LAUGH] Got you. I'm doing some work with BounceTV, and I'm doing some stuff with Centric as well. Well Demetria, thank you so very much for joining us, I know you're pretty busy on set, and again congratulations on the The engagement, Demetrius new song Unnecessary Trouble is on sale now so make sure you go and get it. All right up next we are gonna talk 2016 closet reinvention, don't go anywhere, more Essence Live up next. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Look at this one over here. [LAUGH] Welcome back to Essence Live. As you know, all month long we're celebrating a happy new you. And today, we're focusing on your closet. That's right, we're stepping into some of our viewer's wardrobes, and reinventing their staple pieces for 2016 with the help of celeb stylist [UNKNOWN] Whose that? This man right here, he has worked with Felicia Keys, Carrie Washington, Viola Davis just to name a few, and now he's working with you our Essence viewers. Thank you for joining us. Well thank you for having me happy new year Dana. Thank you thank you oh we're both fellow Capricorns. Ow, well, happy belated birthday. Happy belated birthday to you, too. Thank you. All right, so we're gonna jump right on into it. Before we get started, what is the one staple piece that you think every woman would be surprised to know that they should have as part of their fashion closet? I would probably say the Christian Louboutin nude It's a nude pump, and the reason why I chose that specific pump in that designer, because he has it literally in every shade in every hue from an alabaster woman to the most chocolate woman that exists. So you definitely recommend investing in the nude shoe. That is an investment in the shoe, because it's an investment in yourself as well. A nude shoe you can never go wrong. You can totally mix and match. It goes with black, it goes with blue. It goes up, it goes down. It makes everything sheik. Okay, it makes everything sheik. Nudes the new black. Nude is the new black. Nude is the new black. Got it. That's the new tweet. We're not talking about dancing in your living room Jane. But that's what I do Tuesday and Thursday. So, at first look is the white button down shirt which everyone has in their closest. Absolutely. So, let's talk about it. The white button down shirt is something that's super easy. It's a transitional piece, you can make it day or night. We've seen Diane Keeton do it on the red carpet. A lot of girls have it from the gap just their everyday wardrobe. In 2015 we saw a lot of girls wearing the white button down shirt with the statement necklace, the bib collar, really pumping their egos and their feelings and they had their sleeves rolled down because they were being chique and stuff. Well here's the thing it's 2016 and we've had a revelation. That is roll up your cuffs, because we're going to work. And let's switch the place where we put our statement pieces. Okay. So we're moving from the neck and we're bringing it down to the cuffs. -Okay, and so. -And your arms, so it's a different place. Placement. So maybe you might wanna play with rings and different bracelets and things. To rejuj. Today we've rejujjed it, and we put it on the ritz. And so this is what we have on our first model, let's take a look. Virginia, come right on out. Virginia. Yes, and she storms on in. Okay. [UNKNOWN] through. Let's talk about this work. Oh, I see the cuff. Love it. Got you. Yeah, so we took a cuff and put it on Virginia. It's something that is, it looks like a bunch of bangles, which you could also do. Yeah, mm-hm. It's just about making that statement. So what we did is, we took the neck down. Okay. So mind you, these are pieces that she already had in her closet. We just [UNKNOWN] the way that it was dressed up. and before she was wearing that really heavy neck. So we just took it down, so we just brought more attention to her pretty face. You throw just a couple of delicate pieces in there- Less is more. Less is way more. I love this because everybody has a black pant, a white button down- Yeah. What are your thoughts on black and brown? Because I really like this look, but some people may not necessarily- Well, you know what? It's the black, the brown, the gray, it's the color of her hair, and the gold and That just makes it fun. I think 2016 is all about taking risks in fashion. It's not about being safe anymore. So many people were safe at award show. We don't need any more safe. Take a chance. Thank you so much. We're going to move onto our second look. The next staple is the pencil skirt. So let's talk the pencil skirt. Tell me a little about [UNKNOWN]. The pencil skirt so. Most women have pencil skirts in their closet so using them for their office look. Right. It's business or it's business casual and it's after work drinks, but I wanna still have that dressy effect. Mm-hm. So with that we're taking kind of a detour a little bit Okay We're dressing the pencil skirt up, we're giving it a new [UNKNOWN], we're putting on a little bit of a body bag. Let's see, let's take a look. Yeah, well she should. Brandi? Come on out so you can take us through the full Brandy, hey there baby. Oh hey Brandi! So we took it from night to day, yeah, a little cross [UNKNOWN] bag. Added a couple interesting bracelets with metallics to it. And added a sweatshirt with a T shirt with a [UNKNOWN] knee. Just to give her a different sensation, and a different vibe. Same skirt different feeling. And the chunkier heel gives a little bit more of a night effect. Just a little bit more about that. Do you have a recommendation depending upon height where your pencil skirt should fall. I think mostly for all women depending on your height, it's either at your knee or just below your knee. [UNKNOWN] Thank you very much. All right, thank you very much Brandy. Our third look is the white T shirt, which is a personal favorite of mine. Even thought I constantly spill on my T shirt, but we're not gonna talk about that. There's so many ways to wear this look where people Stop rocking it one way. That's true. And what's that one way? Everybody wants to tie their flannel around their waist, or you've got on a pair of joggers, or you've got on a cute pair of jeans, or something cute like that. There's always a way to dress things up. I am a firm believer in that. Like even in what I have on right now, take it from day to night, I just go put on a pair of shoes You've gotta always have that kinda transition cuz we live in a world where everything moves so fast. Yes, especially here in New York. It's like you've gotta be able to make it, one place to the next place, how we gonna do this, how do we do that? And again, these are pieces that the women had in their wardrobe, so a lot of people have these things. They just don't know how to use them. So we're gonna show you now how to use it. Use it. For the white t-shirt model, can you please join us on the set? [LAUGH] Absolutely. Okay, white t-shirt, [UNKNOWN] So you saw that [UNKNOWN] has the flannel tied around her waist and It just kinda downplayed it but we took this beautiful lariat necklace and paired it with a really simple blazer against a sharp collar exactly and you can wear this with the sleeves up, throw on a couple of bracelets or whatever, we put on a pump, [UNKNOWN] pump and it's there. You look super, super chic. She can go out for the night yeah. It looks super chic, and also too it's comfortable and pulled together, sometimes you can feel stuffy in a. [UNKNOWN] look. Well, you know what, it's funny because we came through a place in fashion where there was a lot of structured clothing, and then it moved into that whole neoprene world. And neoprene, while it looks super sporty, is not comfortable and it's very hot. And now the technology that's in a lot of fabrics we're seeing is a lot of breathable fabrics, like leisure suits, travel suits. And they actually looked pulled up and chic, but they're actually She very, very comfortable. Thank you so. Can't say that about the heals she has on though. But the heals are fierce. Thank you very much. Thank you so much [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Now finally have a submission from one of our viewers. As we mentioned you know we're here for you Essence Live. Tega Tuggle wants to know how she can revamp these two skirts. This just one skirt actually just one skirt that looks like two. So all right so what are our thoughts on how she can rejuj this, Color block skirt. [BLANK_AUDIO] We love this skirt, we really do. I'm gonna say this, let me just spin around and get a good look at it. Look at you taking a gander. I have to. Yeah. Maybe something casual cute, let's talk about it. It is, well my instant idea that would be this skirt to life for a second would be color. it would be something of a brighter hew or even something that's lace In see-through, so maybe a great lace bodysuit. Mm. Under, you know, with a skirt, and then you can wear it with a high boot. Depending on who she is, I think it's a really great skirt. It's a transitional piece. You can wear it from Spring to Fall. Now do you think she can keep this piece? She should. Okay. She should. Well there you have it. It's something she can mix match, A little high or low, have fun with it. All right Tika thank you very much for submitting that I like that skirt too. All right Warren thank you so very much [LAUGH] for giving our Essence viewers super easy cost effective ways to reinvent their wardrobe for 2016 and I know you will be back. Absolutely. Smelling all the TR fashion. I'd be happy to. Mm-hm. Anytime with you, baby. All right. Thank you to all our guests today. Make sure to meet us right here, same place, same time, next Thursday for an all new Essence Live, where happy new you Continues with a revamp of your love life. Can I come back just to sit on that? Child. [LAUGH] I'm your host Dana Blair. That's [UNKNOWN] and we'll see you next time. Bye bye. [MUSIC]

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