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[MUSIC] My name is Nnamdi Nwaneri, and I am a practicing attorney, and the name of our business is Neat Meat, DC. [MUSIC] So, what should I get? Well, the most popular sandwich is the Joey melt. It's a ground beef brisket with caramelized onions and American cheese. Cheese? You had me at brisket. Both my parents, they're in the medical field, but they always had businesses outside of the profession. So growing up, I saw that, and I always wanted to do that. Living two dreams at once is pretty incredible. The best thing is when somebody buys a sandwich, they eat it, and then they come back to the truck five minutes later saying how good it is. I think I need to tell our readers that there's eye candy on the truck. So this is the first ever sloppy joe food truck. From what we know of. Okay. Would you say that your sandwiches connect your customers to their childhood memories. They definitely do. A lot of our customers tell us that they haven't had a sloppy joe since their mom made it. Sometimes the pressure's on because they want to compare our sloppy joe's to their mom's. I could say so far we're undefeated. Undefeated? Us versus mom category. One time somebody actually tried to call their mom. Shut up. But they weren't able to reach them. So what does food mean to you personally? Food, it's a connector. I'm Nigerian ancestry, so we have our food elements, business partner [INAUDIBLE] This. He's from the Carolinas so that southern cuisine is infused. So we try to kind of immerse the different cultures and bring people together. And I love the brotherhood aspect of your story. So tell me how two college Trustees end up in business together with a food truck? We met in law school, actually. And after being practicing attorneys, the sloppy joe idea came to light. Of course he wanted to be involved and then we planned for about 18 months. And then once I moved, three months later we had a truck, we had everything. You're kind of winning at life Right now. Capital W. Can I try one? Please. All right. Our most popular sandwich is the Enjoy Melt Sandwich. American cheese, carmelized onions, brown beef brisket from our local butcher, cover it up [SOUND] Ready to serve. Here you are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is the biggest thing I'd had to eat, like, ever. There's no cute way to do this guys. Forgive me. I'm about to take my first bite. [SOUND] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sorry. I'm about to take my first bite. Are you ready? Oh my God, this is amazing. Cut the cameras so I can, like, demolish this please. [BLANK_AUDIO] There's more to be done. We're not done. We're looking for expansion opportunities as well. Brick and mortar. That's definitely on our radar. So, hopefully, that will be in the near future. [SOUND] [MUSIC]
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