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[MUSIC] Hi. My name is Jasmine Whittingham. Hey, I'm Angelique Rivero. Hi. I'm Christine Collins And I am one-third of the ownership team here at 9th Ave. Street Food. [MUSIC] Hi ladies. Hi. I am so excited to talk to you guys today about 9th Avenue Street Food. We're excited to have you. So how do three close girlfriends, Start their own street move dance.>> We all met in the restaurant business and we put together a concept and once we did everything kind of just came into play really fast.>> Really fast.>> Yeah, I fell in love with the restaurant business probably in 2006 at my first restaurant job. I just loved the atmosphere. i loved the people. I loved eating.>> I love to cook. Love different flavors been exposed to as a young kid. And ever since then it just was a passion. What was your background in restaurants that kind of brought you together? Tell me a little bit more about that. I managed restaurants for probably about the last ten years and I actually met Christine at one of those restaurants and then over the last couple of years I met Jasmine. I've just kind of clicked together and [CROSSTALK] You guys are so in sync, you're like sisters. We truly believe in, like, magic. Like, everything that's happening, from the business to us meeting, and how we met to this very moment right here, it's magic. [MUSIC] We know how to balance, how to work with each other. It's always a good time. Lots of laughs. Just the opportunity to see not only yourself succeed, but the people close to you also succeed. And create something that we're really passionate about, something that we really love. People come by. They get a bite of the food. They just keep coming back. [MUSIC] I'm about to taste the dirty dog. It's a beef frank, beer can chili, and smoked gouda, with zucchini chips. [MUSIC] No words, we're just gonna do thumbs up on this one. And that's just the beginning. It's good. So good. [MUSIC] My God. My God. My God. We actually plan to do a brick and mortar in the next, start looking in the next year for a brick and mortar. Maybe take 9th Ave Food Trailer on the road somewhere. Franchising, the opportunities are endless. [MUSIC]
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