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[MUSIC] Before you get on stage, what's the running dialogue that you have inside, like, to get yourself prepped for that, feat? The running dialogue, oh man. normally, it's, I just have a long conversation with God. And I talk to I talk to my band. We talk about what a pleasure and what gift it is to be here. There's a, a gift and not a given in that you know, we just ask to, to be open and to hear one another thoroughly. Not just what we're playing but also how we're feeling. You're on the road a lot. Yeah. How do you sort of give yourself a maintain, give yourself a sense of home when you're on the road so much? Well, like I said. I do travel with my family. This, this is my band, my band is my family, you know, my lovely makeup artists and my stylists. We're, we are friends outside of this business, you know, my, my bodyguard is also my trainer, you know, and my brother, you know, so, like, it matters. He, like, he spends time with my son. You know, these are my peoples. So when we go overseas, like sometimes we go to Aus, Australia which is pretty incredible, but I, I look around and I see that one brown face about five blocks away. I'm like hey! Yo! And, I know that's somebody [LAUGH] that belongs to me. You know what I mean? So, it's, it's just all love. And I've had people in my band before. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've had people in my band before and the energy just wasn't right and you can't stay. If you're, if you're selfish, if you're all about yourself, if you're playing but not listening. If you're, you know, you're having your smash moment, you know, but not being considerate of what else is happening in the space, the energy that we're creating, you gotta go. And sometimes you gotta go on that tour. We will do without you. Boss Lady. Listen, it's, it's my brand. It's my life, it's my calling, and if you're not down to play with, with your true intentions, then you gotta go home. It was nice to see you, good luck with that, but you can't stay.

ESSENCE Fest Mainstage: Jill Scott

The songstress shares how she prepares herself before going on stage.