Bill Maher, Halle Berry And 'Daytime Divas!' Check Out This Week's Episode Of ESSENCE Live

Check out the June 6, 2017 episode of ESSENCE Live, where we discuss the controversy surround Bill Maher's n-word comment and Halle Berry's questionable red carpet photo. Star Jones and Vanessa Williams also stop by to discuss their new show, 'Daytime Divas.'

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[MUSIC] I'm Makho Ndlovu, and today on Essence Live Star Jones and Vanessa Williams dish on their new show and lessons they've learned from love. Logan Browning of Dear White People reveals how she learned to love her curls, and we're announcing the winner of our give away for Essence Festival tickets. Hm, could it be you? Well right now it's time for The Hot List, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [SOUND] All right. is Halle Berry trolling us? After the actress stepped out on the red carpet with this pose, we all thought a congratulations was in order. But then she posted to her Instagram, can a girl have some steak and fries? mm-hm Halle girl, Harmoneezy replied, I love me some steak and fries too but I don't hold my food baby like that and Lyssaoat agrees, that's a pregnant pose Okay, LOL, steak and fries. Okay, Holly. [SOUND] An official in Flint, Michigan has resigned after a recording surface where he blamed the city's water crisis on, get this, Who don't pay their bills. I can't even say that word it's just terrible. Say what now? Phil Stare was a manager for sales. He was the sales manager for land thank which managed foreclosed homes in the city and he made those statements to a journalist who believed the bank was quote pushing people out of a neighborhood. But here's what clowns like Phil Stair don't get. Racism isn't just about thinking another race is inferior, no. It's also about having the power to discriminate against people based on those views. By say poisoning their water or gentrifying their neighbourhoods. So Phil You're absolutely a racist, and we're quite happy your **** is out of a job. And don't go on Tom by how you have black friends either. Don't want to hear it. By now, you've heard about this. Love to have you work in the field with us. Work in the field? That's part of Senate on the house [BLEEP] [LAUGH] it's a joke. But is it? Of course this isn't the first time that Bill Maher has faced backlash for his comments, and some like Chance The Rapper are calling for HBO to cancel his show. A lot of people are sticking up for Bill and accepting his apology. Ice Cube and political commentator and activist Amal Sanders are still planning to appear on Bill Myers show on Friday, but a lot of this incident, Kathy Griffin holding up Trump's bloody head, And even Monique telling her peers to suck her you know what. We wanna know your thoughts in today's viewer poll. Should comedians get a pass from saying offensive things? Vote now using the hashtag #ESSENCELIVE because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, June 6th, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live, I'm your host, Makho Ndlovu, but remember, this is you show. You can talk to us at any time using the hash tag #essencelive. Or by emailing us at Okay so it's not so funny being a comedian these days, Kathy Griffin she claims the Trump family is trying to ruin her life because of that photo she took holding the. President's bloody head. And many are calling for Bill Maher to be fired after he said the N word on his HBO show. Now while HBO has denounced Bill's use of the word for now, they still plan to to air his show and folks have mixed feelings about it. Shug Fossis wrote on Facebook, he used the term 'house N' that's it? Hell, no, he shouldn't be fired for that. Stop making this into something it's not But Cynthia McCreary White disagrees. She wrote, so, no one thinks he should lose his job, but everyone was out for Paula Deen's head when she used it. Ooh, all right, Essence Live fam. Let us know in today's viewer poll, should comedians get a pass from saying offensive things? A for yes, comedians need freedom of expression, or B, for no, you can be funny without being disrespectful. We'll read the results later in the show. Joining us now to talk about it via Skype are Essence Live viewers Felicia Michelle and P.K. Kersey. Welcome to the show. Hi. Hello. Hi, okay, Felicia we'll start with you. What were your initial thoughts when you heard Bill Maher had called himself a house n? Well when it first started I was like don't say it, don't say it, don't say it, don't say it, don't say it. And then he said it, so I was like why did you do that? That was such a bad move, it was probably worse, in my opinion, because it wasn't just the n word. It was like you're really like honing in on something very particularly painful about the African American experience. Which has affected Did us a colorism and different issues like that from then til now so I felt like it was just a little too specific. It was general, it wasn't a rap song. It was a little too close to home for me. That's exactly right. Now PK what were your initial thoughts? What did you think about hearing that? I mean, it was kinda tough for me because I love comedians. I love to laugh. It's one of my big things and I also love freedom of speech. However, believe at certain times when it can go too far, and this is one of those times. This was He just sat, he said it. You know it wasn't funny to me at all, so I thought it was highly inappropriate and there is a point where comedians, I think they know that point too, if you ask them again, you know should you have said that. I think he would just acknowledge his mistake and said he was wrong. Right. I think he was totally out of place. Now a lot of people, PK, are pointing to the good that Bill has done on his show from booking black intellects to just fighting for our causes. Now how much does his past history weigh into how you judge his latest mistake that he's made. Should we view it more in a context or it just doesn't matter at all. I mean you can say he has done a lot, and you can recognize that, but at this point, it was a mistake. I mean, acknowledge that it was a mistake. And just don't say well, because he's done so much previously, that we can just overlook it and say it wasn't a problem. He made a mistake. He was wrong. We all make mistakes. But I believe it still was something that he shouldn't have said. Right. Now Felicia jumping over back to you, what do you think should happen in a situation like this where we know he's made a mistake, he's apologized. HBO is still going on with the show, what do you think should happen? Do you think the show should keep going? [MUSIC] That's a tough one. Because of his history like you said he should have known better at that point. He should have known better. But as far as what PK was saying, you know people do make mistakes but I think just because all the injustice and how much racism is currently going on Whenever someone makes a statement like that, they're just cut off. Everyone's just done with them, like the black delegation probably wants to see the show go off. I mean my generation doesn't know Bill Maher in the way that other generations probably know him. So his show could go. His show could go wow a lot of people agree with you. Now PK As I mentioned earlier, Ice Cube and Simone Sanders, members of the black delegation, they're still going to appear on Bill's show this Friday. What message would you like for them to communicate to Bill? I think that��s a great point. I mean, I��m excited now to even see the show, to see what they��re going to, come on. It has to be addressed, something has to be said about it. So, I would just like to see them, of course they��re going to talk about it. I want to see Ice Cube, and I��m a huge Huge fan of Ice Cube, so I know he's gonna do the right thing about acknowledging it and see how that goes. It's gonna be highly anticipated, I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes, and I wanna see the response and how everybody Handled it. It's gonna be must see TV seriously. Yes, definitely. Felicia NPK, thank you so much for chiming in on this issue with us today, really appreciate your time. Now let's check in with Social Kayla. What are folks saying? Cuz I know you guys are commenting away. Yes, it's getting very passionate on Facebook. So, a lot of people aren't mad. Martha Harrah says leave it alone. Nadine Bicker/ says, I'm not mad at him at all. Vivian/ Johnson, don't mess with Bill. Selena/ Frasier says something interesting. No, I don't think he should be punished. He wasn't calling a person of color the n word. He was referring to himself. But a lot of people aren't here for it. Stephanie Davis says, I like Bill Maher, but if you listen to his show. He is not recently but Brenda Williams says the N-word has spoken behind closed doors, so he is a closet racist.>>>Wow, lots of mixed feelings. Wow, well keep those votes coming in for our viewer pool. Again, it's should comedians get a pass from saying offensive things Vote a for yes, comedians need freedom of expression or b for no, you can be funny without being disrespectful. Now we'll read the results later in the show. Coming up, Star Jones and Vanessa Williams dish on their new VH1 show Daytime Divas, and we're announcing the winner for our Essence Festival ticket giveaway. But first our editors have a few things to say about season two of the Netflix's hit Master of None. [MUSIC] Okay let's talk about the dinner scene. Because the dinner scene was. So, good. So beautiful. When Angela Bassett who plays Lena Waithe's mother when Lena is like telling her that she is a **** and like she doesn't like boys and like she's never going to have kids and Angela turns to her and says. I don't wait life to be odd. I was like aw.>> That part really made me think because all the time you hear about how there's so much homophobia within the black community. Sometimes it's just that parents are scared because you're black and now on top of that like You are gonna have to struggle with the fact that you are black and gay. And you are a woman. Yeah. Like, it's not gonna be easy for you. That's like three strikes. Yeah. So I understand that conversation. So when people are like they're so much older, that's not it. A lot of times, it's not it. It's just parents are, it's just rooted in fear. You're afraid for your child because that's your child and you don't want her out here not having the same rights as other people and being treated differently and being, that's what it is. And it was also really important. I think the scene when Angela Bassett and Kimberly were in the kitchen And Angela says well, is it because there weren't enough men around? Did I do something wrong? I don't understand, but the fact that she blamed herself, I think that's what happens a lot of the times with African American families and homophobic relationships or homophobia, is because parents often feel like they did something wrong, which is not the case at all, and for her to blame herself when she didn't Have to or need to. It was like really sad but because Kim Whitley is Kim Whitley and is like a comedic genius, she like shut that **** down real quick. And it was like girl, she's just gay. You didn't do anything wrong like it's not because there were no men around. It's not because You know, you gave her ice tea instead of. Just the way you're born. Ice tea with lemon like she just liked lemon. Get over it. It's not that deep. That's it. My god, can we talk about how she wanted to be called Lebanese instead of a ****. Yes. Because she was uncomfortable with that. That was so cute. I thought it was so precious. Because it's just like her way of like coming to terms with it. And it's just so, it's just cute, it's funny, it's endearing. It's just kind of like, let's call me Lebanese. And I'm like, okay girl. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I think everyone needs a friend like Dev though, because he was like super supportive. Yes. And just like, I don't care. Like, you're my friend. Like, I love you, and I'll be here for you and then if you want me to stock your homegirls on Instagram. I'll do it. Nipples and toes 23. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Nipples 23. It's full circle, it just comes right back to that [LAUGH] I cannot, I cannot. [MUSIC] Mo, get the hell out of here. You are fired. Please, Maxine. You can't fire me. I've gone viral. Yeah, more people are seeing me talk about your chocha than watch your show. I get you bust. You need me. Co-hosts come and go, I stay. It's my show. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. And that was the clip from the new show Daytime Divas Which chronicles all the behind the scenes drama of a factitious talk show. It airs Monday Nights on VH1. And in studio with us now are the star and producer of the show. Please help me welcome Vanessa Williams and Star Jones to ESSENCE Live. Hi ladies. Hello Hi. Wow, you both look Beautiful, my gosh, all right, let's start with you. As one of the original cohosts of the View, you know this talk show world all too well. And you're also a producer of the show, congrats. How much of your own experiences play into daytime do you think? You know, I'm just siting here, you have to forgive me, I feel like the old Aunty looking at you. What? [LAUGH] How fabulous Stop! You are and now you are just- No. Now you're Hitting it out the park with this hosting stuff. My god. And I'm literally sitting here Thank you so much. You are the living, breathing example of some of the experiences of daytime television. It's the coming into your own as an interviewer, learning how to ask the followup question, not just the first question, being a good listener, and That's just what happens in front of the camera. My job was to get this cast, the Daytime Divas cast to give you a taste of what happens a little bit behind the camera and to make it a little bit more fun and dramatic. [LAUGH] Well we can't wait, we're really, really excited for it. So have any of your former co-hosts actively reached out to you about Daytime Divas, or even the book before. I can honestly tell you that I heard from all of the original co-hosts. Vanessa and I sat with Joy on Friday before the show aired. And she couldn't have been more supportive. All of the girls, and as a matter of a fact, the present cast of The View actually will make a cameo appearance later in the season. Really. I've heard from Barbara, I've heard from Meredith, and Debbie has been tremendously supportive of Daytime Divas, doing stories on it. So I have to tell you We may be a dysfunctional family, daytime family. [LAUGH] Okay. But we are family nonetheless. You're family, yeah. Yeah, so we have each other's back. That's awesome. So, Vanessa, you're a huge part of the show. Who inspired your character on the show? Well, I think it was on the page, and I also did read the book Satan's Sisters before I started. But knowing Star for years and listening to her stories about her approach. You know, she, Maxine Robinson is based on Max Robinson. Who is the first black anchor on television. So it was an homage to accomplishment and achievement. So I knew I had to have a certain stature, so there's power that walks in the room. There's an elegance because she is a diva. And diva, meaning, she loves The great things in life. She loves to be treated a particular way. Mm-hm. And she deserves it because of who she is and she's accomplished. So I think it was a combination of Hearing her idea and kind of embodying what was on the page, and just knowing stories. Yeah, and you play some really powerful divas in your previous roles. Mm-hm. Do you gravitate toward those characters? Do you like playing those characters? No, people come to me for those. [LAUGH] People come to you. [CROSSTALK] But there's something about you that screams, yeah. [LAUGH] Vanessa Williams didn't do this. [LAUGH] But of course I love it. I would love to do a variety of characters but the ones that have been the most powerful and make the most impact are the ones that are the strong ones. I'm honors to bring to light that combination of strength But also vulnerability and achievement and, and drive. Congratulations on celebrating your two-year anniversary. Thank you, thank you. What lessons have you learned about love that you brought over to your new relationship? That love. Yeah! Well in terms of marriage- Hm. About marriage yeah. I think you have to know who you are in love with when you start your marriage. And know that you have to accept what you see before you get married and not try to change or with just enough love, it'll happen this way cuz that's what women tend to do. You see the potential but you kind of ignore what the present situation is, I mean in terms of personality. So you have to kind of just realize who you're in love with and accept them for who they are. And learn how to live with it. Yeah. And so before I let you go, we have to play a fun little game. Are you game to play a game? Sure. All right. All right. Now since your show Daytime Divas is all about a talk show, we wanna have you build your own talk show panel. With same famous and some infamous people. We're gonna show you images of potential co-hosts. And you tell us who you'd pick for your show. So you get to pick four people. Okay. All right? All right so Star you're first. Now you're options are, here we go. Auntie Maxine, Maxine Waters, Wendy Williams, Snoop Dog, Charlemagne the God, Rickie Lake, Ayesha Curry, Cardi B, Maury Povich and Viola Davis. Okay, I guess- So who are your four co-hosts? Who do you have? I am going to take Auntie Maxine, no question whatsoever. I am going to pick Aisha Curry. And I am going to pick Wendy and Ashley might pick Charlemagne the Guy. And Okay, that's cuz you know Rendi and Charlemaine they don't really speak so how would that work? They were together. [CROSSTALK] And I actually mix it up, because I won. I picked all African Americans on purpose because I'd love to have real political Pop culture, social commentary talk show with people of color, different backgrounds and experiences, who have a myriad of opinions. Some get along, some don't get along but I think that would be a genuinely interesting panel to hear the conversation. I actually think that's right and there is no show like that currently. So maybe Daytime Divas and then you could do a talk show of African American, right? Well yeah. There's a producer momma right here. That's what I'm saying, I'm dropping hints. [CROSSTALK] Good group of people today. It is. Anything that Maxine is on is going to be fabulous. So we have Aunty Maxine. So who's the four that you have? Aunty Maxine, Wendy Williams, Charlamain the god and Aisha Perry and I need Aisha because she can lighten it up and teach folk how to cook. That's why I picked her. She's my lifestyle, she's my Martha Stewart S. Your lifestyle okay, I love it. So Vanessa, we're putting you in the hot seat. Okay. It's your turn. Here are your potential talk show co-hosts. All right. Taraji P. Henson, Don Lemon, Rachel Dolezal, Judge Judy, Tamar Braxton, NeNe Leakes, Jerry Springer, Rhianna, and Kanye West. Lord. Who are your four? If I wanted the most bang for the buck in terms of viewership, I would have to do Kanye first because you have no idea what he's gonna say. And he's certainly opinionated and let's see. Then I would probably have Rachel. Rachel Dole is out. Because again, we're talking about ratings. But we're talking about a woman who has a very distinct journey and background and choice of her journey. And I'd love to get into that mind. I've met her once, and was fascinated by her. Okay. Fascinated is an interesting word. [LAUGH] Don already has his show, so he's set. Judy's a billionaire. Meanie, Rihanna, Jerry Springer? [LAUGH] Maybe Taranshie, Because, she, I think has done so much in her career, but very smart and very outspoken and [BLANK_AUDIO] who? [INAUDIBLE] One last one. Hamon need a job. Does Hamon need a job? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah I think maybe Judge Judy. Okay. To completely mix it up. Again, she can talk about How she is ruled. She's a [UNKNOWN] empire in terms of television, but also the law. And then if I needed anyone to be the law like the star was always the one in the panel who knew, this is what it really means. She would break it down. So let's recap, so we have Judge Judy, we have Taraji, we have Kanye, and Rachel. Wow. I didn't expect it. Well you gave it to me. I mean, that's a good panel. That's a good panel. A good panel. Wow, well we're so excited about the show, the show looked great yesterday. Ladies, thank you so much for stopping by. I genuinely, sincerely appreciate that. Now remember, you can watch Daytime Divas Monday nights on VH1. And we're gonna check in with you on social so keep using your comments using the hashtag EssenceLive. But first, Dear White People star Logan Browning dishes on her so fabulous curls in my main moments. [MUSIC] When I walk into a room, there is an essence that a curly girl brings. And I like I am a part of that. [MUSIC] what I love most about my hair is it is 100% unpredictable, I can wake up in the morning, and wash it and dry it and by the end of the day it's in a completely different shape, but I love that it's an extension of me, and it's free, it's bouncy, it's fun it can be sophisticated when it needs to be, it can be playful And I like that my hair defines who I am. It's its own personality. Growing up, I got relaxers, so I didn't stop getting a relaxer until my freshman year of college. I wanted to see what my hair could do. I felt like, That was a full expression of me that I hadn't explored yet. So I stopped getting relaxers. But I didn't truly see my curl pattern until I stopped straightening it. And that was kind of a wow moment. I had no idea how curly my hair was until I stopped doing both of those things. And saw my curls was popping. So many people around us are a wearing curly hair now and I hope that you as a curly girl if you are feel represented because I know how important that is to see images of yourself related in the media and in entertainment. [MUSIC] Black is beautiful is [MUSIC] It's amazing, because we finally all get to understand that all colors are beautiful, including black. For a long time, people who have medium to dark skin tones. Didn't always feel as beautiful and were made to feel inferior simply because they were a different color and it's a nice change that we don't have to listen to our systemic societies rules on inferiority or superiority based on the color of our skin. And, I mean, I love shades. It bothers me so much when people say, I don't see color, I don't see color. Why would you not want to see all of these beautiful shades of people? Maybe when you say you don't see color, you mean you're not limiting yourself to judgments by people's colors. I think that's what you mean. I think you mean to say that you see past it maybe, but See my color I love it I love yours. Black is beautiful. [MUSIC] Hey everyone its Alisha Carey and you are watching Essence live. You watching Essence Live i'm your host Makho Ndlovu and it's almost time to announce the winner of our hash tag Essenes live contest. To see who scored tickets to Essence Festival but not quiet yet. First let's check in with you and social to see what your saying. Our girl Kayla is gathering your comments right now, hey Kayla what are folks saying [SOUND] Okay, so we asked earlier, should comedians get a pass for saying offensive things. A, yes, comedians need freedom of expression. Or, No, you can be funny without being disrespectful. Okay, so let's start with some of the positive. [LAUGH] Okay, let's start with the positive, okay. So some people are not offended at all. Kathy Lefferd says I'm not offended by it. Pat Monroe says it was a joke, let's move on. Bridget Covington says "It was a mistake. I forgive him. He's a good guy." But some people are not here for it. Jeanne Washington says "He truly needs to be fired because he should have known to make a comment like that if a black person Person would have said something to a different race. They wouldn't think twice about firing him is what she was saying. That's exactly right, yeah. Sasha Grey says what's inappropriate is black people using the word frequently, so what are we saying that we're the ones to use it and it's not racist? That's right. So Liz Wesley said, it's There is a time and a place for everything but never a time for ignorance.>>Wow, sounds->>Some people->>Still sounds pretty mixed. Like people are->>But I'm surprised so many people were just like, it's a joke let it go.>>It's a joke let it go. All right well let see. Let's tune in and see the results of our viewer poll. So we asked you, should comedians get a pass from saying offensive things, and here's how you voted. Wow, 58% say yes, comedians need freedom of expression, 42% no, you can be funny without being disrespectful. So 58% say yes. Guys, no no no. I'm in that 42%. You can be funny. Without being disrespectful, Bill knew what he was doing. He was out of order, he's out of line. The Black community frowns on him, right Kayla? Definitely, there's some topics you stay away from. [LAUGH] That's exactly right. Racial slurs, 911, there's a list. You should know. You should know. Or be prepared for the backlash. Yeah. Don't be surprised. Right, right, right, and I'm still not here for his apology tour. Let's see what happens after this. All right. So, for the past few weeks, we've been telling you about our Hashtag essence live contest. The rules were pretty simple: post a public video to social media of yourself singing or rapping about essence live. We've got a lot of interesting submissions, so let's take a look at some of the folks who almost, almost made it. If i'm [UNKNOWN] for the essence, i'll be mad miffed and stressing. Just like breakfast the most important mea, it's not an option to skip the Essence Festival. And in petty news that we all so love, Essence Live is true and honest. It's on fleek. So join the movement of Essence Live. Now can I talk about Essence Live for you? About the vibes and the host Michael Size and I love your style so that's something that I'm happy to do. In case you haven't quite noticed I'm natural too.>> [SOUND] [MUSIC] I know I'll be inspired by who you all got in line, I'll ask just once more time, send me to Essence live. Yeah. All right those clips were really, really good. Thank you guys for submitting, but now it's time to announce the winner Or shall I say, winners. Yup, we've got two winners and the first one is. [BLANK_AUDIO] Wood Alex RIghts of Houston! Here are the two videos she submitted. [BLANK_AUDIO] I know i got this because my rhymes gonna be the hottest. Don't usually rap but I got places to be. I'm trying to get to Essence Fest to see India Ari so Shout out Eston Slides for keeping me entertained like all the Slides, from the fast and quick, to the latest news, the hot lists, celebrity interviews, yeah. S and T, sit lick, that's one of the ravens they inspired me to spit. So what you think? How did I do? Slayed or shade. I'll ask you. Essence Fest wanna go to Essence Fest. I'm chasing tickets yeah you know I'm chasing ticks. Tuesdays to win at three PM for Essence live with Mckowen Essence fam. The hottest news and celeb interviews, too. [SOUND] Discussion panels for folks like me and you. [SOUND] You don't watch? No, baby, what you doing? [SOUND] Essence Live is what you need to get to viewing. [SOUND] Essence Fest, wanna go to Essence Fest. Yes, congratulations Alex, I love it! Okay, so now our final winner also went above and beyond, by posting more than one video, and our second and final winner is Ange D. Here's our wrapping about essence live. [MUSIC] Essence Live keeps me in the know, from celebrity news to the hottest shows. You can catch an episode online. Tune in day or night. So I checked out a segment in Mach with Larenz Tate. Given how heart to heart he is, so smooth and so fab but I can't believe he forgot all those lines. Yes, Essence Live is where you need to be and you can say you heard that from me. Fantastic that was so awesome. Congratulations Alex and Angie, you both got two tickets to Essence Festival. We'll see you in New Orleans, yes. Now, if you wanna go to Essence Festival, you can still get tickets at Ticketmaster right now, so go get them! Thanks to Star Jones and Vanessa Williams and all of our guests for stopping through. If you missed any of today's show, you can catch the replays shortly on Or see all of our videos on our YouTube page. Now, be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 3:00 pm because we've got Maxwell. We've got Maxwell tickets, yes. We'll tell you how you can go to his summer 2017 tour so you don't want to miss it at all. That's Tuesday at 3:00 pm right here on and on Facebook. I'm [UNKNOWN] See you next week! [MUSIC]