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You know, I've been blessed, I have, five Grammys, four with Mary Mary, one by myself. Still, Mary Mary has never performed on the Grammys. I don't even, ever been, even, been invited to, you know. Wow, [UNKNOWN] Just assume. Yeah. No, never. I have feelings about that, but I do know that the Grammy's at large, they do a lot. If you are a part of the Grammy's in the school, if you're a part of the Grammy Cares Foundation. If you're a part of those things then when they have those meetings, you're a part. And it cannot just be My song was hot this year. It is being a part of that community and so when they're thinking of people, you're accomplishments come up. But if you kind of live in your own bubble, and creative people we can do that at times. Yeah. We can live in our own bubble, we do our own thing and then we come out You know, but you have to be a part of the world and then they pay a little bit more attention. I am thoroughly surprised to hear that you guys have not been invited. No, we've asked. to even perform. I'm just saying you put in your work, even when it's not serving you. And still the fruits have not come in that particular lane. So it's like, You know? I believe it will come in time. Okay. That's fair. Yeah. Because if you stress out about it, then what, you're still don't perform. Okay? So- Alright, yeah [LAUGH] So what is that going to do really? Right, yeah, yeah. And if you hold this in your heart, and it becomes animosity, then when you do finally perform, it's coming from a- It's nasty- A nasty place. You're like finally I'm here. I don't want that.

Erica Campbell on Never Being Invited to Perform at the Grammys

Erica Campbell reveals that after winning five Grammys she's never been invited to perform at the annual award show. See what she had to say about being a part of the Grammy community and her perspective on it all.