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Drake dropped not one but two **** Mill diss tracks as a result of Meek calling Drake out on Twitter. And the latest diss track, Back to Back Freestyle, Drake blasts Meek for making less money than his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj. So, was this a slay because it was a dope line, one of the hottest in this Song, and that's what hip-hop is all about. Sometimes, you just gotta hit below the belt. Or, are we throwing major shade to Drake if he's insinuating that it's a bad look that Nicki makes more money than Meek. All right ladies, count of three, one, two, three. Slade or shade? Slayed. We have a slade a shade a slade [CROSSTALK] First Bridgette, why shade? I would say shade. Well first of all, I'm a girls girl. So, I don't ever want A woman to be brought into a petty man's beef. I just feel like it's unnecessary. If you.. It is below the belt, especially because I feel like Drake is one of the illest rappers out. So, I feel like you can do better than that; especially, because there's nothing wrong with Meek dating a woman that's a little bit more... Successful if we want to say that, more successful than him. Or on the rise, I think it's kind of cool and sexy that she's supporting her man and he's a part of her tour. I think it's great and I just feel like It's a little weak. It's a little weak, it's a little weak to you know, to say, shout out the boss chicks that white guy. Haha, hilarious. I mean, it's cool, but it's also like, there's enough you can say about Meek, I'm sure, Drake is clever and wittier without having to throw shade Nicki's way so. Alright [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Come on fire. If you think about it, he's a rapper. You're supposed to I mean hit below the belt, do what you gotta do to get the point across. So I'm not made at the whole Nikki Minaj situation. I think that I mean, in the art of war and we're talking about rap, I mean hit below the belt. And your girl does make more money than you and you are opening up for her act and she kinda is the boss And the fact that he did two disc jocks. Not this one but two. Before you could respond and he did not take the Twitter, he took to what he does, which is rapping, which is what's so flavored to me. Because, I mean, he could have took to Twitter and get a beef and make memes and all that but he instead he said I'm Drake because I have an amazing rap game, my rhythm is everything, so he showed us and I think he did an amazing job at it. Yes. I mean, I'm sorry. I love it. And I'm not making it up, that's actually my personal friend, but that was everything. All right Teshina, why you are a Slayed girl? Why I chose Slayed, and this is with me not hearing all of the Wrap but I'm old school and I love old school hip hop. You know, that's how we knew what was going on in each others hoods, that's where rap came from, that's how we in queens knew what was going on in Brooklyn, that's how we knew what was going on in the Bronx. By the raps and the rappers. So, I always say I just love a good hip hop beat. And as long as it's like you said in the song, why not. I don't think he was disrespectful like You know you call people out. I love it when they go back and forth, because it allows us into their lives a little more. And even if he doesn't mean it, it still allows us to see wow, this is what hip hop really is about. Really is about. This is where hip hop came from, so as long. He didn't call Nicki Minaj out of her name. And Nicki's a great person, I really love her as a person. But you know, she's in it, just like when we're actors and performers, we get criticized. So this is our job, so slayed. Oh, she's like slayed. Yeah. All right, so let's Let's check in on the Twitter verse. EvangelWicks says, slay because that's just one small part of the diss and Meek gotta be a big boy since he put it out there. Yeah. Put your big boy pants on. He did start it. Did he? No, he started it and- Uh-oh. He and Drake thoroughly finished because he put two tracks out. Before he could even respond to one, he did another, and it was initiated on Twitter. He started a Twitter beef, and he said I'm not playing Twitter games with you, I'm a big boy, I'm gonna go record something and make some money off it. [CROSSTALK] I love the part about the money. [CROSSTALK] money off of you. No, it was everything, though- The rant was like he was going off. Now, see it worked, because we're talking about it. Absolutely, absolutely. So- [LAUGH] So you're on the world tour? Oh, I'm sorry you opened up on your girl's tour. On your girl's tour. Mm, mm. [CROSSTALK] Not that we're quoting. They were saying, but not that we're quoting. Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers. [SOUND] I feel like that's the ultimate. It's like at the end of the day, [CROSSTALK] you're supposed to be this hard. Don't be a soft thug. [CROSSTALK] Like you got a tablet. You could have just gone in the booths. [LAUGH] Like you wanted to go to the tablet instead? You gotta go to the tablet. [SOUND]

Drake Blasts Meek Mill for Making Less Than Nicki Minaj

We're in the trenches of hip-hop's latest beef. Drake recently called Meek Mill out for making less money than Nicki Minaj. Should Meek step his game up or are we shading Drake for insinuating that a woman should make less?