Zendaya, The Cast Of 'Power' And Sanya Richards Ross On Her First Pregnancy: Check Out This Week's Episode Of ESSENCE Live

On this episode of ESSENCE Live, Zendaya stops by to discuss her role in the new 'Spiderman' movie and the cast of 'Power' dishes on Season 4, premiering this Sunday.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 21, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Attention. This is how a bad chick starts Essence Live. Most of y'all chicks can't even spell Essence Live. [MUSIC] I'm Makho Nolovu and today on Essence Live, we're jammed packed with your favorite stars. First, the cast of Power dishes on what's next for Ghost. And Zendaya is here to talk about the all new Spiderman movie Plus Sanya Richards Ross gives us the scoop on her first pregnancy. But right now it's time for the Hot List, the biggest stories we're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four, was shot and killed Killed by Seattle Police who were responding to a call about a burglary. But here's the really sad part. Charleena was the one who reported the burglary. Police say she was branding a knife when they arrived. However, Charleena's family said she was merely trying to protect herself And was too small to pose a real threat, but here's what we know for sure, often when black folks runs in with the police, even for the slightest infraction, it ends up being deadly for us. And if anyone tries to argue with that fact, show them this. [BLANK_AUDIO] How you doing, sir? Howdy. Good morning. Can I see your ID's? No, no. Why not? Because I dont have to, I'm not doing crimes. Okay, is there any particular reason why you are carrying an AR specialty round? I'm exercising my rights. I understand that but is there a reason why you're- Interesting, interesting. Surely that had to have been a one off, right? Hey partner how you doing? [INAUDIBLE] Can you set that down real quick and talk to me? Wow, white privilege sure is nice. [SOUND] It looks like them babies are here. According to multiple outlets, Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins arrived earlier this week. Now TMZ is reporting that the twins are still in the hospital Due to a, quote, minor issue, but are expected to be okay. Meanwhile, there's still no official statement from B or Jay about the birth, which brings us to this. Why is Matthew Knowles out here spilling all the tea? Beyonce's dad posted this birthday card for the twins on Twitter. I mean, we're not even related to Beyonce and we know full well she didn't co-sign on that tweet. UncensoredCyrus responded They aren't here until Beyone tells us they're here. I know that's right. And Yanga_NM went for Matthew's neck with this one. Now how many times does she have to fire you? [NOISE] [MUSIC] The TuPak Shakur biopic All Eyes on Me took in over 27 million this past weekend proving that biopics are still big business at the box office. Essence Festival performers Xscape, well they're working on bringing their TV story to TV. LeToya Luckett is playing Dionne Warwick in a new film, and Aretha Franklin has said that she wants Jennifer Hudson to play her in her own true story. So, today's viewer poll question is this, Which musician do you think should get a biopic next? Use your vote, send us your votes using #EssenceLive, because we're talking about it next. It's Tuesday, June 20th, and Essence Live starts right now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live, I'm your host Makho Nolovu. Come and talk to us, use the #EssenceLive or you can email us at essencelive@essence.com to sound off on topics live on the show. Okay as I mentioned earlier biopics are big business in Hollywood right now, the new Tupoc movie, " All Eyes On Me" has everyone buzzing and according to Shadow and Axe there are at least Sixty, Sixty films in developement based on prominent black people so we're asking you which musician should get a biopic next is it A, Prince, B, Mary J. Blige, C, Rick James, D, Mariah Carey finish your votes right now using the hashtag ESSENCELive. Now lets check in with our ear to the social media streets, Kayla. Kayla, I know this poll is going to be a good one. What are folks saying? Yep, so already the votes are coming in and Prince, It looks like it's leading the way. Raven Curtis, Sheera Shantel, a lot of votes for A I don't wanna influence the vote, but I wanna rig James. I wanna hear all about the party and the rock and roll, the drummer with Charlie Murphy. I have a whole list. I want Rick James. [LAUGH] Rick James, okay. Looks like Priss is leading, but Rick James is a close second. All right, I think I'm with you there. Now, keep those votes coming in please. And we'll read the results later on in the show. But joining us right now, this is a real treat, Treat is the cast of the show that has become the most watched show on STARZ and has all of social media buzzing. It returns for its fifth season this Sunday, June 25. Please welcome the cast of Power to the show. [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN], and [UNKNOWN] to Essence Live. Hey gang. Hey. You all look so beautiful. So before we discuss the show, Naturi, we have to congratulate you! Girl, how you feel? I'm good. I got one more month to go. I'm staying strong. Happy to be here, thank you. Well, you look amazing, you're glowing. What was it like shooting while you were pregnant? I assume you were shooting while you were. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. If we count back the months, I shot, up until I was five months, and it was challenging, because that's the beginning, when your like [SOUND], but I actually did okay and I had a good support system. I didn't really tell anybody until the end Why? I didn't. Your cast members didn't know either? No. You guys were like So, like The end. The end. Until the end. [INAUDIBLE] really great job of [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Yeah. And costumes did a great job of making it work. Mm-hm. [LAUGH] So Leah, let's talk about you getting ghost arrested. Yeah. Have you had any fans walk up to you on the street? Like what has the reaction been since that last season? You know, it's It's been, it's been interesting sometimes. Sometimes it's hard, people who have a hard time separating reality. [LAUGH] But it's, overall, people are such wonderful fans of the show and it's been great. It's a terrific show. It's easy to fall in love with it. Now people have some really interesting theories about the show. What's the craziest What is the most outlandish theory about the show?>> I dont know that Tommie and Tasha are going to have an affair.>> Okay.>> Well as far as the characters they get really into it.>> I'd say that ghost dies in prison.>> Aha.>>But [LAUGH] .>>They have so many theories.>> Its cool to hear it though. Its a testament to how dope the writing is. When people start making their own assumptions and their own story lines. You know that means they're really They're invested. They're really invested so. They really are invested. Yeah Now we also have to mention that Charlie Murphy is also on the season. Did you work with him. Do you have any memories of working with him on set. No, I wasn't able to work with him. I got to work with him very little. I remember episode, I think it was episode one, It was a courtroom scene, I'll say that. But sitting in our chair, we talked and he was just super happy, very very good spirit, good energy talking about fatherhood. He was a joy and I'm I'm, you know, really sad to see him go. I think people are going to be excited to see him, thought, cause their gonna see him in a light that they've never seen him. Yes. Yes. Exactly. And speaking of seeing someone that we've never seen, you're getting a lot more screen time this evening. [LAUGH] I don't want to give away a lot of spoilers Yeah. But what has that experience been like for you? You know, it's a blessing because, you know, that means Courtney and the writing staff believe in me. You know, they trust my work so And it's a lot more work. And it's cool because the Dre character in my life is kinda art imitates life, whereas as an actor I'm being asked to do a lot more. And as Dre, he's being asked now to possibly run a club and do all these things. So it's cool, but I'm surrounded by so many incredible actresses and actors that I'm learning so much so fast. Soaking it all in. My God, it's like a six-month Course for me, you know? Yeah. And it's really cool to be a part of that. Now, if you could change anything about your character, this is an open question to anyone here, what would you change? So, start with you Rotimi, since you're getting a little more- A little more action, action. Action, yeah. The show would be called Dre. It'd be call [UNKNOWN], really? Yes. Okay. Well that was something else. Naturi? That's what you would do? Yes. I love it! And we'd be cancelled. Yes. One man show. Okay. A one man show. And you. So, what would you do? What would I do? Change my Character. Change your character, yeah. I would probably find her a new man. Which, actually, interestingly enough, Tasha has a new love interest this season. Does she? So you've got to watch. I think she's just fed up with dealing with Ghost and his drama and this lady to my left. [LAUGH] So you know we've got to move on Tasha. We got to go forward [LAUGH]. So I would make that... Lela what would you change Angela would take over the entire justice department, and rain down on everybody. Yes, everybody would go to jail. You go to jail. You go to jail. All that can happen on Dre, right? Right, exactly. On the show Dre. All about Dre. Of course. My god. You'd be the first one arrested. Before we wrap up Natori we saw you make up with Adrian. On the real. Have you had a chance to talk to Kiely after that? No. I mean, we don't keep in touch. I have no idea what their thoughts were, but it was cool just to get an apology. From Adrienne. I accepted it, I'm moving forward. I'm so happy to be in this really positive place in my life, so it's been good. We love that. And moving forward, we can't wait to see Season 4, it's going to be- Yes. Yeah! Yeah. Amazing. Very, very lit. Thank you so much- June 25th? June 25th. Yes. 9PM? Yes. Yes. Yes. Where you guys gonna be watching it? Do you all get together and watch it as a cast or do you. We should. I think we'll be in LA. Yeah, we'll be in LA. That's right, you're not gonna be able to travel. [CROSSTALK] But no she's like, we're gonna be in LA. You're gonna be in LA. In spirit we'll be watching and glued to the TV just like the fans. So live Tweet us. Yes I was gonna ask, do you live Tweet? Are you really interactive? Yeah, yes definitely. All right. Wow, what good looking cast. I just can't even stop staring at you. Thank you. Thank you so much for having us. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you stopping by. Make sure to watch the premiere of Power, this Sunday, June 25th on Starz. I know I will. Now coming up [INAUDIBLE] Zendaya is here and we're gonna chat with here about how she's making the transition to adult star in her new role Spider-Man Homecoming. But first, Essence Cover Girl Regina Hall, remembers her first wildest girl's trip. This is really funny. Take a look at this. In my 20s, my girl's was for fun and I was really broke. So they were always a little bit more adventurous. [MUSIC] Me and my friend, we went to Jamaica We had $100, that's all we had. She took $40 of $100 and bought some weed. I was like, now we have $60. Then she meets some guy, then she's like they're taking us out to dinner. And she ordered some real expensive stuff And then they split the [BLEEP] bill. We have $20. So we met this girl, and she's like, No, I have all-inclusive. Okay, so then we'll have a drink. So, then the next day, we went to the beach. We started saying we were her, like using her name. Cuz she wasn't gonna be charged, right? Cuz she's all-inclusive. And then they go, well, where's your card? And then we were like, did you leave the card in the room again? And then we wanted to go to the grill and the bus was $10 and we sat on the bus. And they were like, ladies, where are your tickets? And my friend said, we gave them to the guy, and she said "What does the guy look like?" and she said "Jamaican." So we gave the man ten dollars, we had ten dollars left. Right before we're leaving, she goes " I've got all this weed on me. We've got to smoke it now." I don't smoke weed. That day I did. We get to the airport. The last ten dollars, she wanted to buy some BLEEP Jamaican rum. and I remember waking up in New York. The man next to me, I was just on his lap, my face is just, I think the weeder put me to sleep. Anyway, I wouldn't do that today. Now, as we all know, Essence Fest is coming. But which night will be the best? Sunday. Sunday is the answer, Sunday night. But was she talking to you though? It don't matter. I know the answer, I buzz in. [UNKNOWN] Well Saturday is ladies night at Essence Festival, so much black girl magic. Can I just say something for a second right here? No you can't, because I was actually still talking. Saturday night girl. Yes, I'm with you on that but Friday night we have the original diva. I'm talking about Ms. Diana "Ease on Down the Road" Ross. Sunday night you've got Chance the Rapper. You've got Solange. If Saturday night's so good, why does XCAPE choose Sunday to perform? The other thing is. He going to make the say " ." You gonna make them say [UNKNOWN]. Na na na I bet you Mary J Blige stay in town an extra day just to see Master P's show. I'm gonna be backstage. Well one thing we can all agree on is Essence Festival 2017 will be one to remember with comedian Roy Wood Jr. hosting our main stage. Get your tickets and essencefestival.com. I know Chance the Rapper. He owes me $20. You don't know no Chance. There's no chance you know Chance, okay? You don't know who I know! You don't even know your daddy. You don't know who I know. I know my daddy. I met him twice. No, you ain't. That hurt, Gerald that's okay you know what just. You didn't have to bring up my daddy. I know that one hurt that's fine. I'm glad I hurt him I hope he's crying. I'm still here okay so don't talk about me like I'm not here but I'm here. I'll talk about you and your daddy. [LAUGH] Alright you're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and joining me right now in the studio is actress, fashionista, entrepreneur, singer. Seriously there's nothing this young woman can't do and And this summer she stars in Spider-Man Homecoming. Please, welcome Zendaya back to the show. Hi. Zendaya, how are you? I'm really good. How are you? Awesome. Now you said that your character in Spider-Man is smart and a little quirky. Without giving away any spoilers, are there any similarities to you and the character? Absolutely. I think my character is a bit of a loner, and a lot of people don't think that I am that way, but I am definitely, 100% a loner. I like to be to myself, you know what I mean? I like to think my character's also very outspoken, and we know that I like to do that, too. But I think she's a very interesting character, very different from anything we've seen, especially in any Spiderman movie. So it was really fun kind of developing her and creating her Now you play Peter Parker's friend in the movie. Yeah. Would you ever wanna play a superhero, and if you which one, yeah? Absolutely, I mean, it's cool now that we're seeing a new wave of female superheroes, especially Wonder Woman and everything like that. And also, just a new wave of Powerful, strong female roles than general. And so, of course I want to be a superhero. Yeah. Which one would you be, though, if you could? Wonder Woman? Do you know which one? I mean, there are so many. I've learned so much about just the comic book world in the past year, that there are like endless options. But I don't know. I don't know what I would pick. I wouldn't know what I would want to do. I think we should just make up one. Well, might as well. Right Because you are just so fabulous, I feel like there needs to be on news and data based. You know? Okay. So you're turning 21 soon. Your birthday is when? September 1st. Wow. What big plans to do you have for your birthday? Nothing. Nothing at all? Absolutely nothing. I know that sounds... Wow. like, you know because everybody, especially at this time, has those major like parties, and it's like a big Hollywood thing. I'm like the opposite of that. I'm like honestly I don't know, I'll just chill at home, maybe I'll even go on vacation. Maybe I'll do that. So while you're sitting on vacation, Yeah. We're in Jamaica, right? Ok, ok, we're in Jamaica, I like that. This is your first alcoholic beverage. Do you have a drink in mind that you're going to have? I'll be real boring right now, I don't drink. But even when you turn 21? I won't drink. You won't drink? I just don't have a. You know, my life is too stressful as it is. I don't want to rely on anything. So let me just stay focused. I like that. I love that You don't need to drink, we promote that for sure. Yeah. But speaking of getting older we've watched you, sort of grow up in front of our eyes. Yeah. Now as you mature, what kind of woman do you see yourself becoming? Well you know I think the most important thing at least for me is you know, it's one thing to be known for your movies and And you know the things that you do as far as this industry goes and that's amazing but I would much rather be known for the person that I am. Yeah. And that's the most important thing to me. The first thing people come up to me and say has to do with me as a human being I thing that is something I'm proud of. Yeah. And I choose to take on that responsibility as being a role model, as being, I think that's a gift. I think that's a very special thing that I've been put in that place to do. And I just want to do it the right way. And if you had to choose three quick words to describe yourself, who you are right now, role model, powerful, is there anything that comes to mind? Or maybe just even one? Three words? One word? I mean, I don't know. I think I don't know if theres, I just, I don't know. I don't really know what those words are, which is like one of those things, so I just feel like there's a lot of things that come to my mind when I think of myself. And that's okay. Is a lot, I'm a lot, but I think the number one thing I think everybody should have is just You know, belief in their own self power. You know, the power that everyone has, it's just whether you choose to see it or harness it or not. And who are some of the women you look up to, celebrity or non, who are your icons? Well, I mean obviously the women in my family are really important to me, whether it be my older sister or my mother or my little nieces. Which I love that are actually my screen savers. They are? Let's see it. Can we pull it up? That is so cute. Text messages. I see you hanging out with them all the time on Instagram. That is so cute! That's from [UNKNOWN] Aw, that's adorable. Yeah. But I have a lot of A lot of little nieces and nephews. And they are really empowering to me because I want to do the right thing for them, you know. So definitely them and as far as the industry goes, I mean, of course there's Beyonce, there's Rihanna, there's you know the queens. And then I love Oprah.>>Yes. We love Oprah.>> I'm obsessed with Oprah>> Yeah>> I think she's just like everything.>>She's everything, yes.>>And I mean Michelle Obama, I mean the list goes on and on but And I love that relationship you have with your mom and your dad. And I know that they've given you such good advice, but is there anything that you sort of seen on your own as you've gotten older? That you've found your own path on? Like they gave me good advice, but I think I gonna veer this way. I think something that they didn't literally have to tell me, but they showed me is a couple things. I think just being okay with loving yourself, I think, is so important. I always was raised that And I wish everybody had this. That you're good enough, that you can do everything that anyone else can do regardless of your gender, regardless of your race, regardless of anything. You are capable. Yes. And I would also say another thing that I've learned, I would say, is to protect your energy. Yeah. You know what I mean? Protect what is yours. I think that just means surrounding yourself with the right people. Mm-hm. Being in the right place. If there's things that are negative around you, like get rid of it! Get rid of it, right! Just move out of that situation, you know what I mean? Yes It's so important to like protect your energy and stuff. I mean I'm young and I'm still figuring it out, but those are some things I definitely think are important. yeah And your parents have been together for so long. Now we have to talk about your love life though. Yes. I see the eyes sparkling up. What love life? Zendaya, I know there is. You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. Is there someone in the mix? No. But I will say that people have tried to be in the mix. Multiple people. Who? Can we have some names? Listen, I am not going to air out their dirty laundry Okay. but I will say that probably you've seen it on Twitter. These people are not shy. [UNKNOWN] shot. [LAUGH] Yeah. I mean it's cool or whatever, and it's flattering I guess. But you know my standards are very high. I'm also very intimidating, I found. [LAUGH] Really? You're so nice. So, that's what guys say,i s that you're intimidating so...? I guess, I guess--- Sometimes it's hard to approach a young lady with her stuff going on. You know what I'm saying. Who has her stuff together. Those who try, I give them major props for it, cuz I would be scared to approach me as well. I know that's right. Well speaking of crushes, don't be scared guys. She's really sweet. I am. I promise. Maybe we can help you find a future bae on Essence Live today. Okay. Here we go. Yeah. It's this is gonna be fun. Trust. We're going to play a little game called Kiss, Marry, Diss. [INAUDIBLE] We'll give you three men to choose from and you'll let us know who you'd like to Kiss, who you'd like to Marry and who you Diss. Are you ready Zendaya? I'm ready. Our first category is actors. We've got Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya and Jay Ellis. Let's go. Who would you Kiss, Marry and Diss? Man.>> Yeah.>> Okay okay.>> Lets start with kiss.>> Umm, If you think about it kiss and marry are the same thing because you get both.>> Okay.>> So I'm going to have to kiss and marry Micheal B. Jordan.>> Okay. Kiss, man, guys this is hard. This is hard, okay so we're going to. And then the rest are two, tie, tie the other two. Okay, okay. I just, I can't diss them, they just you know talented young. I know, okay, great, so let's move on to artists. We're running out of time. No no, you're fine, but you can still kiss and not marry, so let's move on to artists, let's see, we have chance the rapper Look over here Z, on camera seven. Yep. Sorry. That's okay, that's all right, we're live. Chance the Rapper, Drake and Bryson Tiller. All right. This is another hard one. Guys, I don't want to get in trouble. I will say- It's all fun. Marry Chance the Rapper, cuz everything he does in the community and the things he speaks up for are so dope, so. definitely that one. I'm going to have to like, ugh that's a tough one. I'm going to just put kiss and diss, and just do the 50 50 thing again.>> Okay, which one is it going to be? Who are you dissing here?>> I don't know.>> You don't know.>> It has to be->> You have to pick one.>> Come on guys that's not fair.>> Okay fine we wont diss one because that negative.>>Its negative. I feel bad.>> Who would you marry?>>I said Chance.>> Ok marry Chance. Okay, and then kiss, Drake? Kiss Bryson Tiller. Bryson Tiller? But, I don't want to diss Drake though! I like Drake! We're not dissing Drake. [CROSSTALK] I don't know. It's a nice diss, you know? You can't kiss your older brother. You know? I was going to Go with that. I like that, I like that. All right, this is the final category, it's athletes. I'm making this way too complicated. No, it's really good, this is good. We have Odell Beckham Jr., Serge Ibaka, woo, so hot. Cullen Jones, who would you kiss? Who would you marry, and who would you diss? Well, everybody think I'm gonna pick Odell? I thought you were gonna pick Odell, I thought so. That's my friend, and I genuinely mean that. Guys, come on now. So you'd marry Odell, cuz he's a friend. He's a good friend, right? I'm saying you should put that there. Okay, that's in there. This isn't fair. This is really not fair, I refuse to play. You refuse? Okay- This is ridiculous. [LAUGH] This is... Giving me too many good options. Giving you too many options? So we can't even get a kiss on this one? It's just, It's just too hard? It's just everybody's wonderful. You all are great people. [LAUGH] I hope you have great lives I love that. and continue to do great things. And guys she is single so just putting it out there. Right? What are the top quality, what is the number one quality that you look for in a guy? Is it looks, is it humility, what do you look for? I think other than just a fun sense of humor, like, I love someone that makes me laugh and everybody says that, but it's true. I would say just a general also, like, I don't wanna get Overuse the word but wokeness. Wokeness, yes, gotta be woke. You know what I'm saying? Gotta understand a little bit about the world, so we gotta agree on certain issues because I don't want to have to have these long reading sessions [LAUGH] That often. I will do it. [LAUGH] I love it. So we should have had a woke miss category. Yes. Sundaia thank you so much for stopping by. Of course. We really, really appreciate it. Now be sure to catch Spiderman Homecoming in theaters July 7th. And speaking of movies, remember to send us your votes for today's viewer poll question, which is, which musician do you think should be a biopic next? Y'all better not touch Prince. Prince, did you say Prince? Wait, Zendaya's vote. No, I said, don't touch Prince. You don't wanna do a Prince biopic? No, who can play Prince? Nobody can play Prince. No one can play Prince. Bruno Mars, Zendaya's chiming in so zip- I think Bruno Mars is amazing. I personally connect with Bruno Mars, because I think I secretly am. But that's Prince, you just can't, that's a legacy you just- So who do you vote? Because we have Mary, we have Mariah. Who were you given- I don't know. Since you said Prince is out. I don't know. You don't know. See. [CROSSTALK] I'm indecisive. She leaves us hanging. But I will tell you, Prince is a no no. Don't touch Prince. Don't touch Prince. Vote now using the hashtag #ESSENCELIVE and we'll read the results in just a little bit. But right now, Olympia Sanya Richards-Ross takes a little mommy quiz. Watch this. [MUSIC] So it's a funny story. I actually found out I was pregnant two weeks before I told my husband. It was right before Christmas. And my sister and I were like this is too special not to surprise him on Christmas cuz he's wanted to be a father for so long. And it was the best moment ever. He cried, and my husband rarely cries, and he was just so overcome with emotion. He So excited. He wakes up in the middle of the night and rubs my belly, so I keep telling him I hope you're like this when he's here and he's crying and I'm like your turn, bottle. [MUSIC] Well I think I know this. I think that Babies when they are really small should sleep on their backs. What I've heard is in research if they sleep on their stomach sometimes they'll suffocate. So I think they should be on their backs. [SOUND] My goodness. What does BPA stand for? Baby parental advice. [LAUGH] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Can you drink a glass of wine while breastfeeding? I think you can but I wouldn't do it. I don't really drink anyway so I don't intend to drink while breastfeeding. I think sometimes when women do that, they pump it out. I don't know. I ain't going to be drinking while I'm breastfeeding. [MUSIC] My son's going to be high maintenance. So I'm thinking a couple million [LAUGH] I don't know. [NOISE] [BLANK_AUDIO] I hope green poop is normal because I have a new nephew and his poop is mostly green. I'm praying he's not an alien, so yes. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Yay, I just didn't know what BPA was. Hey Kayla all right, I am so excited to hear the results of the viewer poll what are folks saying? Okay, so people were so local. And a lot of people are rolling with me on my vote. Kita Hudson says, Rick James, hands down, clapping hands. Stephanie Camille says, could you imagine how he lived? And it would just blow our minds. Shout out to the people who always throw in their own options, not the choices we give them. [LAUGH] Michael Koons says Sammy Davis Jr. So he just threw that in there. And Kiandra Bell agrees with Zendaya. Prince was way too private. That would be so disrespectful. Just saying. This is true. So the Todays viewer poll was which biopic would you like to see? In light of All Eyes On Me being so successful, which biopic would you like to see. It was A, Prince. B, Mary J. Blige. C, Rick James. And D, Mariah Carey. All right, here are the results! Let's go. The results are overwhelmingly Disagree with our girl Zendaya, 60 percent of people want to see prince. You know what, I'd like to see Prince. Kayla, would you like to see a prince yes I think prince has such a dynamic story from you know his upbringing to the great music he's given us. Yes there would be so much to see like so you would still say Prince of Rick James? Prince would make in an amazing movie as well. Paisley Park, the house, how everything was created, how he formed his groups, the music, everything. Yeah. I think Mariah Carey already gave us a sneak peek off of her reality show, right? We kind of know about Mariah. So- That's true. What more do we want to see? [INAUDIBLE] Thank you so much, Kayla, and thank you so much to you guys for voting. Thanks to the cast of Power and [INAUDIBLE] and all of our guests for stopping through. If you missed any of today's show, you can catch the replay shortly on essence.com and see all our videos On our YouTube page. Tune in next Tuesday at 3 p.m. Eastern, as we have psychic medium, Zya, who will be here to do a live reading. Do you have a lost loved one or someone that you want to connect with? Do you need a prediction about your love life? Email us right now at essencelive@essence.com for a chance to sit with her to do a live reading for you on our show. That's Tuesday, next Tuesday at 3PM Eastern here on ESSENCE Live. I'm Makho Ndlovu, see ya!