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[MUSIC] Mabel eating, what does Mabel eat every time she comes to Essence Festival? You ready for the list? Gotta go to Drago's, is it Dray-go's or Drah-go's? I say Dray-go. Okay, Drago's is my first stop all the time, I gotta get the charbroiled oysters, which I had last night. Gotta give me a couple gumbo, bowl of gumbo, really, fry shrimp basket. Oh, gotta go to Cafe du Monde get my beignets. Oh, voodoo rolls! There's a spot, New Orleans food and spirit. They got these voodoo rolls, girl. They got crawfish and cheese it's go, oh. I don't even know what a voodoo roll is? Listen, do yourself a favor and get your voo- Oh, and then [UNKNOWN] for breakfast. Best breakfast ever, honey. It's a little a line outside, but it's worth the wait. Nice. So, now let's go to the Superdome at night. Who are the people this year that you're, okay, I know who, I know who. To the camera, go. Do the cameras see who I'm coming to see? I can't wait, I need purple rain, purple rain So you're purple, are you wearing purple tonight? I didn't bring nothing Oh Latoya, I'm afraid, I'm afraid for you I'm gonna wear white so he can see me. No he might eject you from the Superdome. Why? He might have a Prince button that he's gonna press. Stand out, so he could literally look into the crowd to see his people and see me standing there waving my hands. And maybe they even put me on stage today cuz you know he likes to do that. [MUSIC]

ESSENCE Fest: Letoya Luckett

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