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How to get away with murder you can't say the title without saying it like that>>no you can't>>So talk to me Viola Davis congratulations shout out>>Viola Davis is now an Emmy Award winning actress to go with her Tony Award winning I'm voting for her to. [INAUDIBLE]. Someone needs to give her a book to do an audio recording and then the Oscars. There was some controversy around her speech. She's getting some backlash from a couple of folks. Who is this chick from General Hospital? Nobody knows this chick. I was like is this Laura? [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I know. I have a very good friend that works General Hospital. But anyway, yes, this actress, forget her name, came for Viola David and black Twitter, I think actually, all of Twitter came for her back. And it was like, sit down, stay in your lane, you're angry. You're probably menopausal. It It's just like stop. [LAUGH] Right. Right. She was jealous. She was. [CROSSTALK] I dont think she said anything that was controversial. She didn't talk about somebody's mama. She was just basically saying factual information in a very articulate, very clear, direct manner. I was shocked that it was the first. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know [CROSSTALK] Now it explains Carrie Washington's tears. Absolutely.>> You know what I mean? Which I loved in there was the black sister girl moment. [CROSSTALK] I mean the way she got up there. I mean I know they were all vying for it, but They knew she deserved it. they all knew that it was Viola. And even if everyone else wasn't totally here for it, they were, and that was so special. They knew what they were coming to- It looks like Halle's [CROSSTALK] She had her girls with her too [CROSSTALK], so I think that's sort of what was happening. [NOISE]

ESSENCE Live Primetime Panel Talks HTGAWM and Viola Davis' Historic Emmy Win

Dana sits down with Cori Murray, Charli Penn & Pamela Edwards-Christiani to discuss How to Get AWay With Murder and Voila Davis' historic Emmy Award win.