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[MUSIC] and now we have a stroll in. YES. I like your stroll better Carrie. We have Carrie Hilson. How are you David Target, nice to meet you. I havent met you before, welcome. Hi Dana, Im, thank you excuse me. Watch your step Essence live over here this carpet is dangerous. It is dangerous. Yes. Who are you looking forward to seeing tonight? Babyface and New Edition. I'm all about Babyface. Yeah. We've been doing a clicker. How many times has Kerry said Babyface today? Where are we at? What number are we at around? Probably 30-something. 30-something. Probably. Are you also looking forward to seeing New Edition? Yeah, New Edition, Kenny, Babyface, Maxwell, the whole nine. It's just great being here. Now we had Beecher Grey up here a little bit earlier, he was showing me his choreography. Do y'all know the do addition choreography? You know what? I got- My wife knows the new addition choreography. Does she? I don't know if you know who this is, this is David and Lin Talbert, they have directed It's a pleasure. We're here promoting almost Christmas, the movie they wrote and directed. What she's producing. And it's just incredible film, it comes out November what? November 11th, yeah. November 11th. And what is the film about? It's a dysfunctional family that comes home for the first holiday after the loss of their mother. And they try to keep competing each other, Danny Glover, Keri Hilson, Gabrielle Union, Monique JB Smooth, Omar Epps, Kimberly Allyse, Jessie Usher, Ramadi Malco Ramadi Malco and it keeps going on. DCI, DC Young Fly, Nicole Ari Parker, list goes on an don. And Will Packer is producing Universal Pictures November 11th. Shout out to Will Packer, friend of the Essence Live show, definitely. And tell me a little bit about your role that you're playing. Her name is Jasmine. She's from Birmingham, Alabama. But it's one of those delicate situations because I feel a little bit afraid. And he understands my plight. But I'm afraid of talking about the character because it's kind of a turning point. She's a third strap. [LAUGH] That's all I gotta say. And you see- In a nutshell. And you see, that's what it is in the movie. She's getting her acting chops on in a serious way. I'm so proud of her. It's not just a singer trying to act, but it's an actress who also sings. So it's a beautiful thing. That's a beautiful compliment cuz I'm a fan Fan of yours, I think you have a beautiful voice, you're so talented. When are we gonna hear some new music? Man, very soon, very soon. I think she got it in her [INAUDIBLE] somewhere. You promise? I know, she has it somewhere, she's just gonna drop it like that. [UNKNOWN] In a vault somewhere, we've been looking for it. You know how the old people play Spades, right? And they just like, bam! Yeah, yeah, that's what's coming, that's what's happening. That's what you're gonna do. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm gonna let you all get get you all seats. Thank you so very much. Thank you very much. Wait, New Edition. New Edition. Hit it, get it. Give us that, hey. [CROSSTALK]. I just remember this. Yes. I'm not gonna embarrass myself. I ain't gonna- That's okay, we got you covered. Thank y'all so much, have a wonderful evening, enjoy the show. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

  ESSENCE Live Gets the Scoop On The Upcoming Holiday Film 'Almost Christmas'

One of the movie's stars Keri Hilson and the film's writer David E. Talbert tease ESSENCE Live about the film coming out on November 11.

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