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[MUSIC] Hey guys, it's Julee Wilson, your Digital Fashion and Beauty Director here at Essence. And I've got more dope stuff on my desk that I wanna share with you Today is all about product from black owned businesses, which is really exciting and really important. Obviously, we want to support these great brands, and the first one up is Unsun. I'm sure we've all been there when we use an SPF, and we get ashy and We definitely don't want that, and this is pretty much the solution, which is slightly tinted, and it works with a variety of skin tones, which is awesome. Next is someone we know and love, Tyra Banks. She has a beauty company called Tyra Beauty My favorite product in the line are these Pop makeup removal wipes. You can just throw them in your bag. They're super lightweight. It is the dopest wipe I've ever seen. I can't explain how it comes out of this pod. You just have to watch. [MUSIC] So cool! Now it's completely moistened with the solution. It's a really strong knit wipe. It's just perfect. For the last brand I want to tell you about it's called Emmaus. The founder of the company was actually doing. Skin issue and she wanted to develop a product line that could deal with it in a cure way so the product line includes a body wash, a body lotion and mini towletts and they're all made with active plant stem cells which is really cool and the line is really great if you have any acne issues So it's a win win. It's both natural and treat yourself. [MUSIC]

Dope Stuff On My Desk: Black Owned Beauty Finds

It just so happens that the most illuminating, protecting and nourishing products that I’m loving for my skin right now are straight from black owned beauty brands. Check out this week’s “Dope Stuff” video to see why you need to snag UnSun’s brown girl-friendly sunscreen, Tyra Banks’ magical face wipes and Emmaus’ trifecta of body beautify products.